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Lancius remained calm and just sneered while staring at the Great Priest with his bewitching eyes: “You won’t know, we are just looking for the truth about His Majesty the White King.

If it was you in our place, maybe if Zeno suddenly died, you wouldn’t be so indifferent…”


Great Priest looked at him silently without answering.

Lancius looked at the Great Priest mockingly and sneered: “It seems that Zeno’s place in your heart is just that.”

Great Priest’s voice was imposing and serious as he said: “Destruction of an era is inevitable, even the era of Zeno-sama.

When the time comes that it should end, it will get destroyed and no one can change it.”

“The change of era is there to protect the laws much better!” Great Priest’s eyes turned sharp.

“But you guys, when the previous era ended, not only did you not return to Angel Realm, but even committed a mistake and degenerated into Dark Angel.

Zeno-sama showed mercy back then, but you weren’t grateful, and are still secretly trying to topple the Multiverse era.”

“Grateful to Zeno for sealing us” Lancius said disdainfully.

His expression kept changing, “Back then, White King era did not end normally and because of some irresistible factor, His Majesty White King died inexplicably.

Our relationship with His Majesty White King is different from yours and that idiot Zeno, so we must find out about the truth of the death of His Majesty White King.”

Great Priest frowned, as if thinking about Lancius’ question.

But he also has to put the overall situation of the Multiverse first, so he shook his head and said: “Even if you have your own goals, it shouldn’t come at the price of the Multiverse era.

Emotionally, I sympathize with you, but we have a different standpoint, so I will never let your plan succeed.”

“I knew it would be like this.”

When the Great Priest appeared in front of him, he already knew that his plan was exposed.

As for why it was exposed, he couldn’t figure it out.

Maybe it was because of the involvement of people of Time Realm or Dragon Realm, but it was useless to think about it at the moment.

Lancius’ eyes flashed and a vigorous and magnificent aura spread out.

The center of the Multiverse immediately turned chaotic as incessant chaotic winds and energy collided against each other, and golden zigzagging lightning appeared out of thin air.

Great Priest and Lancius, one on the left and one on the right, seems to have divided the entire space into two distinct parts, and the two auras were constantly colliding in the interactive area, as if it was the end of the world.

Bang, bang, bang! !

The figures of Great Priest and Lancius disappeared at the same time, and they started to fight.

Their fight had already reached the law level.

Their attacks couldn’t be seen at all, but the energy around them was continuously being annihilated.

The center of the Multiverse was completely submerged in a thunderstorm of destruction, as if washing away the filth of the world, everything was disappearing.


Universe 6, the place selected for the space-time node.

Rumble, like a supernova explosion, an unusual distortion appeared in the space, and then energy swept through the entire galaxy which penetrated through the “distorted space” and spread out at a speed exceeding the speed of light.

Zzzzzz, the space was torn apart and turned into small pieces of crystal.

“Pfff!” A green figure flew out backwards, the blood from her mouth turning into foam and floating in the void of the universe.

Vados wiped the blood stains from the corners of her mouth, her high ponytail was disheveled and the green divine robe was torn.

At this time, Vados no longer had her previous calm.

Standing in front of her was a Dark Angel in a gray robe.

Yes, there was only one person who had severely injured Vados.

Because this Dark Angel was an Arch-Angel of the same level as Lancius, the leader of the gray-robed Dark Angels—Badees.

Badees, an expert of the Great Priest level.

Vados’ strength was regarded as the best among the numerous Angels.

As the children of the Great Priest, she and Whis were much more powerful than ordinary Angels.

The only one who can seriously injure Vados in such a short period of time can only be an expert at Great Priest level.

“Hahaha, you are the daughter of the present era Great Priest Tsk tsk, you were actually able to withstand my attack and survive.”

His face cold, Badees burst into loud laughter, the black halo floating behind his head shaking.

Adjusting her breathing, Vados looked at the Dark Angel opposite her coldly and asked in an icy voice: “Your Excellency is not an ordinary Angel”

“Yes, look at my halo, I am at the fifth level of Divine Realm.”

He pointed towards the halo at the back of his head.

Halo of ordinary Angels is around their neck, and only the halo of an Arch-Angel at the fifth level of Divine Realm floats behind their head.


Watching silently, Vados didn’t speak.

Actually, the moment she saw the other party, she knew his identity.

The reason why she asked the question was just to buy time.

It’s best to drag it on until Zeno-sama comes over.

“Little girl, are you trying to buy time” The middle-aged Angel Badees said lightly before suddenly disappearing.

“Oh no!”

Vados’ pupils shrank, and there was a “thump” sound in her heart.

She hurriedly looked for his traces, but because their levels were too different, Vados’ reaction couldn’t keep up with his movements.

Whoosh, Badees suddenly appeared behind Vados and grinned fiercely before hitting her with a heavy blow.

Suffering serious injuries, Vados spat out blood and dropped down like a kite.

But Badees didn’t let it go at that, he stepped forward and continued with even more violent attacks.

Universe 6, God of Destruction’s Planet.

The chubby Champa gritted his teeth as he watched in front of a crystal ball.

When Vados was sent flying, Champa stood up nervously, waving around his fists.

“Dodge, dodge…”

“Bastard, who the hell is that guy He was actually able to seriously injure Vados.

I want to destroy him…” Champa, who was extremely angry, wanted to destroy him, but then he became disheartened.

If even Vados couldn’t defeat him, then it’s no use even if he goes up.

“How could he be so…so stronger than Vados!”

Champa’s face was ashen, feeling deep despair.

God of Destruction can be absolutely lawless and imposing in the universe, but when facing an Angel-level expert, they are nothing.

Right now, the fact that Vados, whom he feared and admired, was being completely crushed really made him tremble.

“Zeno-sama, Great Priest-sama, no matter who is it, hurry up and show up or Vados will be killed.” Champa begged to Gods, although he was dissatisfied with Vados’ usual harsh attitude towards him, but his nature is very pure and doesn’t want to see Vados die.

As if responding to Champa’s begging.

In the mortal world’s universe, when the Dark Arch-Angel Badees was about to give Vados a fatal blow, a dazzling golden glow appeared and then a small palace descended.

Amidst the golden lights, a divine and supreme figure was sitting on a throne, who was flanked by two bodyguards on the left and right.

After the figure appeared, Badees’ raised hands froze.

A sacred aura swept out.

Turning around and looking at the little figure amidst the golden lights, Badees frowned: “Zeno”

He had never seen Zeno, but in the entire Multiverse, there is only the agent of this era, Zeno, who is so powerful and has such a supreme aura.

He actually came to Universe 6 in person!

God of Destruction’s Planet, Champa looked in surprise: “Zeno-sama has come, now Vados can be saved.”

Champa was overjoyed, but soon a bad guess popped up in his heart, “Zeno-sama won’t be upset later and erase Universe 6 as well, right”

With Zeno-sama’s nature, this is very possible.

Thinking about it, Champa broke out into cold sweat.

“Hopefully it doesn’t happen!”


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