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At this moment, Great Priest’s eyes were full of surprise, while Lancius and Badees looked dispirited, like leaves covered by autumn frost, their eyes showing dismay.

Escape! ! They no longer had any intentions to stay.

But it was futile.

Great Heaven Official did not intend to let them get away to the mortal world.

She waved her arm and her green sleeves swayed as resplendent powers created colorful starlight which then fluttered all over the sky.

Every speck of bright starlight contained great power.

At this moment, the fifth level of Divine Realm was just like a child in front of her.

The time flew backwards, switching the years.

Lancius and Badees were clearly fleeing away from the central region, but after the distortion of space-time, far and near, front and back, up and down, every law changed and they couldn’t escape the blockade of Great Heaven Official.

After trying hard several times, it all ended in failure, and despair appeared on the faces of Lancius and Badees.

As if pronouncing judgement, Great Heaven Official’s lips parted and a cold voice like a nightmare resounded in the ears of Lancius and Badees: “Space-Time Disruptor, Dark Archangel Lancius°Original Sin, and Dark Archangel Badees, in the name of Time Realm’s Great Heaven Official, I sentence both of you to death!”

“Space-time Erase!!”

Dazzling rays of light flickered, divine and irresistible.

Lancius and Badees struggled frantically, shouting hysterically, but Great Heaven Official ignored it and then under their despairing eyes, their bodies turned to dust little by little.

After a while, Lancius and Badees completely disappeared from space-time.

Just like the “Extinction” ability bestowed to Xiaya by the Time King, once the “Space-time Erase” is activated, their past and present will be wiped out together.

Not only that, but Lancius who is still sealed in other parallel universes will also be erased together.

After doing all this, the Multiverse’ central region recovered its calm, as if nothing had happened.

Great Priest looked at the place where Lancius and Badees disappeared with a complicated expression, turned around and bowed to the Great Heaven Official: “Thank you for coming to help, Your Excellency Great Heaven Official, no, I should call you Supreme God-sama.”

Any expert who has surpassed the Divine Realm is enough to be called a Supreme God by him.

He didn’t know the strength of the Great Heaven Official before, but now that he knows, Great Priest could not treat her as someone of the same level.

“No need to be so formal.”

Great Heaven Official responded calmly with a smile.

At this moment, her deep eyes pierced through the void, and as if she had seen something interesting, her slender white hand grabbed forward and pierced through the space.

Universe 7, above the cyan planet.

Eve was stealthily watching the battle in the central region of the Multiverse.

She was already stunned when Time Realm’s Great Heaven Official appeared, but she still couldn’t help but spy.

Suddenly, she saw Great Heaven Official extend her arm into the void, and Eve immediately had an ominous feeling in her heart.


A beautiful white arm pierced through the space and appeared in front of her, and then picked her up regardless of her struggle.

“Waaahh, let me go.”

Eve was feeling regretful.

If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have used her space-time ability to spy.

Now that she had fallen into the hands of Great Heaven Official, there is no way she can escape.

Seeing the Great Heaven Official bringing out a little girl of four or five years old, Great Priest asked in surprise: “Supreme God-sama, this is…”

“A space-time controller of Universe 7.

A fellow called Towa in her previous life.” Great Heaven Official said gently.

Towa is already dead and she used some special means, but this little girl’s fate had no relation to Towa.


Great Priest was stunned.

He had heard of this name, the woman who killed Demigra with a trick.

He looked at the purple eyed little loli wrapped in a red lined jacket, and there was indeed a bit of Towa’s shadow in her.

But now she has fallen into the hands of the Great Heaven Official, and what will happen to her next, he doesn’t care.

“Supreme God-sama, if there is nothing else, I will leave.”

Great Priest asked Great Heaven Official to be excused, because of Dark Angel’s actions, the twelve universes of Multiverse were injured to varying degrees, and now he needs to rush back to discuss with Zeno-sama how to arrange the next matter, and those remaining Dark Angels also needs to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Great Heaven Official nodded slightly and left before the Great Priest.

Seeing this, Great Priest was stunned for a moment, then he sighed and returned to Zeno’s Palace.

At this time, Zeno and his two bodyguards still hadn’t returned.

They should still be cleaning up Dark Angels in the universes below.

About ten minutes later, amidst a bright golden light, Zeno returned happily.

When he saw the Great Priest, he shouted excitedly: “Hey, hey it was so interesting below.

I erased three, five…lots and lots of bad angels.

I still want to play more.”

Great Priest smiled as he watched Zeno count on his fingers with uncertainty, and nodded towards the two bodyguards, and led Zeno to sit on the tall throne.

“Zeno-sama, the Dark Angel’s crisis is over.

Next, we should arrange to encircle and suppress those Dark Angels who have escaped, as well as reward those who have performed well in this crisis.” Great Priest bowed respectfully and reported the situation of the Multiverse.

“Umm, then summon them over.”

“Please wait, Zeno-sama.”

Great Priest stood up, took out the scepter and started to contact the Angels below.


“Xiaya, Great Priest-sama has gotten in touch with us.

It seems the crisis in the Multiverse is over.” Seeing his scepter flash twice, Whis, who was on Planet Hongshan, connected and received Great Priest’s order.

Next to him, Kusu also got the same order.

Xiaya smiled and nodded, his expression much relaxed.

Then a vast force descended, and they reappeared in Zeno’s Palace.

The two sides in front of Zeno’s palace hall were divided into two rows.

All the angels were present and there were still only nine Gods of Destruction from the last time, and in addition to Gods of Destruction, Supreme Kais of the nine universes also came.

Tapion from Universe 10 came to Zeno’s Palace for the first time, so when he saw so many Gods of Destruction each with strange appearance and Supreme Kais, he became a little nervous.

“Xiaya, what is this place and why are there so many gods here Are they all Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction” Tapion asked Xiaya in a low voice.

“Yes, this is Zeno-sama’s palace.

Great Priest has gathered everyone here to announce something.” Xiaya explained in a low voice.


Tapion’s face turned pale, and his voice rose a little, but he immediately lowered his voice again when he saw the high-level gods each with strange appearances next to him.

“Hmph, ignorant! Supreme Kai is also just a newcomer.” Universe 4’s God of Destruction Quitela mocked.

Ever since he was publicly humiliated by Xiaya, he and Universe 10 were like fire and water.

Before he disliked Universe 7’s God of Destruction Beerus, and now Xiaya has replaced Beerus as Quitela’s most disliked god.



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