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As the one in charge of the Multiverse, Zeno rarely leaves Zeno’s Palace.

He usually plays some game of “altering the fate of the planets below” by himself.

He may accidentally flick his finger at a planet’s projection, deciding the fate of the destruction of a planet.

So the two bodyguards accompanying Zeno were under a lot of pressure and usually remained silent.

Only whenever someone approaches Zeno, they would show nervousness, afraid that someone would make Zeno-sama unhappy.

“Your subordinates greet you, Zeno-sama!”

“Greetings Zeno-sama.”

Whis, Kusu and Xiaya stepped forward and greeted Zeno.

“Hmm—” A childish voice echoed in Zeno’s Palace Hall.

Zeno’s small body jumped down from the tall throne and quietly made his way to the front of Xiaya.

His alternating blue and purple oval face was looking at Xiaya in an adorable manner with his cute coin-like eyes.

Seeing Zeno acting so recklessly, the bodyguards on both sides squinted and followed Zeno by his side.

“Hey, you are the God of Destruction from Universe 10, right It’s been a while, I heard you brought important news”

Zeno tilted his head and looked at Xiaya adorably.

He still hadn’t recognized the seriousness of the matter.

“Yes.” Xiaya nodded.

The Great Priest at the side helped Xiaya explain: “Zeno-sama, Lancius, and the other Dark Angels have defied the will of the era and released the sinners from the previous ancient era, and they even vainly tried to subvert Zeno-sama’s System and destroy Zeno-sama’s era.

This is an unforgivable crime! God of Destruction Xiaya has rendered a great service by discovering it and deserves to be rewarded.”

“But the most important thing, for now, is to find those Dark Angels and completely suppress them, so the reward has to be postponed for the time being.”

The Great Priest looked at Xiaya and he nodded in agreement.

“Well, then what should I do” Zeno is like an ignorant child and needs to seek advice from the Great Priest on important matters.

The Great Priest is also like a nanny, always helping Zeno with his problems.

“Dark Angels have gone too far this time and cannot be easily forgiven again, but because their hiding methods are too mysterious, they are not easy to find in a short while, so we need to use the power of Multiverse to find them.”

Usually, Dark Angels are always doing little tricks in the dark, and the Great Priest turns a blind eye to it, but this time they are trying to subvert the rules of the Zeno System.

It is a big crime to destroy the era.

Even if they are also Angels, he couldn’t forgive them easily.

After all, protecting the majesty of the Zeno era is the responsibility given to them by Angel Realm.

They have a duty to protect the rules of the era.

“Umm, umm, Dark Angels cannot be forgiven, let me erase them all.” Zeno nodded expressionlessly before saying in frustration, “But it’s too troublesome to look for them, let’s just erase all the universes, so that they have nowhere to hide.”

“Please don’t.”

Zeno, who was casually saying to erase all the universes, really startled Xiaya and he hurriedly stopped him.

“Hey, you don’t agree” The sharp and clear voice was innocent, as if wondering why Xiaya was objecting.

Isn’t the easiest way to erase all the universes

The Great Priest advised: “Zeno-sama, it can’t be done like this.

Dark Angels have a palace that can evade ‘Erase’ energy.

They can survive even if all of the universes disappear.

Moreover, this will only accelerate the destruction of the era.”

If there is no universe, although something unforeseen wouldn’t happen to the Multiverse immediately, in the long run, it will self-destruct.

Unless Dragon God Zalama, Time King, Universe King, and other supreme people are willing to take action, the Multiverse era will enter the destruction path ahead of schedule.

Zeno is childish, but he still listens to the words of the Great Priest.

“Oh, then I will not erase.” Zeno nodded.

Seeing that Zeno-sama had changed his mind, his bodyguards heaved a sigh of relief.

They felt sorry for themselves.

Staying by Zeno’s side, they have to be worried and scared at all times, afraid that Zeno will unreasonably erase them at any time.

Whis said: “Zeno-sama, the important thing now is to find the whereabouts of the Dark Angels.

It would be great if we could find their lair.

According to some intelligence, they will launch their plan in ten days, but there may be a change during that time.

We can’t lower our guard.”

At this time, only Whis and the Great Priest could speak while Xiaya and Kusu were both silent on the side.

Although he thought about using the super dragon balls to find the whereabouts of Dark Angels, Xiaya knew that although Divine Dragon has the power of miracles, in terms of authority, it was under Zeno, and Zeno had supreme authority under the Multiverse System.

It can be said that if Zeno really wants to know something, there is nothing that can be hidden from him.

Since Dark Angel’s plan has started, and the detection powers of Zeno and Great Priest have been blocked immediately, then unless Dragon God or Time King or Universe King intervenes, it will be of no avail.

“Um… why not summon all the Angels over to discuss.

What do you think, Great Priest” Zeno walked around the palace while shaking his head.

The purple eyes of the Great Priest showed a hint of approval as he nodded: “I will notify all the Angels.

Umm, we will also need a few Gods of Destruction.

They can also play a little role at that time, so I will summon the God of Destruction of the top 9 universes.”

After reaching a decision, the Great Priest began to contact the angels of all universes with the scepter.

After about a minute, the angels of all universes were notified by the Great Priest, and together with the God of Destruction of the top nine universes, they were all ready.

With the wave of the Great Priest’s hand, besides Whis and others, another ten angels and eight Gods of Destruction arrived at Zeno’s Palace.

As soon as they arrived, they immediately went down on one knee to pay respects to Zeno.

Among these angels, Xiaya was only familiar with Vados from Universe 6 and Marcarita from Universe 11.

Of course, he had also met Martinu from Universe 12, but in another space-time similar to the original work (the one where 18 had merged).

He wasn’t familiar with the current space-time’s Martinu.

And following the angels to Zeno’s Palace were the Gods of Destruction.

After thinking, Xiaya arranged them according to the universe from strong to weak:

Universe 1 God of Destruction, Iwan, looks like a hairy ball.

Universe 12 God of Destruction, Giin, looks like a sea monster.

Universe 5 God of Destruction, Arak, looks like an alien with several long fleshy whiskers on both cheeks.

Universe 8 God of Destruction, Liquiir, a nine-tailed fox.

Universe 2 God of Destruction, Heles, the only female God of Destruction, dressed as an Egyptian woman.

Universe 11 God of Destruction, Belmod, looks like a clown.

Universe 3 God of Destruction, Mosco, a robot.

Universe 10 God of Destruction, Xiaya, a Saiyan

Universe 4 God of Destruction, Quitela, a yellow mouse.

“Zeno-sama, Great Priest-sama, why have we been summoned” The person who spoke was Universe 12’s God of Destruction Giin, who looked like a sea monster and had two fin-like ears.

“Everyone, the reason why I summoned you here is that what is going to happen next is related to the safety of the Multiverse.

After I and Zeno-sama considered it, we only summoned all the Angels and a few universes’ God of Destruction with higher comprehensive strength.

“The Great Priest looked at everyone with a smile and said: “It’s about Dark Angels.”

After the Great Priest finished speaking, the people below whispered.

“What are Dark Angels”

“I haven’t heard of them, are they the same as Angels”

The God of Destruction who were present had basically never heard of Dark Angels, but just from the name, as long as it is related to angels, they would not underestimate them.

While the Angel side was different, especially some older Angels.

They had participated in the suppression of Dark Angels in the early days of Multiverse, so when they heard the name of Dark Angel from the mouth of the Great Priest, their faces turned cold and their expression became serious.

Seeing the expressions of Angels, all the Gods of Destruction also realized what was going on.

“I’m afraid things are not that simple.”

The Gods of Destruction muttered inwardly.

“Great Priest-sama, what is going on here What are Dark Angels”

The Great Priest waved his hand, and glanced at Xiaya before saying to everyone: “It all started with Universe 10’s God of Destruction Xiaya…” Then, the Great Priest explained how Xiaya discovered Dark Angel’s plan.

After listening to the Great Priest’s explanation, whether it was Angels or God of Destruction, they all turned their eyes towards Xiaya.

They haven’t seen this young God of Destruction from Universe 10 before.

“Hehe, when did Universe 10’s God of Destruction change Did that elephant-head Rumsshi die” The fish-like God of Destruction Giin of Universe 12 touched his chin and asked, but it caused Kusu to glare at him with dissatisfaction.

So, he mockingly smiled and stopped talking.

“The new God of Destruction, I wonder how is his strength”

Universe 4 God of Destruction, Quitela the mouse grinned maliciously.

“Ah, what a handsome God of Destruction! There is finally one that is pleasing to the eyes.”

God of Destruction Heles chuckled.

She has very high standards of beauty and can’t stand ugly things.

A God of Destruction with human appearance has finally appeared among so many Gods of Destructions, making her mood better.


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