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“Dad, come on, hurry up and let Buu out.” Seeing Xiaya seal her playmate, Meifei shouted anxiously.

Xiaya laughed, took the bottle and tore off the seal on it, then opened the bottle to release Majin Buu.

As a green light flashed, Majin Buu floated out of the bottle like a gas.

He looked left and right before foolishly looking at everyone.

“It’s amazing, I was suddenly sealed just now and I didn’t even have a chance to react.” Majin Buu twisted his body, not feeling good from being sealed by the Evil Containment Wave.

“Is something wrong with Buu”

“Don’t worry, he’s fine.” Xiaya said with a smile.

From the experiment just now, he roughly understood the effects of the Evil Containment Wave.

Majin Buu has also been training hard in the past two years and he was much stronger than during ancient times, but he could not resist the power of the Evil Containment Wave.

Of course, this is also because Xiaya is stronger than Majin Buu, but it also undoubtedly reflects the miraculous aspect of the Evil Containment Wave.

After learning the Evil Containment Wave, Xiaya finally had some confidence to face Dark Angels; at least he had obtained a little ability to resist.

Holding the bottle and watching it for a while, Xiaya handed over the bottle and the special sealing paper to Kusu, and asked her to strengthen it with magic power.

After all, the opponent would be Dark Angels.

He was afraid that the bottle wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure and break in the middle, giving him trouble.

“If it is used to seal Dark Angels, it is best to use the strongest material.”

Kusu nodded, picked up the scepter, and lightly touched the small bottle with the crystal ball.

A strange light flickered, and the material of the sealing bottle quickly changed.

The surface of the white colored glass which was like jade or ceramic, glimmered with sparkling luster.

It was almost the strongest material.

As for the sealing paper, because it was drawn using a special technique, Kusu did not change it, instead she attached a layer of protection to it, which would remain intact under attacks that did not surpass Kusu’s strength.

After doing all this, Xiaya’s purpose of coming to Earth has been achieved.

Next, after Xiling and Myers had learned the Evil Containment Wave, Xiaya bid goodbye to Master Roshi.

“Xiaya, you must eliminate those enemies!” Master Roshi said to Xiaya with a grave look.

At this time, he didn’t look like a wretched old man at all.

His image had changed, and he looked like a highly respected master.

“Umm.” Xiaya nodded in reply to Master Roshi.

Although he wasn’t sure if he could fulfill this promise, he would do his best.

Kusu and the others bowed to Master Roshi and then left Earth while surrounded with space-time ability.

Looking at the white beach from where the people had disappeared and where waves were crashing against it and splashing out water, Master Roshi stared for a moment before fainty sighing…..

Universe 7, Whis was standing in the central location of the universe as the scepter in his hand constantly scanned the situation in the universe.

The vast and endless galaxies rapidly flashed across the crystal ball on the scepter.

Whis has been investigating for many days, but he hadn’t found any traces of the Dark Angels.

There are only two possibilities.

One is that Dark Angels hadn’t entered Universe 7, and the other is that Dark Angels plan hasn’t started yet.

“Looks like they haven’t come yet.” Whis’s violet eyes watched the universe as a smile appeared on his calm and indifferent face.

Suddenly, Whis frowned slightly, “Will the Supreme Kai of Time intervene in this matter”

But he immediately shook his head.

Dark Angels are a remnant of the previous era, it is an insider crisis of Multiverse just like Majin Buu’s upheaval in Universe 7 in ancient times, so Supreme Kai of Time may not intervene.

This crisis is different from the rebellion of space-time controllers like Demigra, and Supreme Kai of Time will mostly just watch from the sidelines.

Actually, if Dark Angel’s plan were to succeed and a new world was created, it would still give Supreme Kai of Time a headache.

Universe 10, God of Destruction’s Planet.

This is Xiaya’s home ground.

After he left Earth, he asked Xiling and the others to return to Planet Hongshan while he returned to the God of Destruction’s Planet with Kusu.

At this time, in the sky above God of Destruction’s Planet, the spherical Creating God Star was floating in mid-air, and the warriors selected by Kusu were undergoing trials in the Creating God Star.

Without disturbing the challengers, Xiaya began to assist Kusu in her investigation of Universe 10.

“Xiaya-sama, I haven’t found any problems yet.” Kusu breathed a sigh of relief after checking.

At least Dark Angels hadn’t secretly invaded Universe 10 yet.

There is a hidden space somewhere in the Multiverse full of purple energy.

These energies converged together like a tide and continuously surged forward.

With a sound of waves rolling over, ripples formed before a resplendent and magnificent palace broke through the space and appeared here.

And it continued flying towards its destination.

In the palace, the eighteen seats surrounding the long table in the center have been increased to twenty-four, one row on the left and one row on the right for both sides.

On one side were the black-robed Dark Angels headed by Lancius, and on the other side were the gray-robed Dark Angels headed by Badees.

At this time, these angels were all waiting solemnly, staring into the depths of the space with serious expressions.

“Our plan starts from here.

We will first occupy this place and then spread to twelve universes.

At the right time, we will mobilize the power of space-time and imitate the power of a space-time controller to create a new parallel universe.” Lancius’ eyes flashed with excitement.

“Then the following matter will be left to you.

When the new world is created, I will use my full strength to prevent the emergence of the Zeno system.”

“Success or failure, there is only one chance.” Lancius said seriously.

If they succeed, then they will possess a large parallel universe.

That parallel universe will only belong to them, without the interference of God of Destruction and Angels under the Zeno system.

They will use their abilities and speed up the end of the Zeno era.

In fact, in the original plan, Lancius planned to corrupt the gods in the Multiverse step by step, but he accidentally discovered that at the end of space-time, there is an even older Dark Angel sealed, so he thought hard after that before deciding to work with the ancient Dark Angel.

Gray-robed Dark Angel Badees nodded: “You only need to do the initial work, I will keep away the Angels from other universes for you.

When the new world is created, our long-cherished wish can be fulfilled.”

Dark Angel Badees also looked very excited.

He was a Dark Angel from several eras ago and was countless years older than Lancius and the others.

Breaking the door of space-time has always been his wish.

He was more desperate than Lancius for the plan to succeed.

“Humph, twenty-four of us Angels have joined forces.

As long as Zeno doesn’t take action himself, Great Priest and the Angels of this era are not our match at all.”

His eyes filled with hatred for Zeno, Lancius was excited and full of confidence in himself.

He and Badees both have terrifying strength at the same level as Great Priest, and they have much more Dark Angels than Multiverse’ Angels.

Even if Great Priest and others were temporarily stronger than them by virtue of their home field advantage, they still have advantage in numbers.

Two against one, it is not impossible if they are not on guard against them.

Those stupid angels, I wonder what their expressions will be at that time.

Lancius’ expression was sinister as he couldn’t help but laugh.

But he didn’t know that their plan was already exposed to Zeno and Great Priest before it had even begun.

Now the entire Multiverse has been mobilized, looking for their whereabouts.


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