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Moving their focus away from Xiaya, all God of Destruction focused on the Dark Angels matter mentioned earlier.

“According to the information provided by God of Destruction Xiaya, there are as many as 24 Dark Angels, and each of them is at the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

Even if we find them, we will not be their match!” Universe 1’s God of Destruction who looks like a black hairy ball stated.

As the God of Destruction of a universe with the strongest comprehensive strength, Iwan is quite rational.

The Great Priest smiled and squeezed his hands: “You don’t need to worry about this, as long as you find the traces of Dark Angels and notify the Angels immediately, all of us will go there, and if necessary, Zeno-sama can also use ‘Erase’ ability.”

“This is a matter of great merits.

Whoever contributes, I will record his name and there will be unexpected rewards.”

After telling them about the reward, the Great Priest’s eyes became sharp, and he warned these lawless Gods of Destruction: “But if anyone doesn’t take this seriously, and make Zeno-sama angry, then that person together with his entire universe will be wiped out.”

All the God of Destruction’s expressions froze, and they broke out into cold sweat.

“We will definitely do our best.”

They hurriedly expressed that they would do their best.

In fact, they also knew that the Great Priest did not expect them to play any role in eliminating the Dark Angels.

“Great Priest-sama, I wonder how are you going to deal with those Gods of Destruction who didn’t come” Universe 4’s God of Destruction, the yellow mouse Quitela asked maliciously.

Xiaya frowned and looked at the God of Destruction Quitela.

This guy clearly wants to stir up trouble.

Of the twelve Gods of Destruction, only three did not come.

But what does it have to do with him if the Great Priest did not summon them Xiaya blacklisted this God of Destruction Quitela in his heart.

The Great Priest said: “Those Gods of Destruction did not come because the strength of the universe they belong to is not enough.

Their work will be done by Angels, so they will neither be rewarded nor punished.”

“No punishment!”

The rest of God of Destruction suddenly felt discouraged.

Does that mean only they might be punished

The search for the Dark Angels has fallen on their heads while those God of Destruction who did not come to Zeno’s Palace were able to stay out of it.

It is a good thing if there is neither reward nor punishment! Although being rewarded by the Great Priest is tempting, and perhaps worth the risk of being wiped out after making a mistake in the future, the risk they are taking is too big!

At this time, they really don’t know whether they were lucky or unlucky on being chosen.

“Hey, that…because Dark Angels are very annoying, you have to find them quickly, or I will erase the universe.” Zeno smugly walked over and raised his head to look at the God of Destruction one by one, his adorkable voice causing all the Gods of Destruction to shudder.

“Don’t worry, Zeno-sama, we will find the Dark Angels as soon as possible.”

Some quick-witted Gods of Destruction hurriedly stated their position.

It is very important to leave a good impression on Zeno, although Xiaya was doubtful that Zeno could understand it.

It is not good to try to be over-smart.


“You guys work hard! Don’t be lazy.”

After Zeno finished speaking, he turned around and climbed onto the tall throne as he was closely followed by the two bodyguards, standing on the left and right of the throne.

Seeing this, the Great Priest announced: “That’s all for the mission arrangements.

You can discuss the specific measures with your respective angels and the universes whose God of Destruction hasn’t come will be handed over to their Angels.

You can all leave now.

“Yes, excuse us.”

As the Great Priest announced the end of the meeting, all the God of Destruction breathed a sigh of relief and hurried out of the Zeno’s Palace one by one.

After that, the twelve angels nodded toward the Great Priest and followed them out.

Zeno’s Palace was too oppressive, and they didn’t dare to stay for even one more moment.

They don’t need Supreme Kai or Great Priest to pick them up when leaving, they can go back with the Angels themselves.

“Xiaya-sama, are we going back to Universe 10 or Universe 7” On the starry pathway, Kusu followed Xiaya’s side.

When they were about to walk out of the long corridor, Kusu asked.

Xiaya thought for a while and said, “Let’s go back to Universe 7 first, then we will return to Universe Ten.”

Dark Angel’s matter is of great importance.

He has to make arrangements for his family first, and then he will go take responsibility for Universe 10.

Kusu nodded and walked over to Whis, planning to go to Universe 7 with Whis.

At this time, the God of Destruction who came out in twos and threes gathered together.

“Hey, your name is Xiaya, right The new God of Destruction of Universe 10.” Universe 11’s God of Destruction Belmod, who looked like a clown, appeared in front of Xiaya and looked at Xiaya while touching his chin.

“Is there something I can do for you” Xiaya stopped and glanced at Universe 11’s God of Destruction.

His appearance was that of a clown with black tattoos on his eyelids, looking very odd.

Frankly speaking, as the God of Destruction of Universe 10, Xiaya has considerable power to make his own decisions.

Compared with other Gods of Destruction, Xiaya’s authority is almost limitless.

His authority and status are slightly above many Gods of Destruction, so it is enough for him to be somewhat polite to other universes’ God of Destruction.

“It’s nothing, I just wanted to see the new God of Destruction.

I am planning to consider retiring.” God of Destruction Belmod chuckled, his ugly face making it difficult to have a good impression of him.

Standing on the side, the twin-tailed Angel Marcarita came over and warned: “Belmod-sama, Xiaya-sama is a very powerful God of Destruction, and his identity is unique, you need to change the tone of your words.”

Marcarita knows that Xiaya is not only the God of Destruction but also the God of Time of the Time Realm.

Moreover, with her keen eyes, she could faintly perceive the unusual changes in Xiaya, so she was afraid that the God of Destruction she served would speak something inappropriate and offend the other party, hence she quickly came forward to smooth things over.

“Oh, he’s very powerful”

The clown God of Destruction’s eyes lit up, and he looked Xiaya up and down.

Tsk tsk, this red hair looks quite impressive.

“Humph, Xiaya-sama was personally appointed as God of Destruction by Zeno-sama.

Before he became the God of Destruction, he made great contributions to protecting Universe 10, and this time, he reported the matter of the Dark Angels, which has been noted and rewarded by the Great Priest.

“Though Kusu is young, she also knows how to increase her say among the angels.

In Xiaya-sama’s contribution, doesn’t she also have her share So she was naturally very proud when speaking.

“That’s amazing…” The clown God of Destruction clicked his tongue twice with a faint smile.

At this time, the other Gods of Destruction who had walked over together with him were dissatisfied, and the yellow mouse Quitela said deliberately: “It’s all his fault if you ask me, if it wasn’t for him reporting about Dark Angels to Zeno-sama, we wouldn’t have gotten involved.”

As he sees it, it doesn’t matter what happens to the Multiverse.

In any case, there is a Great Priest and Zeno above them, and then there are Angels.

It is not their God of Destruction’s turn to worry about it, but this God of Destruction called Xiaya, his actions had directly put them above a fire.

If they do it well, they will be rewarded naturally, but if they don’t do it well, there is a risk of getting erased by Zeno at any time.

Especially when this new God of Destruction of Universe 10 hasn’t been on his throne for a long time, but has already earned contributions with the Great Priest.

The yellow mouse God of Destruction felt madder and madder in his heart.

The words of God of Destruction Quitela resonated with many Gods of Destruction, and they turned to look at Xiaya with unkind eyes.

“What, do you have any complaints”

Xiaya watched with cold eyes, he wasn’t afraid of these Gods of Destruction, not to mention that he was already very close to the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

Even if he was in a position where he completely controls Universe 10, he didn’t need to care about these Gods of Destruction.

No matter how dissatisfied they are, he has the skills to fight them.

Xiaya wasn’t afraid of these Gods of Destruction at all.

Instead, he is eager to fight with them, maybe it will be able to help him with his breakthrough.

Besides, although there is punishment for doing things poorly, there are rewards for doing things well.

They haven’t even started working, but they are already thinking of the punishment.

It can be seen that these Gods of Destruction are simply lazy and spoiled.

They just want to keep their land, but don’t want to do anything strenuous at all!

“Hehe, this newcomer is quite courageous.

Beerus was also like this back then…” said Universe 12’s God of Destruction.

Whis frowned and said, “Beerus-sama is now different from the past.”

“Hehe, Whis, what could have changed with Beerus Does he not eat and sleep anymore or has he not gained any weight He is just my defeated opponent.” The yellow mouse, Quitela, said without any politeness.

Whenever he mentions the God of Destruction Beerus, he would get even angrier.

Maybe mice and cats are born to be at odds.

Ever since Beerus had become God of Destruction, they had never gotten along well.

Whis emphasized: “Quitela-sama, Beerus-sama lost to you back then in arm-wrestling.”

God of Destruction Quitela said disdainfully: “So what! Even if we fight, I can defeat him, after all, he is a God of Destruction of a low-level universe!”


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