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Towards God of Destruction Quitela’s contemptuous words, Whis was silent for a while, but Vados next to him stood up and her cold voice echoed in the corridor, entering everyone’s ears.

It gave a kind of calm and graceful feeling.

“Quitela-sama, what you said is too much.

Universe 7 ranks low because there are too many low-level life planets in Universe 7, but the number of strong experts is not less than that of other universes.”

Saying that, Vados indifferently looked at Xiaya.

Although she hasn’t been to Planet Hongshan, with her relationship with Whis, the matters of Universe 7’s hasn’t been hidden from her.

It can be said that not only Universe 7 and Universe 6 are symmetrical universes, but Champa and Beerus, Vados and Whis’ relationship is also similarly much closer.

And she knows that current Xiaya’s strength definitely cannot be underestimated.

Quitela’s voice became gloomy and cold, “This has nothing to do with Universe 6, Miss Vados should not interfere.”

Vados frowned slightly, but Quitela continued: “Universe 7 ranks low because Beerus is lazy and sleeps all day.”

“Oh Do you mean that Universe 10 is very high-level”

Xiaya picked his ears and suddenly disappeared like a ghost and appeared beside God of Destruction Quitela without any warning.

He lowered his head and spoke in Quitela’s ear, “I don’t feel good listening to what you said, after all, I am also from Universe 7.

Do you want to experience my strength”

Xiaya hadn’t felt good about this mouse God of Destruction from the beginning, and now he was even more unpleasant to the eyes.

“When did he…so fast.”

The mouse God of Destruction was startled, not knowing when Xiaya had appeared beside his side.

But immediately, he became angry, seemingly feeling that he was being provoked.

His eyes flashed with a cold and stern light: “Good, good, you’ve just become God of Destruction and you are already starting to put on airs.

Universe 10’s God of Destruction, you want to fight me”

Xiaya stared at the mouse God of Destruction: “Don’t act high and mighty.

According to the ranking, your Universe 4 is only ranked ninth and can’t even be compared to Universe 10.”


As if his sore spot was touched, the mouse God of Destruction couldn’t restrain his anger and immediately attacked Xiaya.

The swift and fierce attack shot out and instantly appeared in front of Xiaya.

Facing God of Destruction Quitela’s attack, Xiaya’s eyes burst out with a cold light, and he stopped holding back.

His body moved naturally as if the world had slowed down, and all of Quitela’s attacks failed.

After that, his palm drew a straight trajectory in the air and struck Quitela.

The sudden burst of power pushed Quitela far away, and he took several steps before he stabilized.

Quitela’s face was cold as he shouted in anger: “So you really have some skills, much better than that Beerus.”

“You flatter me!” Xiaya responded coldly.

“Humph!” With a wave of Quitela’s palm, shining energy gathered and took shape, and then he aimed it at Xiaya and attacked.

Rumble, a soft muffled sound echoed in the starry sky corridor, and the fantasy-like starry sky suddenly shook.

Both of them had controlled their power within a certain range and did not allow the destructive powers to spread out.

“Woah, it’s a fight.

This new God of Destruction seems to be very angry, it looks like Quitela is out of luck.” Universe 11’s God of Destruction Belmod said gloatingly.

The twin-tailed Angel Marcarita persuaded: “Belmod-sama should better stay far away, don’t get involved.”

“Yes, Yes!”

“Tsk, tsk.”

Other Gods of Destruction also only watched the fun.

Fights between God of Destruction rarely happen, so it was not a bad idea to let Quitela sound out the new God of Destruction.

Only some senior Angels frowned slightly when they saw Xiaya’s counterattack, and they all had an idea in their hearts: This new God of Destruction is not simple.

God of Destruction Quitela’s attack was completely ineffective.

“Damn it, how did he dodge it”

Quitela’s eyes widened, even though he kept saying that he had defeated God of Destruction Beerus, that’s not necessarily the case, but it is undeniable that he was very strong.

But now, when facing the new successor of God of Destruction of Universe 10, he has a feeling of being restrained in every aspect.

How did this happen!!

“Ultra Instinct!!”

Numerous Angels revealed a hint of surprise before contemplating.

“Hey, Marcarita, is the ability used by Universe 10’s God of Destruction similar to Jiren’s ability” Universe 11’s God of Destruction Belmod exclaimed in surprise.

“Belmod-sama, they’re just similar in aura.”

The twin-tailed angel Marcarita gave Xiaya a deep look and did not answer God of Destruction Belmod’s question directly.

But she knew in her heart that the power and realm shown by Xiaya were definitely above Jiren in their universe.

At the same time, she thought to herself: This God of Destruction Xiaya is not simple.

It has only been a few years since he became God of Destruction, but he has already fully comprehended Ultra Instinct, which is something that only a few gods have comprehended completely.

“Perhaps he is not far from the fourth level of Divine Realm.” Marcarita was shocked.

Such fast progress, she has never seen before.

Marcarita didn’t know how long Xiaya had been in the third level of the Divine Realm before becoming God of Destruction, but if she knew that it took him only a few years to reach the current state from the third level of the Divine Realm, perhaps she would be even more surprised.

On the other side, the fight between Xiaya and God of Destruction Quitela was still going on.

Suffering a loss against the new God of Destruction caused the veteran Quitela to almost lose face, and his face became even more gloomy.

Killing intent suddenly erupted out from his heart, and the starry pathway trembled.

“Xiaya, Quitela-sama, please end it here.”

Two scepters appeared and blocked in front of Xiaya and Quitela.

Vados and Whis simultaneously took action to stop this troublesome fight.

As for the Angel of Universe 4, he was passively watching from beginning to end.

“Really! Why did Sister Vados and Brother Whis stop them! Xiaya-sama was going to teach him a lesson.” Kusu muttered in her heart.

“The two of you should stop it here!” The twin-tailed Angel Marcarita also spoke up.

Xiaya chuckled.

He hadn’t been at a disadvantage from beginning to end.

The fight against the God of Destruction Quitela also gave him some understanding of his position among the God of Destruction.

It should be said that he is definitely the strongest among the numerous Gods of Destruction.

After all, when he used Ultra Instinct just now, except for the older Angels, none of the remaining Gods of Destruction recognized it.

“God of Destruction Quitela, if you really want to fight here, I’m not afraid of you.

You should know that I have a lot of contributions, so the Great Priest will only punish you severely.

I’m looking forward to Zeno-sama’s ‘Erase’ ability.”

The reason why Xiaya dares to be unrestrained outside Zeno’s Palace is of course not because of some contributions, rather it’s because of his identity as God of Time.

As long as he does not jeopardize the Multiverse, the Great Priest will give the Time Realm some face.

Hearing his words, Quitela’s face froze, and became even more afraid.

So he grunted angrily, turned around, and walked away.

“Actually, I don’t mind changing the God of Destruction of Universe 4.” Xiaya’s faint voice sounded in God of Destruction Quitela’s ears.

For some reason, Xiaya found this mouse an eyesore.

Quitela’s expression stiffened, and a much colder Ki emitted out of his body.

Whis helplessly held his forehead: “Xiaya, you should stop speaking.

Fights between Gods of Destruction are not allowed.”

“Hehe, but I really think that God of Destruction should be changed.”

Xiaya said without any care.

His words caused the rest of the God of Destruction to turn dumbfounded, and they could not help but take a few steps back.

This Universe 10’s God of Destruction is definitely a lunatic.

If he wants to die, don’t implicate them! Almost at the same time, they marked Xiaya as someone who could not be easily provoked.

They did not want to have anything to do with Xiaya, so they kept some distance from him.

“You’ve really offended all the Gods of Destruction at once.” Whis sighed.

Vados covered her mouth and laughed.

But with Xiaya’s current strength and status, he doesn’t need to care about it much.

Kusu scampered over in a good mood, “Xiaya-sama, let’s go back.”

“Umm, let’s go back to Universe 7 first.”

“Miss Vados, goodbye.”

Saying goodbye to Vados, Xiaya, Whis and Kusu went back to Universe 7.

If one wants to go to Zeno’s Palace, they require special permission or have to be led by the Supreme Kai, but there are not many rules to go back.


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