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“Archangel level! Then how did you defeat him, Sister Vados” Kusu exclaimed.

“Zeno-sama arrived which drove him away, but that man could unexpectedly withstand the attacks of Zeno-sama.” Thinking of what happened in Universe 6, Vados still had some fear.

The fifth level of Divine Realm is really much more frightening than expected.

Xiaya’s eyes turned blank after hearing Vados’ recount.

He couldn’t help but rejoice, the luck was really on his side as only two ordinary Dark Angels came to Universe 10.

Otherwise, even if he was given the opportunity to use Evil Containment Wave, he wouldn’t be able to seal an expert of the fifth level of Divine Realm.

Of course, the premise is that he could use the Evil Containment Wave.

Thinking of this, Xiaya’s expression changed, wondering who were the enemies that Universe 7 have encountered.

He said immediately: “Kusu, let’s go to Universe 7 to take a look.”

“Okay, Xiaya-sama.” Kusu nodded obediently and sent a message to Supreme Kai Tapion.

The later restoration work of Universe 10 can be handed over to Supreme Kai Tapion.

Vados said: “You guys go, I’ll go to other universes and take a look.”

Besides Universe 10, Vados had also been worried about Universe 11.

Now that the crisis here is lifted, and Xiaya and Kusu are preparing to go to Universe 7, she can go to other places to take a look.

“Everyone, be careful.” Nodding, after they separated, Xiaya brought Kusu along as they pierced through the barrier of the universe and returned to Universe 7 not long after.

Back in Universe 7, Xiaya sensed the changes on Planet Hongshan and found that the auras there had decreased by a lot.

Xiaya’s countenance changed greatly, and he pulled over Kusu and said anxiously: “Come, let’s quickly go to Planet Hongshan.

Looks like something bad has happened over there.”

Kusu also knew that the situation was urgent, so she hurriedly followed Xiaya.

East Galaxy, Planet Hongshan.

At this time, the entire galaxy had fallen into a big crisis.

As the battle between Whis and the two Dark Angels was going on, they were getting closer and closer to the Milky Way Galaxy, and the East Area located in front of the battlefield was the first to bear the brunt of it and suffer powerful impacts.

At this time, Planet Hongshan’s experts had come out in full force to protect their planet.

The deep and vast universal starry sky.

Xiling, Myers, 18, Meifei, Xiang, Majin Buu and other top experts were all exerting their strength to resist the aftermath of the fight between the two sides, but the terrifying energies were too violent.

Even though they were using all their strength, it was still difficult to resist.

Crash, the violent energy wreaked havoc, almost crushing everything.

Majin Buu used magic to build a protective net in front of Planet Hongshan.

The huge protective net was like a big tofu blocking in front, but it was being utterly crushed.

“Woo woo, I can’t hold on anymore.” Majin Buu bit his lips as his eyes turned into vertical lines, and the small holes on his head continuously emitted steam.

He was exerting all his strength.

“Fusion Technique!”

With a sparkling flash, the long black-haired Meiling appeared, and then blocked in frontmost position together with 18.

“Too terrifying, is this the power of Divine Realm”

18’s bright eyes were watching attentively.

Her hair had become slightly disheveled, and the clothes on her body were also damaged.

Only her beautiful face didn’t have any hint of tiredness.

Androids with infinite energy are unmatched in terms of endurance.

As long as the energy difference is not at an insta-kill level, she has the ability to resist.

But right now, she wasn’t able to put up even the slightest resistance against the aftermath of Whis and the others’ battle.

“Damn it, I didn’t expect it to be so strong, and it’s just the aftermath of their fight.” Meiling cursed with her head down.

Even though Xiling and Myers had fused, they still hadn’t reached the level of Divine Realm.

It has to be said that the role Fusion Technique can play at the current stage is only a little as the only thing that increased was their physical strength.


Losing Majin Buu’s protection, the restless energy seemed to have found an outlet as it rushed out like an embankment had collapsed.

“Ah, it broke!!”

Majin Buu shouted loudly as he was sent flying by the energy storm.


East Kai’s Planet, the chubby East Kai shivered as she looked at the situation in the mortal world.

Because the aftermath of the battle mainly only affected the East Area, the planets under her jurisdiction suffered the heaviest losses.

“What the hell is going on, who are these people fighting on both sides”

East Kai wanted to cry but had no tears as she watched dully.

Meanwhile, North Kai’s Planet.

Grand Kai’s Planet.

And even Sacred World of the Kai which has a very high status.

All the gods had their eyes on the battle below.

“Ancestor, who is that person who looks a lot like Miss Kusu, is he also an Angel” East Supreme Kai watched Whis fight the Dark Angels and couldn’t help swallow his saliva.

Old Supreme Kai looked nervous: “That’s our Universe 7’s Angel, Whis-sama.

As for the two people who are fighting him, I don’t know, maybe they are some kind of demon gods”

Multiverse has many secrets.

The old Supreme Kai is just the Supreme Kai of Universe 7 and doesn’t know much about these secrets.

As he continued to watch the battle in the mortal world, his body couldn’t help but tremble.

In the eyes of such experts, it seems that space can be torn apart at will.

Countless deep and horrifying cracks appeared in the space and swallowed countless planets.


With a bang sound, Whis eventually wasn’t a match for the two Dark Angels, and was sent flying while spitting out blood.

At this time, the two dark angels seemed to have found a place to attack and smirked as they destroyed to their heart’s content.

Rumble, not to mention the shocked Saiyans on Planet Hongshan, even Meiling and the others standing at the front were also in a trance.

After Whis was defeated, they were no longer able to resist, and a sense of despair rose in their hearts.

Suddenly, all the attacks were blocked and a tall figure appeared in front of them.



“Sir Xiaya.”

After seeing Xiaya, everyone called out to him in different ways and as if they had found their pillar, all of a sudden, hope was rekindled.

Xiaya nodded towards them and blocked all attacks outside Planet Hongshan, then took out a few Senzu Beans for Meiling and others to take.

He then took out a coat and put it on 18 to cover her exposed fair skin due to torn clothes.

“You guys watch from here, I’m going to help Whis and Kusu.”

After saying that, Xiaya suddenly accelerated, and like a bolt of lightning soaring into the sky, streaked across the bright starry sky.

“Xiaya, fortunately you rushed back in time.” Whis gasped for breath, his lips had turned slightly pale.

Xiaya immediately took out a Senzu Bean, but Whis shook his head: “This kind of thing is useless to Angels, I will recover after a short rest.”

“Dealing with two Dark Angels alone, Kusu is under a lot of pressure.”

Xiaya looked at the battlefield in the distance where Kusu was retreating again and again in defeat.

“I hope Zeno-sama can arrive soon.”

Whis frowned, and there was a hint of worry between his brows.

After resting for a while, Whis rejoined the fight.

Receiving backup from Whis, Kusu felt a lot relaxed, but because her strength was not comparable to the other two Dark Angels, the fight was still very tough.

Standing in the distance, Xiaya wanted to repeat the previous trick, but couldn’t find a suitable opportunity to use Evil Containment Wave.

Time passed by, and the starry sky outside Planet Hongshan was being thrown into disorder.

Besides Planet Hongshan which was being protected from destruction, the vast starry sky in the distance had collapsed under the raging energy storm.

It caused a series of accidents, and countless life planets in the East Area were destroyed.

At this moment, a golden light suddenly descended from the void.

And along with it arrived a sacred and supreme aura.

Seeing this, Whis and the others heaved a sigh of relief and smiled: “Zeno-sama has finally arrived.”


Xiaya had a happy look on his face.

Zeno’s arrival means the battle is over.

He had seen Zeno exterminate Dark Angel Via.

Zeno’s powers are so frightening that almost in the blink of an eye, he turned Via into dust.

It’s the power of laws, ah!


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