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“It can’t go on like this, we have to find a way.” Xiaya frowned and his deathly pale face looked towards the tiny palace and the complicated lines in the distance, and he immediately came up with a plan.

If he leads the Dark Angel there, maybe it will make them have some misgivings which will give them a chance.

So he grabbed Kusu’s hand, and the two of them teleported in front of the tiny palace.

“Not good.” Sure enough, the two Dark Angel’s expressions changed and they hurriedly chased after Xiaya.

“Dark Angels, are you planning to use this to open the space-time node” Xiaya asked, keeping an eye on their expressions.

If he destroys it, he should be able to temporarily thwart their plan.

“How did you know about our plan” Dark Angel Shasu had a gloomy look on his face as a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

This God of Destruction actually knew about the space-time node.

Could it be that the plan was leaked The expressions of the two Dark Angels changed abruptly, but they immediately shook their heads.

Impossible, this is the most top-secret information, and it is impossible for anyone in the Multiverse to know about it.

At the same time, they immediately thought of a more unacceptable thing.

Could it be that they underestimated the Zeno system’s ability to scout for information

If this God of Destruction knows this information, doesn’t that mean Zeno also already knows about it If Zeno himself took action, none of them except Lancius and Badees would be able to resist.

Thinking of this, the faces of the two Dark Angels became even more gloomy and a cold murderous intent suddenly erupted out, an icy wind bursting out which was full of coldness.

Originally, their plan was to complete all the deployment before Zeno had time to react, by then, everything would be done and dusted, and everything would happen as they expected, but they didn’t expect that the plan that had just begun was already in the know of the other side.

Looking at the faces of the Dark Angels opposite him, Xiaya realized that he had guessed right.

As long as these are destroyed, it will be able to thwart Dark Angel’s plan, so the other side should have some misgivings.

But Xiaya still underestimated the Dark Angel’s fear of Zeno.

After knowing that the plan might have been leaked, they were almost forced to the edge of the cliff, and now they can only fight until either of them perish.

“Kill them.” The gray-robed Dark Angel said coldly.

“Even if the node is destroyed, we can look for another one.

If we kill the Angel of Universe 10, they will not be able to find us in a short time and we can use this time to find the next target.”

“Okay.” Dark Angel Shasu licked his lips, and icy killing intent erupted out.

Suddenly, a terrifying energy spread throughout the entire planet with Shasu as the center.

Xiaya’s face turned pale, knowing that he had been too smart for his own good, but at this point, he also had no other way and it was impossible for both sides to reconcile with each other’s standpoint.

Gritting his teeth, as if his life depended on it, Xiaya began to frantically extract the energy in his body, the dark golden droplets spinning crazily.

Xiaya’s body emitted a dark golden light, and even his crimson hair was dyed with a layer of sparkling lustre.

“Energy of Destruction!!”

He used the God of Destruction’s ability, and a small energy ball expanded rapidly after being formed, and instantly expanded into a large ball with a diameter of two meters.

A lot of specks of starlight swept towards the Dark Angel in a circle.

If this technique struck him, it would at least buy Xiaya some time.

“He he, Energy of Destruction, I am much more familiar with it than you.”

Facing the purple energy ball which was sweeping towards him, Dark Angel Shasu didn’t show any nervousness, instead he took a step forward in front of the “Energy of Destruction”, stretched out his palm, and toyed with the Energy of Destruction in his palm.

The formidable destructive power immediately dissipated into the void.

Then he dashed forward, an afterimage flashing and instantly entered the three meter range of Xiaya, his bluish face enlarging because of too close distance.

“So fast.” Xiaya exclaimed, and his body automatically dodged, but the Dark Angel seemed to also have grasped Ultra Instinct, and Xiaya didn’t gain much advantage.




After a series of succeeding attacks, Xiaya began to feel dizzy and felt like his body was about to fall apart.

He received a heavy blow.

Xiaya spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying diagonally like a cannonball.


Kusu exclaimed as a hint of worry flashed across her face, but she was being tied up by the grey-robed Dark Angel and could not help with the fight on Xiaya’s side.

“You should look after yourself!”

The grey-robed Dark Angel burst into laughter and his speed became even faster.

On the other side, Xiaya, who had suffered from the Dark Angel’s attack, could feel all over his body, and a mist-like aura rose, and his wounds began to heal again.

Kacha, the sound of bones shifting sounded from his body, and the dark golden energy formed by the fusion of space-time ability, God of Destruction’s power, and Dragon God’s power began to move frantically in the body.

Xiaya’s body trembled involuntarily, and he recovered to a healthy state like he was reborn.

“Hey, this God of Destruction is quite different.” Dark Angel Shasu frowned.

After a normal God of Destruction suffered his attack, it shouldn’t be possible for them to get up again, but this one has quite a terrifying recovery ability.

But so what, no matter how strong his recovery ability is, he will beat him to the point where he can’t recover at all! Thinking this, an even stronger killing intent erupted out from the Dark Angel.

Xiaya smiled wryly and had a grim expression.

Facing an angel-level opponent, he was still a lot lacking.

But no matter what, the fight will continue on.

“Annihilation!!” Another technique was used, the water polo-like ball surrounded the Dark Angel, and at the same time, his other hand flashed silver-grey radiance.


Two terrifying powers erupted out together.

At this time, on Universe 7’s side, Whis had also found the Dark Angels who had sneaked into Universe 7 and was currently fighting them, but it is difficult for two fists to fight against four hands.

Whis could only act defensively.

“Great Priest-sama, Zeno-sama, hurry up and take action!”

There was a trace of anxiety in Whis’ calm eyes.

Although he had stopped the two Dark Angels, he knew that he would not be able to last for long in this situation.

Great Priest or Zeno-sama still has to come and annihilate the Dark Angels.

However, before he knew it, they were gradually approaching Milky Way Galaxy while fighting.


At the center of the Multiverse, where the void is seething with a tremendous amount of energy.

The figure of the Great Priest appeared here with a vertical light blue halo behind his head.

All the energy around him automatically avoided him and dispersed when it entered a one-meter range of him.

In the distance, a splendid palace can be seen floating there and the laws of the Multiverse were being suppressed by it.

Great Priest’s purple eyes stared at the divine palace, his hands behind his back as he said in a dignified manner: “Lancius°Original Sin, you’ve committed such a crime, do you know your mistake”

A divine pressure surged over, and between the Great Priest and the palace, a corridor of nothingness appeared and all the energy disappeared.

A dark figure flickered a few times, and Lancius, the leader of the Dark Angels appeared in front of Great Priest, standing loftily.

The two of them were both experts of fifth level of the Divine Realm.

One is the Great Priest of the present era, and the other is the Arch-Angel of the previous era.

Their encounter is like the meeting of the highest-level gods in the world, all the endless energy and laws in front of them avoiding them.

“Great Priest, this is the second time we are meeting.”

Lancius stood in front of the Great Priest without the slightest fear and lightly talked to him like meeting an old friend.

Great Priest nodded and said, “Yeah, you are the Arch-Angel of the previous era.

Falling from grace was already a mistake, why would you commit such a serious crime again.”


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