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“What do you mean” Badees asked with interest.

“As you know, the Zeno system can be said to be the laws of the era developed with the support of Angel Realm, laws that are unique and will not change due to different space-time and has the characteristics of unity of multiple space-times in an era.

We want to find the truth about the fall of the White King and East King back then, so we must bypass the Zeno system, break the river of time, and seek opportunity in the long river of time.”

“However, because of the specific nature of Multiverse’s laws and the role of Time Realm, no matter how we change the space-time, we will just create another Multiverse corresponding to it, and we wouldn’t be able to jump to the era before Zeno, which is contrary to our plan.

“So I plan to build a Multiverse without a Zeno system which is based on the current Multiverse as our headquarters and slowly build a new laws system, and then look for an opportunity to destroy this era.

But such a project is very huge, not only will it attract Zeno’s attention, but it may also provoke the Time Realm if we are not careful.”

Lancius said cautiously.

He was quite afraid of Zeno and the Time Realm in his heart.

The governing rights of the river of time are in the hands of the Time Realm’s Time King, and it wouldn’t be good to provoke that woman.

Badees clapped his palms and frowned: “It’s not wise to provoke Time Realm.”

Lancius shrugged, looking at Badees with his bewitching eyes, waiting for his answer.

Badees pondered for a long time before he gritted his teeth and said: “But you are right, if we want to carry out the destruction plan, we really need a vast world that is completely undisturbed, which is also why we left this palace before the ancient era.”

“So you guys agree to do it” Lancius and the other Dark Angels of the White King era laughed.

“Yes, in any case, we must destroy this era.

Taking advantage of the moment when the era is destroyed, we will open the river of time and arrive at the previous ancient era.” Badees had a determined look.

In order to fulfill their long-time wish, they were willing to risk everything.

However, the details still need to be carefully discussed.

Then led by Arch-Angel Lancius and Arch-Angel Badees, 24 Dark Angels who have been forgotten by the times discussed how to build a Multiverse without the Zeno system.


Dragon Realm, Xiaya was still meditating in the Central mountain range, unaware that his Multiverse was about to fall into chaos.

He has reached the peak of the third level of the Divine Realm.

If he wants to continue to improve, he has to comprehend Ultra Instinct.

Such a superb state of mind, among the many Gods of Destruction in the Multiverse, only a few people have comprehended it.

Of course, Ultra Instinct is not something unique to the third level of Divine Realm.

As long as one can enter the Divine Realm, whether it is the first level or the second level, they are qualified to comprehend it, but because there is not enough knowledge, it will be much more difficult.

Looking at Xiaya, who was constantly emitting sparkling lights, Kusu squatted beside him and watched him expectantly.

Her small body was propped up against the scepter with her chin pressed against the crystal ball, and her eyes were blinking charmingly.

Suddenly, a crisp sound of crack came from Xiaya’s body and every bone trembled slightly.

Rumble, a mysterious aura spread out which caused even Kusu to show surprise.

Xiaya’s body floated up, and the space-time ability and God of Destruction’s power in his body intertwined.

With the golden Dragon God’s power as the center, the three distinct energy sources began to slowly merge, eventually forming a drop of dark golden liquid.

At this time, Xiaya’s heart and soul seem to have been refined.

His realm instantly climbed to the peak of the third level of the Divine Realm.

He opened his eyes and a mysterious light flashed in his eyes.

His silver-white eyes were extremely deep, like the vastness of the Milky Way.

“This kind of unconstrained state is completely different from before.” Xiaya could feel the abundant surging power.

With the improvement of his realm, the energy in Xiaya’s body did not increase, but became more refined.

However, he had a feeling that he was slightly stronger than before.

“Congratulations Xiaya-sama for comprehending Ultra Instinct,” Kusu said while smiling broadly.

Xiaya was slightly stunned and said with a smile: “Ultra Instinct, huh Such an unconstrained state of mind is really mysterious.”

“Hmm, such a profound state of mind is Ultra Instinct.

Only a few gods can comprehend it.

With this, Mr.

Xiaya’s strength can be said to have surpassed all Gods of Destruction.”

Kusu said with admiration.

Such a profound state of mind like that of Ultra Instinct can only be attained and not sought.

It can be said to have transcended the limitations of the body, and only a few of the gods can comprehend it.

As an angel, Kusu can be said to be the embodiment of the laws, and she was born with the ability to use such profound powers, but she wouldn’t be able to have such an independent state of mind like Ultra Instinct.

Indeed, Xiaya was currently feeling as if he was soaring through the wind.

This feeling of doing whatever he wants, as if everything was under his control, is incomparable to before.

Clenching his hand gently, it seems to contain endless power.

“Xiaya-sama should be very close to the fourth level of the Divine Realm by now, right” Knowing that Xiaya must have greatly advanced in strength, Kusu asked curiously.

Xiaya nodded and closed his eyes to sense it: “I should be nearly there, the fourth level of Divine Realm seems to be just in front of me, but it feels slightly wrong” He couldn’t say what was wrong, it was just a feeling, but couldn’t say what it was.

“Xiaya-sama, take your time, you will breakthrough soon.”

Kusu happily circled Xiaya, her tender white face full of smiles.

If Xiaya could break through to the fourth level of the Divine Realm, he would be comparable to an Angel.

At that time, as his Attendant, her reputation would also increase and no one would dare to look down on her.

After staying in the Central mountain range for a while, Xiaya packed up and followed Kusu to the four-star Dragon God’s eastern dragon region.

After Xiaya and Kusu left, a leisurely voice sounded:

“Did this kid comprehend Ultra Instinct so quickly Hehe, very good, I hope he can create a legend… a new immortal hasn’t been born in the Angel Realm in a long time.”

If Xiaya was still around, he would have known that the person who uttered this exclamation was Dragon God Zalama.

Eastern Dragon region, Goku, and Vegeta challenged many experts in different places.

Xiaya watched them defeat their opponents one by one while hiding in the crowd.

He couldn’t help but smile as he watched them struggle just like the younger him.

He didn’t bother them and left.

Standing by his side, Kusu asked, “Isn’t Xiaya-sama going to meet them”

Xiaya smiled and said, “No need, just let them train in the Dragon Realm.

This is their world.

There will be a chance to meet each other in the future.

I hope they won’t let me down at that time.”

After saying that, he held Kusu’s hand and his thoughts moved slightly, and the space-time ability brought them away from Dragon Realm.

Passing through the world barrier, Xiaya returned to the Multiverse where he lives.

As soon as he entered the Multiverse, he wasn’t about to make any unnecessary stop, but a strong unease suddenly appeared in his heart, and he began to feel panic.

“What’s going on, why am I feeling flustered”

Xiaya was puzzled and didn’t know why he was feeling so uneasy, but if there is something that could make him feel flustered, it must be closely related to him, but after scanning the entire Universe 7, everything seemed to be fine.

He did not find anything wrong.

“No, there must be something wrong.”

Feeling more and more uneasy, Xiaya teleported back to Planet Hongshan and summoned Xiling, Myers, 18, and the others.

Xiling asked in confusion after seeing Xiaya: “What happened Why did you have us gather in a hurry”

“I don’t know, but I have been having a very bad feeling.” Xiaya shook her head.

“What happened”

Xiling’s expression became serious, and so did Myers’s and 18’s.

Someone powerful like Xiaya can’t have such uneasiness for no reason, it must be a sign of something big happening.

“Xiaya-sama, could it be a premonition of the future” Kusu raised her head and asked.

After all, Xiaya is not only the God of Destruction, but also the God of Time who can control space-time ability.

It is not impossible to predict the future.

“Prediction, is it the future”

Xiaya fell into deep thought and determined that the uneasiness in his heart is most likely from the future.

However, he can’t figure out how to go about facing it.

Even if he is the God of Time, he can only use the space-time ability, let alone meddle with the future.


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