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Nearby the core of the Multiverse, Lancius’ palace was floating amidst huge waves of purple energy, the dark red scene was like a bloodthirsty beast as the chaotic energy formed a vortex.

Crack! Blood-red cracks appeared and a great amount of energy was pouring out in all directions.

At the same time, it brought forth a terrifying might which like layer upon layer of huge waves, constantly accumulated.

“We are almost there.” Lancius surveyed the scene outside the palace.

This is the core of the Multiverse, which is related to the stability of the overall space-time and opposite it is Zeno’s Palace, where Zeno lives.

There are also miniature versions of the twelve universe, which play a pivotal role in transmitting the magical laws to the twelve universes via the endless and steadily flowing energy.

Dark Angels stopped the palace here, blocking the operation of the Multiverse’ laws to a certain extent, while giving them the power to create new worlds.

Their plan is to completely block the laws of the Multiverse, and then set up space-time nodes within the twelve universes to simulate the ability of the space-time controller and create a brand new space-time.

Since the Multiverse’ laws will be suppressed and blocked by the magical palace, if the operation is done properly, the newly born world will most likely not have the existence of the Zeno system.

“Alsi, you guys leave and enter each universe, and set up space-time nodes before those Angels have time to respond.” Lancius commanded his subordinate with a somewhat excited expression, and then turned to Badees, “I also ask Badees and others to help, this plan has to succeed.

There cannot be failure.”

“Leave it to us.” The middle-aged Dark Angel Badees nodded vigorously.

Because it is related to whether the future destruction plan can be carried out smoothly, whether it is the black-robed Dark Angels under Lancius’ command or the gray-robed Dark Angels under Badees’ command, they were all treating it very seriously.

If they missed this opportunity, Zeno and the others will be on guard in the future, and they will not be able to find a second such opportunity.


Following this command, except for Lancius, who stayed behind to control the Angel’s Palace, the nine black-robed Dark Angels turned into a beam of light like a lightning bolt and pierced through the void and quickly entered the twelve universe.

The gray-robed Dark Angels followed closely behind, and fourteen figures gradually submerged in the void.

At this time, the real crisis of Multiverse had begun.

Because there were a total of twenty-three Dark Angels entering the universes, including an Arch-Angel level Dark Angel like Badees, almost every universe had to face the threat of two Dark Angels.

Of course, before the plan is put into effect, the Dark Angels will be hiding for the time being.

When the space-time nodes are set up, they will strike at the same time and deal a devastating blow to the twelve universes, while Lancius will also take this opportunity to use every space-time node to simulate the ability of the space-time controller, and reverse the space-time to create a new world without the Zeno system.

The core of the Multiverse, a place full of chaotic energies.

Lancius carefully controlled the palace as he gradually suppressed Zeno’s laws replenishing each universe, while maintaining contact with other Dark Angels.

Lancius’ bewitching eyes were staring at the space where the purple clouds were seething as he revealed a sneer on his cold face.


Universe 7, on some cyan planet.

“Huh What the hell is happening throughout the world Why are there so many Angels running about” The little loli Eve wearing a red lined jacket looked worriedly at the scenes in the crystal ball.

Although she said she didn’t want to be bothered about the Dark Angels, she still couldn’t help but observe the center of the Multiverse, which made her discover something incredible.

There were only a few Dark Angels before, but now they had turned into dozens.

In comparison, the number of Angels in the Multiverse were much less.

“Ah ah, is there going to be a disaster”

Eve was stunned and her delicate forehead knitted into a frown.

She began to think whether she should make preparations and find a safer place to hide.

After all, saving her own life is more important.

But if the entire Multiverse falls, nowhere will be safe.

“This is an insider crisis of the Zeno system.

It doesn’t seem to directly touch space-time, so the Time Realm shouldn’t intervene, right” Eve thought with uncertainty.


As time went by, three or four days had passed, and it had been exactly ten days since Xiaya learned about Dark Angel’s plan.

Suddenly, a wave of spatial fluctuations with slight ripples swept across the core of the Multiverse, and soon spread to twelve universes.

At the core, Lancius spread out his arms, his calm face distorted with excitement, “Look, soon it will be successful, as long as a new world is born without Zeno’s existence, my long-cherished wish can be fulfilled.”

“Hmph, Zeno era, it is better to destroy it.”

Lancius’ eyes were full of madness.

As long as the plan is successful, after a completely new world is created, they will have a vast world as their base camp.

They won’t need to hide anymore.

At that time, if they plan carefully, toppling the Zeno era will no longer be a dream.

After a while, Lancius restrained his madness and began to carefully control the palace to suppress Zeno’s laws, and at the same time contacted the other Dark Angels who had entered the twelve universes.

“Alsi, Badees, you guys have to act fast.

Zeno and the others will soon discover the changes in the laws of the world, we don’t have much time, we have to complete our plan before they arrive.”

“Don’t worry boss, we’re ready to act.”

“As long as we take action, it won’t be a problem to stop those Angels.”

“By the time those Angels discover this and come over, maybe our plan will have already succeeded.” Badees said with confidence.

Except for Badees, who is responsible for one universe by himself, the other Dark Angels had formed a pair, and there were two Dark Angels in one universe.

One is responsible for stopping the Angel, and the other is responsible for maintaining the operation of the space-time node.

As long as a short period of time passes, the new laws will be linked, and even Zeno will be powerless by then.

But they didn’t know that Great Priest and a dozen or so Angels have long been watching the changes in the Multiverse like a tiger watching his prey.


“This strange fluctuation is a disturbance in space-time.

What exactly are Dark Angels planning” Eve only dared to stealthily spy, but what happened next in Multiverse surprised her.

Tiny waves appeared in space, and one can’t discover them without careful observation, but Eve’s previous incarnation was Towa, a space-time controller.

Even though her strength has now regressed, she still discovered the disorder in space-time.

These are the signs of a parallel universe about to be born.

At the same time, in the Time Nest at the end of space-time, Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa also discovered it and frowned slightly: “Is this what Xiaya told me to pay attention to”

Because the fluctuations this time had swept through the entire Multiverse, although the activity was small, the space-time ability had been activated in almost twelve universes at the same time, so in addition to  Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa of Universe 7, the Supreme Kai of Time in charge of other universes also simultaneously cast their gaze down.

“The fluctuations of space-time, could it be that a space-time controller is arbitrarily tampering with space-time”

“The practice of traveling through time is forbidden by the gods.”

The several Supreme Kai of Time reacted together and began to investigate.

Even after a long time, they did not find any problems in the space-time universes under their jurisdiction, so they turned their attention to the Multiverse where Xiaya was located, where they found the anomaly.

“Hey, it’s just a small fluctuation.

Normally it shouldn’t be enough to cause disturbance in space-time!”

“Is it just a small issue”

All the Supreme Kai of Time were puzzled.


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