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On the avenue bustling with people, Goku and Vegeta were moving through the crowd excitedly.

Although many of the people around them were not as strong as them, walking on the streets full of strong people gave a completely different feeling.

It was completely relaxing unlike the time on earth.

Gazing at the lively arena in the distance, Goku moved closer without any hesitation.

On the other hand, being an independent person, Vegeta snorted and separated from Goku, looking for his own training place.

“Kakarrot, let’s see who is more powerful after a year.”


A towering mountain range on the Dragon Realm’s continent, near the central mountain range.

Located above a pool, Xiaya was sitting cross-legged on a block of limestone while facing a turbulent river.

The surrounding greenery was flourishing, and colorful flowers were fluttering in the wind.

A breeze blew by, bringing moist water vapor, which condensed into liquid droplets at the tips of his hair.

“Xiaya-sama, the most profound part of the third level of the Divine Realm is to comprehend the rhythm of nature and get rid of the limitations of the body…” Kusu’s loud and clear voice sounded beside his ears.

When mortals enter the Divine Realm, they must first get rid of the restrictions on the mortal body and completely eliminate their aura.

Similarly, when gods have trained to a certain level, their godly bodies will also turn into a limitation.

At this time, they need to comprehend higher-level laws.

Whis often instructs Xiling and Myers to give up control of their bodies and just let them move following their heart’s desires during the battle.

This is actually a natural rhythm, a kind of fighting without thinking while having no emotions and silence, and is a very profound level.

This is different from the way Mr.

Popo taught him to sense the surroundings with Ki.

In the end, Earth’s martial arts are just a mysterious aspect where they explore aura a little.

Observing the surroundings with the naked eyes is definitely not as exquisite as observing with Ki, because there is a blind spot in naked eye observation, and there is no comprehensive aura sensing.

Getting rid of the naked eye is great progress.

But when you reach the Divine Realm, sensing aura will also lose effect.

At this time, you can no longer proceed according to the previous training method.

The training of gods begins to move in the direction of Autonomous Ultra Instinct and perfection and getting rid of the limitations of the body.

This may look very similar to sensing aura, but the essence is completely different.

Among all the Gods of Destruction, there are very few people who have truly achieved Autonomous Ultra Instinct.

Even God of Destruction Beerus was just getting started in this area and cannot use it skillfully.

Of course, there are also very few Angels who know how to teach people to use this ability.

Whis and Vados know it, and Kusu also knows a little bit, but when it comes to teaching, Kusu doesn’t know much.

Xiaya was comprehending nature quietly, trying to perceive the outside situation through his body.

Gradually, Xiaya’s body began to exude a sparkling bright light, and his mind slowly sank into his body.

At this time, Xiaya was like a cheerful fish.

Even without his eyes and aura, he could perceive the changes in the outside world.

“That’s right, just like this.

If Xiaya-sama continues, he will definitely be able to comprehend Ultra Instinct.” Kusu smiled.

It is a big step forward for the third level of the Divine Realm.

At this time in Universe 7 of Multiverse, somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.

A rhombus-shaped object was traveling through space.

Inside a quiet laboratory, a woman with messy brown hair walked into an experiment cabin in a white lab coat and wrote down and drew a picture on a test report with a pen, recording the development of each experimental subject.

With the sound of a “ding!”, the metal hatch opened.

The brown-haired woman came to a stop in front of a vertical barrel-shaped transparent experiment cabin and carefully observed the subject inside, and then took out the record book to start recording data.

Inside the transparent experiment cabin was a woman with orange hair, and her aqua-blue skin seemed to be completely immersed in a solution.

It was surprisingly the Zangya who had been missing for more than a year.

“Hmm, has her body shrunk It seems to be a little smaller…” The brown-haired woman flipped through the report in confusion and found the data from the last measurement.

Indeed, she did shrink a little bit.

“Hey, hey, Zangya, can you hear me”

“Gululu!” Bubbles appeared in the experiment cabin as Zangya opened her eyes.

Her azure blue eyes glanced towards the brown-haired woman and a melodious voice sounded through the radio: “I can hear you.

What happened, Android 21”

The brown-haired woman named Android 21 looked at Zangya: “How are you feeling Has your strength increased”

Zangya felt the changes in her body as surging energy swept through her body and affirmed: “I’ve gotten slightly stronger than before.”

“Oh, that’s fine then.” Android 21 bit the tip of the pen and didn’t bother about the height column, and continued to test other data.

To talk about Android 21’s encounter with Zangya, we have to go back to a year ago.

Zangya was roaming the universe alone in a spaceship.

When she was getting bored, she happened to meet Android 21, who was looking for experiment materials.

At that time, Android 21 sneak attacked Zangya.

After her spaceship was blown up by Android 21, the angry Zangya broke into the rhombus-shaped space fortress and Android 21 had to personally take action to suppress her.

At that time, Zangya discovered that the beautiful woman with brown hair looked somewhat similar to Planet Hongshan’s 18.

“Oh, her face looks exactly like 18.”

You know, Zangya and 18 are sworn enemies, and they couldn’t tolerate each other for a long time.

Suddenly, Zangya was even angrier when she saw that Android 21 was somewhat similar to 18.

But it was no use getting angry as she was not Android 21’s match and was captured by her as experimental material.

Later, Zangya learned that the woman named Android 21 came from Earth and had left Earth for several years.

According to her own words, she once helped a guy named Dr.

Gero to research several Androids and left him some data, and then after leaving Earth, she also transformed herself into an Android.

After learning about the truth of the matter, Zangya got even angrier.

So, 18 was transformed by her.

“As long as you are willing to let me study you, I can make you even stronger.” Android 21 said persuasively.

“Okay, but you must make me stronger.”

Zangya agreed after thinking about it.

Didn’t she come out of Planet Hongshan just to find a way to make herself stronger Although this female scientist doesn’t look very proper, she should still be somewhat capable, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to transform Androids with infinite energy like 18.

As for whether Android 21 lied to her, Zangya felt that it was completely unnecessary after a little thought.

After all, Android 21 was much stronger than her and had subdued her in minutes, so there was no need to make up lies to deceive her.

So just like that, one year passed.

Android 21 thoroughly grasped the technology of the ancient warriors of the Feidaya people and then improved it, enhancing the power of Zangya even further.

“Hey, Android 21, do you think I can defeat 18” Zangya asked while immersed in the experiment cabin.

“I don’t know as I don’t know how powerful 18 is.

I remember the earliest information about her and it seems to be 1.2 billion Battle Power…”

“Tch, she has long surpassed it, and now she has tens of billions of Battle Power.”

“Huh, how did she become so strong!” Android 21’s eyes began to shine, and the same azure blue eyes as 18’s showed a curious look.

“Who knows After following Xiaya, that woman began to get stronger.”

As she said that, Zangya became discouraged.

Why couldn’t she get stronger Although she has made a breakthrough with the help of the Feidaya people, compared with 18, she is still too far behind.


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