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Noticing the golden light in the distance, the Dark Angels expression changed and their pupils shrank.

They immediately wanted to escape, but Whis and Kusu wouldn’t let them leave and controlled their power to obstruct them.

“Get out of the way!” Beginning to sound impatient, they didn’t want to stay here any longer, their expressions already showing signs of panic.

But Whis and Kusu were not willing to let them off, blocking their way on both sides.

Rolling their eyebrows while sweat dripped down from his head, a Dark Angel gritted his teeth with his eyes bursting out.

Suddenly, he saw Planet Hongshan in the distance.

It seems that the people over there are very important! So he came up with a despicable plan in panic.

In order to create a diversion, the two Dark Angels glanced at each other and attacked Planet Hongshan at the same time.

“Destroy that planet.”

Two majestic powers surged out, joining together and rushing past Whis and Kusu.

“Not good, don’t let those energies land!” Whis’s countenance suddenly changed.

Knowing the importance of Planet Hongshan to Xiaya, he quickly extricated himself to block them, but it seemed that it was too late.

The Dark Angels sneered, pushed Kusu away and escaped in one direction.

At this time, Kusu couldn’t care about them either, she flashed over and went with Whis to stop the energies which were rushing towards Planet Hongshan.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya also used all his powers and shouted: “Annihilation!”

The energy that was created by holding nothing back blocked Dark Angel’s attack.

The frightening attack was blocked for a moment, but it still couldn’t block a large part of the attack.

The violent energy pierced through the void and went towards Planet Hongshan.

At this time, Whis and Kusu were both powerless.

In just a split second, those attacks reached the surface of Planet Hongshan.

Planet Hongshan’s star core was revolving crazily, but to no avail.

Xiaya’s eyes looked as if they would burst out as he watched angrily.

If the Dark Angels attacks were to completely land, then even with Planet Hongshan’s sturdiness, it would not be able to resist.

Meiling, 18, and Meifei stared blankly at all this happening.

When the attack was right in front of their eyes, they were already unable to resist it.

“Is it the end…” Xiling and Myers whispered.

“Is this the end of my life” 18 watched dazedly.

When she saw Xiaya rushing towards them from the corner of her eyes, she suddenly felt that her life had been quite good in the past few years.

“Time Freeze!” Xiaya yelled angrily.

The blue space appeared, but in just an instant, the space shattered again, because the energy in the surroundings was too much superior.

The chaoticness of it greatly increased the entropy value, and time could not remain frozen.

“Damn it!!” Shouting in a sad voice, Xiaya was extremely angry.

But at this moment, something magical happened.


They suddenly heard a “humph” sound in the void of the universe.

There was some change in the chaotic void as invisible ripples spread out.

As if a supreme law had descended, the Dark Angels attacks turned intangible in front of the ripples, and then under the shocked eyes of Xiaya and others, a giant hand broke through the universe, and a might stronger than Zeno suddenly descended, Even the palace on Zeno’s side shook a little, freezing in mid-air.

The enormous palm was as sparkling as white jade, then it attacked the Dark Angels under the shocked eyes of Xiaya, Whis and Kusu.

Crack! The two Dark Angels were caught by the huge white palm, unable to move.

The Dark Angels were terrified as if they had seen something very terrifying.

Despair flashed in their eyes as they shouted tragically, “Universe King-sama!!”

Then their voices stopped abruptly.

The mysterious giant hand had directly crushed them into powder.

Both the Dark Angels died before Xiaya’s eyes.

After doing all this, the giant hand pointed towards the surroundings.

As if time was flowing backwards, all the galaxies near Planet Hongshan were restored, and all the lost lives were resurrected by reversing the laws.

“Time Rewind!”

Whis said in shock.

He also knows Time Rewind skill, but he can only reverse the time of a planet upto three minutes.

Reversing the time of an entire starfield just like now is close to reversing fate, the ability to change something rotten into something magical.

Even he was shocked after seeing it.

Kusu’s face turned pale: “Was the one just now…Universe King-sama!”


Whis didn’t dare to believe it.

In fact, Angel Realm’s Universe King is the lineal administrator of all angels, and Zeno is only a temporary leader.

Towards the great Universe King, all the Angels feel a hint of fear and reverence.

It is rumored that Universe King, like the Time King, is the king who had transcended in a very ancient era.

After doing all this, the giant hand did not disappear immediately for some reason.

The giant hand stayed in the void for a while, as if thinking about something, then it suddenly changed direction as its sparkling fingers arrived in front of 18, and touched her white forehead.

Barely a moment later, something magical happened again.

18, who could not originally comprehend Realm at first, seemed to suddenly become wiser as all kinds of profound knowledge emerged in her brain.

After that, the giant hand turned incorporeal and disappeared.

Did Universe King provide guidance to 18

Why did he do it

Xiaya watched in uncertainty before burying the doubts in his heart.

After the giant hand of Universe King disappeared, Zeno’s throne in the void continued to descend and he looked around suspiciously.

The broken planets had been restored like before, and the Dark Angels had also been annihilated.


“There is nothing here Where are those Angels” As if his toys had suddenly disappeared, Zeno, who was originally a little excited, felt disappointed and spoke in a sullen tone.

Whis and Kusu lined up in a row and bowed: “Zeno-sama, His Majesty Universe King of Angel Realm descended with divine power just now.

Those Dark Angels have been taken care of by Universe King-sama.”


“Universe King” Tilting his oval-shaped head, Zeno’s two copper-coin-like eyes were full of doubts.

“Universe King-sama is a mighty god just like Time King-sama.”

“Oh!” Zeno jumped off the throne.

He knows about the Time King, she is too scary.

“Then is there nothing more for me to do here Well, it’s quite boring, let’s go to other universes to have a look.

Maybe we can find something interesting.”

After saying that, Zeno waved his hand and left Universe 7 under the lead of his two bodyguards.

After Zeno left, Whis breathed a sigh of relief.

A god as naive as Zeno, when he starts causing trouble, except for Great Priest, almost no one could stop him.

“Lazuli, what happened just now, that big hand…” Xiaya asked in confusion.

Whis said relaxedly: “Maybe Universe King-sama took a fancy to Lazuli’s physique.

To be honest, even an Angel would envy such a physique of unlimited energy.”

“How do you feel”

“Excellent, I can now sense things just like you martial artists.

There is still a lot of useful knowledge in my brain.” After sensing it, 18 could feel that her entire body was full of power.

Before she could only use a detector to detect something, but now she can also use aura.

“Has your physique changed” Xiaya felt relieved when he saw that 18 changed in a better direction.

Universe King, after experiencing being God of Time and God of Destruction, Xiaya inquired and learned some things about the highest gods.

Universe King is the administrator of the highest-level world Angel Realm.

He is in charge of the highest authority together with the Time King of Time Realm.

It is not an exaggeration to say that among the supreme gods, in terms of power, even Time King cannot compare to him.

Although Dragon God Zalama created Dragon Realm, he is an aloof person, unfettered by worldly concerns and independent of the system, and remains neutral.

He does not administer the laws of time of each space-time like Time King, nor does he have the grasp of the overall situation like Universe King.

When he gets interested in something, he will send some miraculous power to the world below.

“Whis, are you saying that after Universe King-sama saw Lazuli, the next generation of Angels will have a physique with unlimited energy” Kusu thought of an absurd thing and said.

Whis was dumbfounded for a moment before he recovered from his dazed state: “That’s really possible.”

Each generation of Angels are born in Angel Realm.

If after seeing the physique of 18, Universe King integrates this physique into the next generation of Angels, then even he would be envious.

Well, if it is for this reason, it is not impossible for the Universe King to reward 18.

The supreme gods are never stingy with gifts, nor do they like to owe contributions.

Of course, these are only Whis and Kusu’s speculations, and no one knows the specific reason.


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