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“Xiaya-sama, they are both very powerful.

I may not be able to defeat them.” Kusu was slightly nervous as she said.

Universe 10 is her home ground where she could suppress a Dark Angel for a short while, but it is impossible to defeat them.

When a few years ago Dark Angel Via entered Universe 10, Kusu had to team up with Whis, Vados and Marcarita to deal with Via and Demigra, and it took a long time even when two vs one.

It should be said that the disparity between the Angels at the fourth level of the Divine Realm is very small, maybe because they are born from laws, and no one of them is more powerful than the other in the initial state, and only because Kusu is young that she wasn’t as skilled as Whis and others in controlling her strength.

Glancing at Kusu, Xiaya patted her on the head and took out a small bottle and placed it on the ground.

“You don’t need to forcefully attack, we’re here to mount a sneak attack.

I’ll use Evil Containment Wave to seal one Dark Angel first, so the remaining one will be easy to deal with.”

“Hmm.” Kusu’s bright eyes flashed with joy.

Xiaya is an expert at the peak of the third level of Divine Realm.

With the dual power of God of Destruction and God of Time, he can be said to be very powerful, especially after comprehending Ultra Instinct, he has achieved no thoughts and no emotions state, and is without any flaws.

Although there is still some disparity from the fourth level of Divine Realm, the magical technique Evil Containment Wave will be the key to turn the tides during battle.

Of course, both Xiaya and Kusu know that they only have one chance, and if they fail, it would be difficult to find the next opportunity to attack.

He told Kusu to back away a little and then opened the bottle and prepared to launch Evil Containment Wave at one of the Dark Angels in the distance.

But at this moment, something unexpected happened——

Seemingly having noticed something, one of the Dark Angels suddenly disappeared.

Oh no, thought Xiaya when he saw this.

His heart suddenly thumped and his pupils shrank.

He knew they might have been discovered.

“Ah, the Angel and God of Destruction of Universe 10, how did you find us” A slightly sarcastic voice sounded in his ears.

Xiaya turned around and found the gray-robed Dark Angel standing behind them, looking at them with a mocking look in his eyes.

Numerous thoughts flashed in his mind, and Xiaya shouted to Kusu.

“Not good, we’ve been discovered, ignore the plan and attack immediately.”

After he finished speaking, he launched a fierce attack towards the Dark Angel.

Kusu also complied, raised the scepter and coordinated with Xiaya’s movements.

Bang, bang, bang, lightning flashed and sparks appeared as if metal was colliding.

Xiaya felt his arm turn slightly numb, and he was sent flying backward.

Cough, he spat out a mouthful of blood and the insides of his body were agitated.

The dark angel was much stronger than he imagined.

Even after comprehending Ultra Instinct, Xiaya couldn’t resist for long against the Dark Angel.

No, the disparity between him and ordinary Angels is not that big.

It must be because the Dark Angel in front of him was too strong.

Xiaya narrowed his eyes slightly, looking at the Dark Angel wearing a grey divine robe in front of him.

A sharp glint erupted out from his silver-white eyes.

This dress is different from the Dark Angel who was erased by Zeno before.

So he is the Dark Angel from the ancient era who was released by the black-robed dark angels.

No wonder he is so frighteningly strong.

Wiping off the blood on his mouth, Xiaya looked at him with a serious look in his eyes.

His silver-white eyes flashed with fighting intent and his whole body burst out with a

murderous aura.

“Xiaya-sama, are you all right” Kusu leaned against Xiaya’s side.

“I’m fine.” Except for the little pain in his chest, Xiaya didn’t feel any discomfort, because the dark golden droplets formed from the fusion of space-time ability, God of Destruction’s power and Dragon God’s power in his body spun crazily, and Xiaya’s injuries quickly recovered.

A real god has very strong recovery ability, much stronger than a Super Saiyan God’s recovery ability.

“Hahaha, a young little angel, an inexperienced God of Destruction.

You two insignificant people actually dare to come here to stop us.” The two Dark Angels had gathered together, one in black and one in gray, looking at Xiaya and Kusu with disdain.

Indeed, Xiaya and Kusu were at a big disadvantage in this situation.

“Kusu, go and stall that gray-robe one, and leave the black one to me.” Xiaya’s expression was very grave as he left the more powerful one to Kusu.

It wasn’t that Xiaya was taking advantage of Kusu, but that Kusu was stronger than him.

“Leave it to me, Xiaya-sama, be careful.” Kusu said worriedly.

No matter how big the disparity between the Angels, they could hold out for a very long time.

Instead, she was slightly worried about Xiaya’s safety.

“Go all out!”

Xiaya stopped talking and focused on the Dark Angel in the black divine robe.

From his body, Xiaya could feel a strong oppression, it was from the dimension level.

Suddenly, Xiaya’s whole body shone with dense rays of light and Ki waves like a heatwave exuded out from all over his body.

“Tsk tsk, he seems to have gotten slightly stronger… er, this is Ultra Instinct!!”

Sensing the changes on Xiaya, the Dark Angel’s expression changed and he began to get serious.

Crack, the ground split open, and the crisscrossed net-like broken zone spread out, forming a crater with a diameter of several kilometers.

His body swooped down and Xiaya used all his strength from the very beginning.


“Space-time Breaking Punch!”

“Exploding Dragon Punch!!”

One after another, powerful attacks were unleashed, and the violent energy shot out wildly, holding nothing back.

All of these attacks targeted the Dark Angel like an enormous behemoth roaring, the bloody brilliance swept out with irresistible force.

But that Dark Angel was also not to be trifled with, his hands were not slow, blocking all of Xiaya’s attacks.




A series of attacks were exchanged within a short duration.

The air trembled and net-like cracks appeared as if the space was shattered.

The previous attack was just a deception.

Xiaya approached him for melee combat.

He knew that he was definitely not a match of the Dark Angel purely comparing energy, but in melee combat, with the magical Ultra Instinct, he might be able to entangle with him.

Sure enough, Xiaya was not disappointed, in melee combat, Ultra Instinct showed a significant effect.

Two blurry figures kept flashing in the sky, and the sound of collision kept resounding.

In this short period of time, Xiaya temporarily possessed the ability to fight the Dark Angel.

“Annoying guy!” The black-robed Dark Angel was getting irritated by Xiaya, who was slippery like a loach, and felt a little embarrassed.

“Hahaha, Shasu, you are actually being troubled by a God of Destruction!”

The gray-robed Dark Angel, who was fighting Kusu, managed to find time to glance at the fight on the other side.

Seeing that a God of Destruction was able to fight Angel for so long, he couldn’t help but gloat at his misfortune, and his eyes turned even more cold while looking at Xiaya.

Of course, the reason why he was able to entangle with Shasu for so long is because Xiaya has grasped Ultra Instinct, which caused the Dark Angel named Shasu to not know how to handle him.

If they really competed in strength, Xiaya was far inferior.

The taunting of his companion caused Shasu to become even more angry.

The black scepter spun in an arc in the air, and a strange force emitted out, pushing Xiaya back.

After losing the distance advantage, facing Dark Angel’s attack, Xiaya fell into a predicament all of a sudden, and could only dodge around with his nimble body.

Bang! The enormous planet shook and its core trembled, causing the mountain ranges to collapse with a loud rumble.

“Xiaya-sama.” Kusu let out a loud cry, but the gray-robed Dark Angel caught a flaw and a powerful attack landed.

Kusu only felt a pain in her lower abdomen before she was sent flying.

At this moment, a black shadow flashed by.

Xiaya teleported to Kusu’s side and caught her.

At this time, both of them were not in good condition.

Xiaya’s face was pale, and his energy was severely depleted.

Kusu was also not in a good condition, her silvery braided twintails were somewhat disheveled and a few hairs were messily scattered on her face.


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