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Ah, at this time Xiaya gradually recalled some details which he had forgotten.

In the original work, it was mentioned that God of Destruction, Beerus had indeed come to Planet Vegeta shortly before it was destroyed.

At that time, he had forced King Vegeta to lower his prideful head which unexpectedly was witnessed by Vegeta, casting a profound shadow over his childhood.

But, Xiaya did not anticipate that such a coincidental thing would happen today, and Planet Vegeta has almost been destroyed ahead of time because of Myers’s impudence towards Beerus which had infuriated him.

Thinking for a while, his heart still wasn’t at ease, Xiaya narrowed his eyes: “No, as long as Beerus is on Planet Vegeta, this place wouldn’t be safe, I have to evacuate Xiling and others as soon as possible.”

Originally, so as to not arouse others attention, Xiaya and others had intended to leave on the day before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, but now for his and his family’s safety, he doesn’t care about it any longer.


Suddenly calling her name, Xiaya pulled out a bunch of candies from his bosom before stuffing them into her hands and said: ” Take this candies, it is my apology to you.

Now, quickly go back!”

After speaking, he hurriedly rushed out of the alley without waiting for Myers to response and entered the crowd, quickly disappearing.

Myers foolishly stood in the alley looking, and only reacted when Xiaya disappeared into the crowd.

“Ah! That guy … woo … …” Touching her spanked buttocks which were still hurting, Myers bit her thumb feeling wronged the more she thought about it, stamping her feet in anger.

She then glanced at the candies in her hand and licked them a few times, sweet, her eyes suddenly shone before licking them with relish.

“Oh, delicious!” The sweet flavor had aroused her taste buds, Myers got absorbed in eating and her mood suddenly became much better.

As for Xiaya that hateful guy, she would always remember him, and with her narrow-minded personality, she would definitely avenge this hatred!

Residential district, home.

Xiaya hastily rushed in from outside and seeing both Adri and Rebecca at home, urgently asked: “Uncle Adri, is Xiling not at home”

“That girl is resting in the room, what happened” Seeing Xiaya so anxious, Adri questioned.

“No time to explain, you quickly inform Uncle Brook and others, we’re immediately leaving Planet Vegeta!”

“Ok, I’ll immediately contact them!”

Hearing this, Adri expression turned serious; he certain that something important must have happened, or else with Xiaya’s nature even faced with Frieza he wouldn’t be in such hurry.

Nodding at him, Xiaya directly headed towards Xiling’s room, and directly pushed opened the door without knocking and went inside.

In the room, Xiling was lazily sleeping on the bed, tucked inside a thin bedsheet.

Xiaya glanced at her, and without saying anything, directly picked her up with the quilt in his arms.

“Ah, what are you doing” Xiling woke up with a start.

“Don’t speak for now, its urgent, wait until we leave from here!”

Xiaya’s stern expression caused Xiling to close her mouth who was filled with many questions.

They then arrived in the living room.

At this moment, Adri had put down the communicator in his hand before looking at his daughter who was still wrapped in a quilt with surprise and said, “I’ve contacted Brook and others, they are waiting at home.”

“Good, then we will go first!”

Finished speaking, Xiaya nodded his head and then launched Instant Transmission.

In the next second, the scenery before their eyes changed and the four people appeared on the distant desolate planet.

On the desolate planet.

The sky was dim and the air was icy and bone-chilling.

There were seven huge erect towers placed there standing straight like soldiers stationed at the border, unyielding and proud.

and motley traces had appeared outside their surface because of wind and rain.

“Uncle Adri, you should first wait inside gravity training room, I will go and pick up the others.” Finished speaking, Xiaya immediately again launched Instant Transmission and left.

Seeing Xiaya looking so hurried, Xiling asked with puzzlement: “What happened, Xiaya is so anxious, could it be Frieza is attacking Planet Vegeta”

Living with him for so many years, she had never seen Xiaya so panicked!

In her impression, Xiaya has always been calm and confident, such that in her mind, Xiaya would always be a legend that would never lose.

What could make him lose his self-control

After thinking over, she could only surmise that Frieza is going to attack Planet Vegeta.

Adri shook his head, and clenched his fist, staring towards the direction of Planet Vegeta with a grave expression; is Frieza really attacking

“Xiling, you first go to the gravity training room and change your clothes!”

Looking at her daughter’s ‘wrapped in the bedsheet’ appearance, Rebecca frowned as she can’t keep watching any longer.

Although Saiyans by nature were bold and uninhabited and doesn’t care about small things, she is a big girl, how can she be so sloppy!

Fortunately, when Feidaya people built the gravity training room, they had built the entire training room extremely luxurious.

In addition to the upper floor training room, there was also a lower floor which was divided into a dining area, washing area and living area, and with daily necessities stored inside.

Xiling looked at her appearance and made a sound of surprise as she rushed into the gravity room to change her clothes.

Shortly thereafter, Brook, Palladi, Lise, Alice, and others were transferred following with the members of Xiaya Squad; Shaque, Anastasia, Angeline and others.

Xiaya had already told the members of Xiaya Squad the truth when he was planning the evacuation to Planet Hongshan.

At that time, the members of his Squad behaved as if they were injected with chicken blood, looking at Xiaya with eyes full of worship…

“Captain, what happened Is Frieza going to attack” Shaque’s handsome and rigid expression looked somewhat ugly.

“Yeah, what happened that you had to transfer us so hurriedly” Brook and others asked.

Xiaya shook his head and organized his words before speaking: “It’s not Frieza who’s going to attack, but at present, it is even more dangerous to stay on Planet Vegeta.”

“What happened”

Adri frowned after hearing him.

If it’s not Frieza who’s going to attack Planet Vegeta, it’s reasonable to say that no matter what happens, they should be able to handle it with their current strength.

So why did Xiaya say that it’s even more dangerous to stay on Planet Vegeta

Did something unexpected has happened

What could it be

Xiaya took a deep breath and spat out a turbid Ki, “If it was only Frieza, I had the ability to transfer you all even when the planet was being destroyed, but you know who I just saw on Planet Vegeta”

“God of Destruction, Beerus! That honorable god has appeared on Planet Vegeta!”

Remembering of his brief encounter with the ‘death god’ a moment ago, Xiaya sighed in his heart.

It could be said that his luck was good, if the God of Destruction wasn’t such a gourmet, he would have no chance to survive.

In the presence of the God of Destruction, his superpower was as if it had solidified, and couldn’t be utilized.


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