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The strongest team in Universe 11 is the “Pride Troopers”, the hero team that maintains the peace of the universe.

The most powerful person in the team is the leader “Big White Mustache” Toppo and the member “Big Eyes” Jiren.

In fact, Toppo, as the leader, is not as strong as Jiren.

If Jiren hadn’t been so obsessed with training, the leader and Trainee God of Destruction wouldn’t have been Toppo.

Jiren is a powerful expert who possesses strength at the peak of the third level of Divine Realm while being in the second level of Divine Realm.

Being one level lower, he can still be comparable to a God of Destruction level.

Jiren is a rare talent.

It is known that in Multiverse, without a godly status, it is impossible for any living being to advance from the second level of the Divine Realm to the third level.

Although it is not a rigid rule that the second level of Divine Realm cannot be compared with the third level of Divine Realm, it is undeniable that the help brought by the divine powers is quite huge.

This is an insurmountable barrier for ordinary living beings.

But Jiren did it, he surpassed most of the “true gods” with his “demi-god” body and is entirely worthy of being known as the strongest in Universe 11.

Originally, according to Belmod’s plan, after he retired, he would let Toppo become the next God of Destruction, with Jiren assisting him.

In that way, it would be equivalent to having three God of Destruction-level experts in Universe 11.

It would be the best of all universes in strength, but the appearance of God of Destruction Xiaya in Universe 10 had caused him to change his mind.

On Xiaya, he saw Jiren’s shadow, which was quite frightening.

Belmod was worried that if Toppo became the God of Destruction, he would not be able to suppress Universe 10 in terms of the highest strength, so he is thinking of replacing the next God of Destruction’s candidate.

Regarding the thoughts of the clown God of Destruction changing the Trainee God of Destruction candidate, Marcarita was noncommittal.

She neither agreed nor opposed, and stood on the side without expressing any opinion.

After all, Belmod has the most say when it comes to choosing the next God of Destruction.

“If Belmod-sama wants Jiren to become the Trainee God of Destruction, you should make preparations early on.

The training of God of Destruction is very troublesome.”

Belmod waved his hand casually: “Don’t worry, Jiren is definitely good enough in realm.

Hehe, let’s worry about the Dark Angel’s matter that Great Priest-sama mentioned.

Sigh, it’s really such a troublesome matter.

Belmod picked his ear and blew on his finger.

“Marcarita, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Leave it to me!”

Marcarita nodded with a smile.

She had long known that with Belmod’s character, he would not take the initiative to participate in Dark Angel’s search.

It should be said that Great Priest summoned these God of Destruction just for a formality and he does not expect them to be able to play any role.

Universe 7, Earth.

The sun was shining brightly and the sky was clear.

In the coastal areas of the northern hemisphere, a blue ocean stretches as far as the eyes can see, and a few sporadic islands and reefs were protruding out of the water which collided with the waves and caused the waves to sparkle.

On a small island dozens of kilometers away from the seacoast, a cottage was surrounded by the sea.

In the Kame House, Master Roshi was drooling while watching the seductive scenes on the TV.

A few years ago, Krillin moved out of Kame House after getting married and only comes back to visit occasionally.

So, Master Roshi has again returned to his hermit life, causing the island to become desolate.

At this moment, a light flashed on the several hundred meter square island, and several powerful aura appeared within Master Roshi’s perception range.

As he sensed powerful auras appear, Master Roshi turned off the TV and walked out, and saw a few figures standing on the beach.

Master Roshi took a look and saw that the visitors were Xiaya and his wives.

Along with Xiaya was Meifei and Majin Buu.

Master Roshi had never seen Majin Buu before, but looking at the other’s appearance, it might be an alien.

“Xiaya, why have you come to my place”

Master Roshi had his back hunched and his gray beard fluttered in the wind.

Xiaya went straight to the point: “I’m here to learn the Evil Containment Wave from you.

As powerful enemies have appeared in the universe, Evil Containment Wave is needed to seal them.”

Master Roshi asked in surprise: “What enemy is so powerful that even you can’t defeat them”

He didn’t know how strong Xiaya was, but according to what Krillin reported after coming back from Planet Hongshan two years ago, perhaps there is no one as powerful as him in the entire universe.

Hence, when he heard that even Xiaya finds the opponent troublesome, he showed so much surprise.

Xiaya nodded solemnly: “The enemy is too strong, they could destroy the universe.”

Master Roshi’s expression became solemn.

He took off his sunglasses and his eyes showed a grave look: “Since even you find them troublesome, then they must be very terrifying.”

“Then I will teach you the Evil Containment Wave.”

“Thank you!” Xiaya said politely.

Evil Containment Wave was a secret technique of Turtle School, so if Master Roshi is willing to teach him, then he is clearly a righteous person.

Master Roshi didn’t dare to take credit and said, “You’re welcome.

To be honest, the technique Evil Containment Wave has rarely been used since it was invented.

If you can use it to protect the peace of the universe, Master Mutaito’s soul in heaven will definitely be happy.” Then he glanced at Xiling and Myers next to Xiaya, “You guys can also learn it, this technique is very effective against dark creatures.”

Xiling and Myers smiled and nodded.

“Hehe, I want to learn too.” Meifei jumped out and shouted loudly.

“Is Evil Containment Wave better than my magic” Majin Buu asked with a silly expression.

If it was better than his magic, then he would also learn it.

So Xiaya and the others stayed at Kame House and learned Evil Containment Wave from Master Roshi.

Evil Containment Wave is a method of forced sealing.

When confronting an enemy, you need to prepare a small bottle or a closed container in advance.

As long as the enemy is tricked, they can be forcibly absorbed into the pre-prepared small bottle, after which one can use the sealing paper to seal the mouth of the bottle and the enemy wouldn’t be able to break free.

Moreover, based on the strength of the user, as long as the opponent isn’t too much powerful than the user, it can be said to be unfailing and has a cheat-like effect.

Of course, Evil Containment Wave also has a fatal weakness, that is, it requires extremely high stamina.

Like Tri-Beam and Thunder Shock Surprise, excessive use will cause the user to die due to exhausting stamina.

However, it is not a problem at all for Saiyans, who have very powerful physique.

After staying at Kame House for over a day, Xiaya had learned Evil Containment Wave from Master Roshi.

There was a small white bottle placed on the ground as Xiaya spread out his arms towards the void and shouted loudly, “Evil Containment Wave”.

Suddenly, an extremely strong suction force was generated in a spiral shape, and locked the target on Majin Buu.

He then pushed his arms down and the spiral energy immediately sucked in Majin Buu.

“Wahhhh” Majin Buu loudly screamed as he circled in the sky several times before disappearing into the small bottle.

Then, Xiaya bent down to pick up the small bottle and stick the paper amulet.

The casting steps of Evil Containment Wave were all completed.

After taking a closer look, Xiaya handed the bottle to Kusu for inspection.

“Majin Buu is sealed.”

Kusu curiously took the bottle and examined it.

She tapped it a few times with the scepter and said in surprise: “Xiaya-sama, the strange energy generated by the Evil Containment Wave is completely sealed in this bottle, moreover it is entwined in a spiral structure with a relatively complex spatial structure.

As long as someone is sealed inside, it would be difficult for them to break free, and the sealing paper also has a strengthening effect.”

“It’s amazing, someone in the mortal world was actually able to invent such a powerful sealing technique.”

Angel and God of Destruction also have their corresponding sealing techniques, but compared to Evil Containment Wave, they were completely different.

When facing a stronger opponent, Evil Containment Wave becomes stronger, and as the strength of the user increases, the sealing ability correspondingly becomes stronger and has greater flexibility.


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