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“God of Destruction…..Beerus”

Adri stood frowning at his original place while pondering, but despite his abundant experience, he couldn’t remember ever hearing this name.

Shaking his head, he looked at Brook and others and similarly saw them shaking their heads with puzzlement.

While Shaque, Anastasia, the younger generation members didn’t even comment.

Xiaya saw that they did not even know any God of Destruction title, so they naturally also weren’t able to clearly understand his worries.

As Beerus had been in deep sleep for so many years, few people in the universe know his name.

Lightly sighing, he said: “God of Destruction, Beerus is a god from ancient times, and is regarded as the most powerful god in the universe! Frieza’s strength compared to God of Destruction is like a firefly’s light compared to a bright moon’s brilliance, there is basically no comparison! Even if Frieza can become thousand or ten thousand times more powerful, God of Destruction would only need to move his finger to kill him!

“So strong” Xiling’s mouth was opened wide in astonishment.

“Yeah, his sneeze is enough to destroy Planet Vegeta!” Xiaya sighed.

Even if Frieza’s strength can increase by a thousand or ten thousand times, or even reach Majin Buu’s level, God of Destruction Beerus could kill him easily with just a finger.

A sneeze to destroy Planet Vegeta

For Frieza who is powerful by thousand or ten thousandfold, only need to move a finger

After listening to Xiaya’s explanation, Adri and others couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air, stunned expression on their face.

In their eyes, Frieza’s strength was already considered as unparalleled, and now a God of Destruction has unexpectedly sprung out, who can easily kill Frieza even if he could become thousand or ten thousand times stronger!

Heavens! Is it that we can’t keep up, or the world has become too fast.

Before even with several thousand Battle Power, we were able to move unhindered throughout the universe, then why now were we considered weak as an ant!

“That … that, God of Destruction should not be a demon, then why are you still worried that he would destroy Planet Vegeta” asked Anastasia which is also something everyone was wondering about.

Xiaya shook his head: ” Although God of Destruction is a god, he is a god who is responsible for destruction and extermination! His duty is to exterminate, and someone only has to make him unhappy and he would heartlessly destroy their entire planet.”

God of Destruction is such a capricious god!

After listening to Xiaya’s explanation, everyone was suddenly speechless, as Xiaya has said, staying at Planet Vegeta was indeed extremely dangerous! If by any chance God of Destruction became unhappy, everyone would die!

At the same time, they also realized that their minuscule amount of strength was not even worth mentioning in front of a real expert.

What was there to be so proud of.

Look at how other could easily destroy a planet, destroy a galaxy, and once in a while could also light big fireworks in the space, while they were still fooling around on a small planet, this comparison shows that they obviously were at a low level!

They are still too far apart!

In fact, it could be said that as Adri and others Battle Power was more than 10,000, they were already able to live very comfortably anywhere in the universe, after all, freaks like Frieza could be counted on one’s fingers, while the likes of God of Destruction were simply beyond the norm.

Even youngsters like Shaque, if are a little bit careful could live well.

Just look at the likes of Raditz, he only had around 1000 Battle Power but was so overbearing when he had just appeared.

He was able to move unhindered throughout the universe, then surely had met other living beings.

And, when you look at how he acts so arrogant, it is clear that the overall strength of other living creatures as a whole in the universe is really very low.

“You could live on the desolate planet for now, and if Planet Vegeta is not destroyed after few days then we can return, at that time God of Destruction Beerus should have left.”

“All right, then we can only do it that way!”

Adri nodded reluctantly, they could only do this for now as they were helpless against the situation.

Planet Vegeta.

Beerus was leisurely strolling on the street, his favorite thing

apart from destruction, was to sleep and look for delicious food.

After waking up from slumber this time, he had secretly snuck off to the mortal world concealing it from Whis, and then had come all the way to the Milky Way Galaxy while conveniently lighting off fireworks if happen to see a planet which is not pleasing to his eyes, and at last arrived on Planet Vegeta.

Here, he was finally able to eat a bit decent food, or else he would have been unable to bear and again would have destroyed a planet.

Just a moment ago, he met a Saiyan which he found interesting, and had gotten ‘a little’ delicious food from him.

Beerus could swear that he had only eaten such delicacies before several times, if counted it has already been ……..100 million years, or 300 million years that he had last eaten such delicacies.

“Ah, what a wonderful taste it was!”

Licking his tongue, he could still feel the leftover flavour of the food in his mouth, Beerus wish he could still have some more.

Lord Beerus has been greatly merciful today and had given that boy face! Beerus was strolling on the street with both hands behind his back, when suddenly a bright light flashed in his head.

“Since the little Saiyan had so many delicacies with him, then the ruler of this planet wouldn’t definitely have anything bad!” After thinking for a moment, Beerus seemed to have found a target, his languid and somewhat dejected spirit was suddenly uplifted.

“Well, let’s first find this planet’s royal palace, it should have more delicious things to eat!”

Finished speaking, Beerus slowly soared to the sky and his golden eyes flashed with a bright light, before in the blink of an eye he was gone towards the direction of the palace.

In the space of another dimension.

At the end of a long snake road, there was a vast empty space which was pervaded by a sacred serene aura and the blue sky was filled with light yellow clouds.

Below, there was a very small planet, which was the residence of King Kai who was the administrator of entire North Area.

King Kai’s Planet.

King Kai was nervously leaning over a lawn, his body was like an ant on a hot pan, and his pale white lips were trembling.

“Aiyaya, Lord Beerus has actually appeared on Planet Vegeta, and if by any chance that gang of Saiyans angered Lord Beerus, then my North Area will again suffer a calamity!” King Kai wailed, greatly agitated.

When he thought of how his planet was so big in the past, but because someone in the mortal world had angered Lord Beerus, it was shattered by the God of Destruction till it became so small.

This time, there must not be anyone making Lord Beerus angry.

King Kai clasped his hands, praying non-stop.

He did not want his small planet to once again be destroyed or he wouldn’t have any place to live.

If it happened, he the Grand King Kai’s lifetime reputation would be completely destroyed, then whenever he met other King Kais, he wouldn’t have any face to lift his head.

King Kai’s obese body continued to lean over the ground, carefully observing Planet Vegeta’s situation.

Suddenly, an icy glance looked over from Planet Vegeta’s direction, right at his eyes, that icy bone-chilling glance instantly penetrated his soul…

“Ah” King Kai shouted, his whole body bounced up as his face showed a terrified face.

“Terrible, terrible, I was discovered by Lord Beerus, I hope Lord Beerus would be magnanimous and won’t come over here ah!” King Kai’s face was deathly pale and his whole body was trembling.

King Kai anxiously run around in circles before hiding inside his small house on the planet.

“boo hoo, I swear I will not again observe the mortal world until Lord Beerus has left the North Area.”


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