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Xiaya, isn’t there an Oracle Fish at Whis’ place Let it predict the future.” Xiling thought of the Oracle Fish at Whis’ place and suggested.

Xiaya considered for a while and nodded: “Sure, I don’t know why I had such a premonition just now.

We should let Oracle Fish take a look and maybe we can learn something.” Since Xiaya never had such a premonition before, he was very serious about it.

If something significant is going to happen in the future, it would be best to know about it early on and make preparations.

Hence they discussed it for a while and then directly went to Beerus’ Planet with Instant Transmission.

Everything on Berrus’ Planet was the same as before.

In the light greenish sky, the rising sun was hanging above, constantly emitting a gentle light.

“Xiaya had a bad premonition”

Whis looked at Xiaya in surprise, then held his chin and pondered.

God of Time is related to time, and it is not impossible to have a strange omen, “Wait here for a while, I’ll bring Oracle Fish over.”

After saying that, Whis walked away with his hands behind his back.

Xiaya and the others waited while Kusu went to play by the pond.

Not long after, Whis came over while holding a small glass vessel with a strange blue creature sticking out from it.

It was Oracle Fish.

“Yo, did you look for me to predict the future” Oracle Fish was leaning over the glass vessel’s mouth, his huge mung bean-like eyes staring at Xiaya.

“Yes, can you take a look and see if something significant will happen around me in the future.”

“You have to prepare something delicious for me.” Oracle Fish said.

Xiaya laughed when he heard Oracle Fish say this.

Just like Whis, this Oracle Fish especially likes delicious food.

So, he nodded: “As long as you can make a prediction, I will definitely prepare a lot of delicious food for you.”

“Hmm.” Oracle Fish responded.

The antennas on his head began to sway as Oracle Fish closed his eyes and began to predict what might happen in the future.

“Well, um, I see… Ten days later, a big event will happen around you, not only Universe 7, but even the Multiverse may be affected.

The culprit is darkness…dark…” Oracle Fish’s eyes opened wide and he spoke with a stutter.

“What’s the matter” Xiaya frowned and asked anxiously.

“Disaster, disaster, because of Dark Angels… Eh, what happened, I can’t remember.” Speaking to this point, Oracle Fish suddenly stopped.

“Think again, this matter is very important.”

Xiaya narrowed his eyes on hearing the name of Dark Angels from Oracle Fish.

As long as it is related to the Dark Angels, it is never a trivial matter.

Xiaya now understood that his uneasiness was not because of something bad happening to the people around him in the future, but because the entire Universe 7, and even Multiverse, would suffer a disaster.

Whis shook his head, “It’s useless! This is the nature of Oracle Fish.

He is usually very muddle-headed, you can’t expect him to say a complete prophecy.

But from what he said just now, we can know that Dark Angels must be planning something.

There are only ten days left, and if they succeed, it will even threaten the entire Multiverse.”

“Ohh, isn’t that a very important matter” Kusu exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes, it’s very important.” Whis’ expression turned serious.

He knows that Dark Angels are the leftover Angels from the previous era who safeguarded order, and each of them is not weak, but they have unfortunately sunk into darkness and have become incompatible with the laws of the current Zeno era.

Their goal is unclear, and their biggest wish is to destroy the Zeno era.

If it isn’t handled properly, something that will pry the foundation of the entire Multiverse will happen in the future.

“But we don’t know what they are secretly planning.

The enemy is in the dark while we are in the open.

Just being defensive won’t do.” Xiaya shook his head.

Moreover, these enemies are too strong.

He is now at the critical moment of advancing to the fourth level of the Divine Realm, if he was disrupted by Dark Angels, or a parallel universe was created, it would waste all his previous efforts.

At this time, 18 suddenly said: “Why not use the Dragon Balls Let’s try to make a wish to Shenron and see if we can learn the plans of those guys.”

18′ words caused their minds to suddenly become clear.

Xiaya was stunned for a moment before reacting, “Yes, we can try to ask Shenron for help.”

If you have a problem, ask Shenron.

As long as it is something that exists in the world, Shenron most probably would know about it, but for some secret matters, they would need to use a much more powerful Shenron.

Xiaya took out the seven football-sized crystal dragon balls from the dimensional space and placed them on the ground.

The seven dragon balls immediately reacted and emitted bright flashes.

Meifei and Majin Buu had recently gathered them from throughout the universe.

“Dragon Balls”

Whis squinted and curiously looked at the seven crystal dragon balls on the ground.

Since they were upgraded by Xiaya, Crystal Dragon Balls were much more powerful than before.

Placed together, they looked like seven soccer balls.

It was the first time that Whis and Kusu were seeing the crystal dragon balls.

The transparent crystalline dragon balls were like gemstones.

Kusu squatted on the ground and poked them with her hands, and the crystal dragon balls hummed.

“Lazuli, come here and summon Shenron.” Xiaya glanced at Xiling and the others and handed over the task of summoning Shenron to 18.

18 nodded, then she calmly looked at the crystal dragon balls on the ground and chanted the summoning incantation.

Soon, golden clouds floated over the vast and boundless Beerus’ Planet.

Golden thunder and lightning flashed through the clouds, and the enormous body of Golden Flame Shenron appeared.

Its size was of a planet when it first appeared, then quickly grew to the size of a solar system before continuing to grow.

Seeing this, Whis was surprised.

Seeing that Shenron was still growing, he quickly took out the scepter and tapped the ground, teleporting everyone away from Beerus’ Planet.

In a certain galaxy in the mortal world, a golden cloud covered the sky of the entire galaxy.

After a while, with a resounding dragon roar, a behemoth the size of a galaxy appeared.

The surface of Golden-Flame Shenron’s body was burning with illusory flames as the whole galaxy shone like a rising sun.

Whis and the others had been swallowed by the Golden-Flame Shenron.

“Whoever has gathered the Dragon Balls, speak thy wish.”

The illusory figure of Golden-Flame Shenron appeared in front of Xiaya and others.

“Umm, so this is Shenron, its body is really big.” Whis’ expression was still indifferent as if nothing could cause his expression to change.

He was standing at the front together with Kusu.

18 said in a loud voice: “Shenron, please tell us about Dark Angel’s plan.”


Hearing her words, Golden-Flame Shenron was silent for a while.

Suddenly, the huge dragon eyes glowed with crimson light, and the miraculous power of Shenron allowed him to know Dark Angel’s plan.

Golden-Flame Shenron lowered his head and his booming voice caused others’ eardrums to burst, nearly causing them to lose their hearing.

“Dark Angels led by Lancius, used their mysterious powers to open the seal of all the gods and released the much more ancient Dark Angels like Bardees and others.

Now twenty-four Dark Angels have joined forces intending to build a completely new world based on the current space-time which is different from the Zeno system…”

“They intend to push forward the destruction of the era and use the mighty force generated when the era is annihilated to pry open the river of time and return to the previous ancient era…”

Golden-Flame Shenron’s words ended here, becoming silent.

But these simple words caused Xiaya and Whis to tremble.

Whis could no longer maintain his usual composure as he lost his self-control, “Sigh, this is serious.

Dark Angels have taken such a drastic measure.

Dark Angels from a previous ancient era, this is not good.”

Such a sinister plot has been revealed.

Who would have thought that Dark Angels would gather so many people without making any disturbance

You should know that in Multiverse, there are at most 13 Angles who can operate including the Great Priest, while there are as many as 24 opponents, almost double the number, putting them at a serious disadvantage.

More importantly, Lancius and Badees were experts at the Great Priest level.

With the power of the Multiverse alone, it would be a very tough fight.

“There are so many enemies, what should we do” Kusu, who only realized it later, became nervous.


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