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Universe 10, the huge yellowish planet was shaking violently.

Being stared at by Dark Angel Shasu’s cold, malicious eyes, Xiaya felt a chill rise on his back and he hurriedly mobilized the last remaining traces of the strength in his body to drive away this discomfort.

Then he turned around and went all out.

“Dragon Punch, explode!”

A dragon’s roar sounded in the harsh battlefield and a golden dragon phantom appeared.

Dark Angel Shasu smiled disdainfully and waved his hand to block the attack.

Rumble, the energy scattered out in all directions and the golden attack dissipated into nothingness.

Bang, his toe softly stamped on the ground, sand and pebbles splashing out, and his attack immediately appeared very close to Xiaya.

Looking at the approaching attack, Xiaya’s scalp felt numb and his body was slow to react.

At this moment, Xiaya was feeling frightened.

Puchi, after receiving the attack, his entire body felt as if it would explode.

His head swelled up and his throat felt slightly cold as he spurted out blood.

Countless terrifying ravines appeared on the ground, and its previous appearance couldn’t be seen any more.

“Such a terrifying Dark Angel.

Even though I’m only one step away from the fourth level of Divine Realm, it is a completely different realm.

I’m still so much weaker…” Xiaya muttered, feeling slightly bitter in his heart.

Even if he goes all out, there is still a huge disparity between him and the Dark Angel.

To be fair, Xiaya is already the most powerful in the third level of Divine Realm.

God of Destruction’s power, space-time ability and Dragon God’s power, each of them is an amazing power, but Xiaya possesses all three of them and he has a thorough understanding of each of them.

Moreover he has also comprehended Ultra Instinct.

So, compared with an ordinary third level of Divine Realm, his overall strength is much higher.

But in front of a Dark Angel, there is still too big of a gap.

“I can only go all out!” After making up his mind, Xiaya decided to finish the fight in Universe 10 as soon as possible and then rush back.

Fervently looking at the opponent in front of him, Xiaya shouted: “New Solar Flare.”

A dazzling light pierced through the space.

Time and space began to turn blurry.

An ordinary Solar Flare is naturally not effective at the Divine Realm level, but the Solar Flare that he was currently using has been modified by him.

It no longer works on the principle of relying on strong radiance to disturb the opponent’s sight, instead it takes characteristics of Divine Realm and combines Planet Metamor’s Real and Unreal transformation skill and God of Time’s space-time ability to create countless linked real-unreal illusory images out of thin air.

So, Dark Angel Shasu’s movements turned slightly sluggish under the real and unreal illusions and strong light rays.

This little time gave Xiaya an opportunity to win.

Placing a small bottle on the ground, he extended both his hands and aimed them at the Dark Angel.

The key to victory or defeat is here.

As the light rays and illusory images disappeared, Shasu identified the genuine and fake among the countless illusions.

Then, he saw that Xiaya had taken out a small bottle and put it on the ground during the battle, and sneered: “Want to take medicine to improve strength You won’t have such an opportunity!”

“The one who won’t have any opportunity is you.” Xiaya hissed and yelled towards Dark Angel:

“Evil Containment Wave!!”

Whoosh, green light rays flashed, Dark Angel Shasu frowned and suddenly felt a hint of unease.

There seems to be something very unusual about this green spiral wave.

Seeing this, the grey-robed Dark Angel shouted loudly: “Watch out, it’s a restraining sealing technique.”


Dark Angel Shasu was dumbstruck for a while, staring blankly at the Evil Containment Wave sweeping towards him at lightning speed.

When he wanted to dodge, he found that his body could not move at all.

Shasu looked terrified and continued to exert his powers, but the restraining Evil Containment Wave made him unable to move and his body was sucked in.

“Damn it!” Seeing that Shasu wasn’t able to get away, the other Dark Angel hurried over to help, but Kusu appeared in front of him to block him.

“I won’t let you interfere with Xiaya-sama no matter what.”

“Bastard, get out of the way.” The grey-robed was furious, but Kusu didn’t budge and was able to stop him from disturbing Xiaya for a short while.

With excitement flashing in his eyes, Xiaya pressed his hand and pushed the Dark Angel towards the mouth of the bottle.

“Get in.”

“Damn it, what kind of seal is this, why can’t I break free.” Shasu shouted angrily with a hint of despair on his face.

If he is sealed by the God of Destruction, whose strength is far lower than his own, his brilliance will be completely destroyed.

Evil Containment Wave is a technique through which a weak can defeat the strong.

No one can break free from the restraining path of the Evil Containment Wave unless the difference in strength is very large.

Dark Angel Shasu’s body began to twist and deform as he was pulled along the trajectory of the spiral before disappearing into the mouth of the bottle.

A puff of white smoke came out, Xiaya quickly closed the bottle and then stuck the paper talisman.

After doing all this, Xiaya breathed a sigh of relief.

As he successfully sealed the Dark Angel, a hint of pride could not help but rise in his heart.

Dark Angel was really sealed.

The fourth level of Divine Realm is not invincible.

Tossing the bottle with the sealed Dark Angel into the dimensional cage, he took out a Senzu Bean and swallowed it, and temporarily recovered some stamina.

But at this time, the other Dark Angel broke past Kusu and rushed over.

And launch a fierce attack towards Xiaya.

Bang! Two fists collided, and Xiaya was sent flying backwards.

Suddenly, Xiaya’s body stopped as he felt a soft touch from his back, and a delicate fragrance entered his nostrils.

When he turned around to look, he saw a beautiful and flawless face like that of a mature elder sister.

“Vados!” Xiaya exclaimed in surprise at being caught by Vados from Universe 6.

Vados put Xiaya down and nodded, “Very good, I saw it just now, you were actually able to seal an Angel-level expert.”

“Hahaha, it was just by luck.” Xiaya laughed.

Vados shook her head, “It was not just luck.

Without strength, luck is useless.”

After saying that, Vados stared at the Dark Angel on the other side with a serious look on her face.

Kusu also came over, her robe had become tattered and her hair were extremely dishevelled.

“Xiaya-sama, are you alright”

“I’m fine.”

“Sister Vados, let’s deal with this bad guy together.” Kusu immediately became delighted when she saw that Vados had come over.

It’s now them who have an advantage in numbers.

Universe 11, Dark Angel stirred up trouble in the mortal world and Marcarita was no match for them and got injured, but Zeno arrived just in time.

Because the Dark Angels who entered Universe 11 were only at the fourth level of the ordinary Divine Realm, under Zeno’s Erase technique, those Dark Angels were turned into stardust and disappeared.

“Well, this time they didn’t escape, they all disappeared and turned into beautiful specks of light.”

Zeno clapped his palms, very happy.

“Hey, hey, hey, take me to the next universe, I want to continue to watch the shiny specks of light.” Zeno was addicted to destruction and wanted to continue to Erase others.


The nervous bodyguards trembled with a bitter look on their face, and brought Zeno to the next universe.

Multiverse’ central region, Great Priest and Lancius’ fight was still going on.

Aware of the changes happening outside the central region, Great Priest said with a relaxed expression: “It seems that Zeno-sama has already eliminated a lot of Dark Angels.

Your plan has failed.”

Lancius was silent, blood dripping down from the corners of his mouth.

“You are hardly in better condition.

It must have been difficult to take on my attacks, right”


In fact, since both of them were experts at the fifth level of Divine Realm, there was no one-sided beating during the fight.

Lancius was injured by the Great Priest and vomited blood and Great Priest was also not much in better condition, but he had suppressed his injuries and didn’t reveal them.

In short, none of them could do anything to the other and they could only stay in a stalemate.

But at this moment, a variable occurred.

They saw a hole open in the surging waves, and another powerful pressure appeared in the central region of Multiverse.

Sensing this pressure, Great Priest’s face became ugly, but Lancius revealed a smile: “Your luck is not good, my helper is here.”

Soon, a gray figure appeared beside Lancius.

It was surprisingly the dark Arch-Angel Badees who ran away from Zeno.

“It’s two against one now.” Lancius said with a faint smile.

Facing two fifth levels of Divine Realm, Great Priest was immediately feeling a huge pressure.



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