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Universe 4, a cave-like planet.

This is the planet inhabited by the God of Destruction.

“Bang!” The sound of plates shattering caused the entire cave-like planet to shake.

At the same time, an earth-shattering terrifying energy spread out throughout the world, affecting countless planets as it instantly destroyed them.

“Please calm down, Quitela-sama.” A middle-aged Angel standing beside him said indifferently.

“Cognac, why didn’t you help me just now, you made me look like a fool in front of so many God of Destruction.

Did you do it on purpose” God of Destruction Quitela turned around gloomily as he gritted his sharp teeth which flashed with a dim light.

Cognac, the Angel of Universe 4, shook his head: “Quitela-sama, you are accusing me wrongly.

It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but there were too many Angels standing behind Universe 10’s God of Destruction.

Besides Universe 10’s Kusu, Universe 6 and Universe 7’s Angels were also supporting him, and even Marcarita from Universe 11 seems to be on their side.”

Marcarita’s relationship with Kusu is well known to everyone, so Angel Cognac also counted her on Kusu’s side.

Hearing his words, Quitela’s expression froze for a while before he snorted coldly at Cognac: “Who knows if you are speaking from your heart.”

Cognac shrugged.

He couldn’t do anything if Quitela didn’t believe him.

“Damn that Universe 10’s God of Destruction, he is even more hateful than the elephant-head Rumsshi.” Quitela bit his fingers with a gloomy expression on his face.

He will remember this debt, and he would definitely take revenge if he had the opportunity.

He asked, “Cognac, do you know why Universe 10’s God of Destruction was so powerful.

My attack couldn’t even hit him!”

Cognac looked at Quitela calmly and said, “Quitela-sama, that was the Perfected Ultra Instinct.”

Hearing the word Ultra Instinct, the mouse God of Destruction shuddered, and turned around in disbelief as he said in shock, “You mean that newcomer God of Destruction fully comprehended Ultra Instinct”

“That’s right, my eyes didn’t see wrong.”

Quitela immediately broke out into cold sweat and looked embarrassed, but immediately he became even more angry: “Damn it, how could a new God of Destruction comprehend such an excellent method…”

Although to comprehend Ultra Instinct, it is not necessary to reach the third level of Divine Realm, and even a first and second level of Divine Realm can comprehend it, but it is like a threshold.

To truly comprehend Ultra Instinct so that they can use it practically, they don’t just have to be a top-level expert, even a few among the God of Destruction have fully comprehended this state.

He knew that it was impossible for him to avenge his humiliation in a short period of time.

But as a God of Destruction, the most important thing that Quitela doesn’t lack is time.

One day he will let that God of Destruction named Xiaya know the feeling of regret.

“And that hateful Beerus, the newcomer is also from Universe 7.

Who can tell me why such a low-level universe can still exist”

“Quitela-sama, I would like to remind you that our Universe 4 is only two places higher than Universe 7 and one place lower than Universe 10.

Moreover, the reason why Universe 7 is ranked below us is that Beerus-sama is lazy and hasn’t completely eliminated those low-level planets.

Using limited resources to nurture many low-level planets naturally lowers the overall level of the universe, but it does not mean that they have no experts.”

In the ranking of universes, Universe 4 is ninth, and Universe 7 and Universe 10 are eleventh and eighth respectively.

The overall strength of Universe 4 is not much better than Universe 7.

“Cognac, don’t let me down, remember you are the Angel of Universe 4.”

Quitela was feeling unhappy with everything and had an urge to destroy planets.

Frankly speaking, those who can become God of Destruction are quite indifferent and irritable, so God of Destruction rarely gets along well.

Quitela just wants to use destruction to vent the anger in his heart.

“Which planets below need to be destroyed, I will clean them all up.”

“Quitela-sama, Great Priest-sama has entrusted us with an important mission to find the whereabouts of the Dark Angels…” Cognac word by word repeated the order of the Great Priest.

The mouse God of Destruction waved his hand and said carelessly: “I’ll leave this matter to you.

Humph, angel-level monsters, I won’t provoke them.”

God of Destruction provoking an angel-level monster isn’t any different from courting death.

Thinking of this, the mouse God of Destruction again became depressed.

It’s all because of Universe 10’s God of Destruction attracting a disaster! !

Cognac shrugged, having long expected such an outcome.

Universe 5, God of Destruction’s Planet.

The world here has a vast starry sky with countless stars dotted around an inverted pyramid planet in the center.

On the vast square-shaped land at the top of the inverted pyramid, white clouds had created an atmosphere in space, and in the middle there was an ancient temple.

In the temple, ancient totems were carved on the walls, and there were strange sculptures of heads next to them, looking ancient and desolate.

God of Destruction’s Planet is shaped according to the preferences of each God of Destruction.

The God of Destruction of Universe 5 is an ancient and primitive God of Destruction.

Beside a bonfire, the strange-looking God of Destruction Arak had his fingers clenched into a fist and eyes closed as if he was meditating.

The dry arm was so thin that only bones were left, much worse than even Beerus, exaggeratedly thin.

“Arak-sama, about Dark Angels…”

“Don’t disturb me, you can do this by yourself.”

The strange-looking God of Destruction Arak had his eyes half closed as the six fleshy whiskers on his face trembled along with his breathing.

“Yes, then I will go and look around the universe.” The angel of Universe 5 withdrew and disappeared in front of God of Destruction.

After a long time, the strange-looking God of Destruction opened his eyes and a light flashed in his eyes as he muttered, “God of Destruction Xiaya of Universe 10 is not a simple person!”

At the same time in Universe 11.

“Marcarita, why did you stop me from fighting against Xiaya Tch, even Quitela suffered against him.

Is he really so powerful” God of Destruction Belmod sat down on a soft sofa and put one leg over another.

Marcarita stood quietly on the side with a smile on her cold face: “Belmod-sama, weren’t you thinking about retiring Then it’s better to cause less trouble.”

“He he, you mean I’m not that God of Destruction Xiaya’s match” Belmod stroked his chin as his eyes suddenly became sharp, and his frivolous expression became serious.

“Frankly speaking, Belmod-sama is indeed not an opponent of Xiaya-sama.”

Marcarita told the truth, but did not reveal Xiaya’s identity as God of Time, otherwise Belmod would only be more surprised.

In fact, she was also surprised by Xiaya’s strength.

Marcarita was feeling envious of Kusu, that silly little girl really happened across an amazing God of Destruction.

After listening to Marcarita, Belmod’s expression turned gloomy.

Those who can become God of Destruction have their own pride, and no one will admit that they are inferior to the other.

“Hmph, interesting.” Belmod smiled maliciously and suddenly asked: “If Jiren becomes the God of Destruction, he should be able to defeat that Xiaya, right”

Marcarita was a little surprised: “Didn’t Belmod-sama plan to have Toppo become Trainee God of Destruction You changed your mind”

Belmod laughed: “Didn’t you say that Xiaya is very powerful I’m worried that Toppo won’t be able to suppress him after becoming God of Destruction!”


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