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“There are actually so many Dark Angels!!”

Xiaya frowned deeply.

The Dark Angels plan to create a whole new world, such a move can be described as world-shaking, but it is closely related to his own interests.

If Dark Angel’s plan succeeds, wouldn’t another alternate self of his be created

This will seriously hinder his progress to the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

Xiaya raised his head and a stern look flashed in his eyes.

I definitely can’t let Dark Angel’s plan succeed, for himself as well as for the Multiverse, Dark Angels cannot be allowed to succeed.

He will definitely stop Dark Angel’s plan at all costs.

At the same time, Xiaya also realized why he is feeling uneasy.

“If those Dark Angels’ plan succeeds, then I shouldn’t even think about advancing to the fourth level of Divine Realm.”

God of Time has extremely strict requirements for advancing to the fourth level, requiring the merger of his other selves from all the parallel universes.

Although, even if a parallel universe is created and his other created self could reach the Divine Realm, the risk is too big, and the difficulty of merging wouldn’t be that simple.

It is necessary to achieve the complete merger of soul, body, and realm, and the slightest carelessness could waste all of his previous efforts, so it is extremely difficult.

Moreover, the training of the God of Time has its own testing system.

So relying on Supreme Kai’s Potara Earrings also won’t work.

“Xiaya, are Dark Angels very powerful” Xiling asked because she had never seen a Dark Angel before.

Xiaya smiled bitterly: “They are more than just powerful, every one of them is as powerful as Whis, at least at the fourth level of Divine Realm.”

This does not include the

Arch-Angels who are leading them.

Otherwise, if the Dark Angels at the Great Priest’s level attacked, they wouldn’t even be able to resist at all.

“So powerful!” Xiling was speechless.

Myers and 18 were also silent.

Even though they are also very powerful, they are still a short distance from the first level of Divine Realm, not to mention the terrifyingly powerful fourth level of Divine Realm.

In short, they can’t help at all.

This caused Xiling and the others to become dejected, and they felt like they were a burden.

As if he could see that they were in low spirits, Xiaya put his hand on Xiling’s head and comforted: “You don’t have to worry, there will always be a way.

Even if Dark Angels are powerful, can they still be stronger than Zeno Now that we know about their plan in advance, if we plan carefully, it is not that there is no hope of defeating them.”

“Yeah.” Xiling nodded dejectedly.

“Xiaya is right.

It is currently the Multiverse era, after all.

As long as Zeno-sama takes action, they will have no chance to resist.

Whis regained his composure, it’s not definite that they will lose.

Although Zeno-sama looks very unreliable, once he makes a move, it is almost impossible to withstand it.

Plus with the capabilities of the Great Priest and Zeno’s bodyguards, it is not difficult to resist Dark Angels.

As long as they destroy their plans, there is a chance to disperse them and wipe them out one by one.

“It’s just that I don’t understand.

How did Lancius find these Dark Angels of the previous ancient era in the endless space.”

These Dark Angels like Badees have been submerged in the era for too long, and there are no definite means to find them, let alone release them.

Whis sighed.

Anyway, I should just report this matter to the Great Priest and Zeno-sama and let them figure out a way.

At this time, seeing that no one was asking him any more questions, Golden-Flame Shenron, who was floating in the void said, “Thy wish has been fulfilled.

Goodbye, great creator.”

After saying that, Shenron’s figure became dark, and Xiaya and others came out of Golden-Flame Shenron’s body.

The enormous galaxy-sized Shenron turned into golden lights and disappeared, and then a few golden lights flashed, and the dragon balls again separated into seven before scattering into Universe 7.

At this time, Xiaya’s mind was all concerned about Dark Angels, and he ignored the dragon balls and let them fly away amidst the golden light rays.

“Xiaya, come and make a trip with me to Zeno-sama’s Palace,” Whis said.

“I’m going too” Xiaya was a little surprised.

Whis looked at him calmly and said, “You are the one who discovered this matter, of course, you have to come with me.”

“Okay.” Xiaya nodded in agreement and said to Xiling and the others, “You guys go back to Planet Hongshan and wait without worrying about anything.

This matter is too important, and even involves the safety of the Multiverse, so you guys don’t need to get involved.”

Xiling and the others knew that they were not even qualified to intervene with their strength, so they could not help but hate themselves for not being strong enough.

“Then, take care of yourself.”

If Dark Angels were every bit as powerful as Whis, they wouldn’t be able to calm down no matter what.

“Hmm.” Xiaya nodded, turned to Whis, and asked, “How do we get to Zeno’s Palace”

Whis said: “Usually going to Zeno-sama’s Palace requires a Supreme Kai to use their divine powers, but this time the situation is urgent, so I will contact the Great Priest directly.

He will use his divine powers to bring us over.” After saying this, Whis began to use the scepter to contact the Great Priest located at the highest point in the Multiverse.

After a while, Whis looked away from the crystal ball on the scepter.

“Great Priest-sama already knows the situation here.

We should get ready, the divine power will come down soon to bring us over.”

Not long after he finished speaking, a powerful force that pierced through the dimensional space broke through the void, and then covered Xiaya, Whis, and Kusu.

Not experiencing any dizziness, when they opened their eyes, their location had unknowingly changed.

A fantasy-like magical scene appeared in front of them

As far as they could see, there were bright stars in the sky.

In front of them, a golden palace in the shape of the word “全” was floating in the sky.

There were more than a dozen bare rocks with different laws floating around Zeno’s Palace and above the rocks, there were pocket-sized transparent universes.

That is the miniature version of the twelve universes of the Multiverse system.

If you look closely, you can even see the interior sceneries of each universe.

“Welcome everyone, Zeno-sama is waiting in the palace hall.”

The Great Priest in dark green clothes was standing at the entrance of the palace with his hands behind his back.

Seeing the Great Priest, Whis and Kusu both bowed and greeted him.

“Great Priest-sama!”

“There is no need to stand on ceremony, please come inside with me.

Your Excellency God of Destruction of Universe 10, you also come in.” The Great Priest amiably said to Xiaya with a very kind attitude.

It seems that in the Dragon Ball World, the more exalted a god is, the more kindly they treat others, which is a very detached feeling.

But Xiaya knows that his kindness is only because there is too big of a difference between the two sides’ status, and the other party is too lazy to care.

But if you try to climb all over them because of their kind nature, and offend them, the wrath of a god can turn you into dust in an instant.

Didn’t you see the scenes of God of Destruction Beerus and old Supreme Kai kowtowing after seeing Zeno and the Great Priest

“Sorry to have bothered you, Great Priest-sama,” Xiaya said humbly, and then followed behind the Great Priest into Zeno’s Palace.

It was Xiaya’s first time in Zeno’s Palace, so everything was very novel.

The inside of Zeno’s Palace was like a brand new universe.

The space inside is vast and endless.

In the corridor, ancient divine pillars were floating in mid-air on both sides.

The tall divine pillars were submerged in the boundless void, making it impossible to see them clearly.

The ancient boundless sky was azure blue and was dotted with illusory planets of all sizes.

“Zeno-sama is right ahead.”

After walking the long starry path, a tall throne appeared in front of them.

Zeno was sitting on it while swaying his feet.

On either side of him stood two bodyguards who were as motionless as bamboo poles.

They were like two statues, with very serious expressions on their faces.


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