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“Dragon God-sama, I hope you have been well,” Xiaya said politely.

The four-star Dragon God glanced at him approvingly and said, “In just eight years, you have stepped into the third level of the Divine Realm from the first level.

With such a speed of improvement, it’s no wonder that Teacher Zalama regards you highly.” After saying that, he turned to look at Kusu and pressure burst out into the palace: “The Angel race of Multiverse, I haven’t seen one in a long time…”

“The last time I saw one, it seemed to have been the era of the White King.”

The four-star Dragon God seemed to be immersed in his memories and did not speak for a long time.

Kusu knows that the Dragon God in front of her is very ancient.

Although he is also at the fourth level of Divine Realm, his strength is infinitely close to the fifth level.

With the home-field advantage of the Dragon Realm, his specific strength is probably not weaker than the Great Priest.

To such a strong expert, Kusu needs to show due respect, so she bowed to the four-star Dragon God.

After that, she asked curiously, “Dragon God-sama, what do you mean by the White King”

“Hahaha, this is a matter of the previous era, you don’t have to mind.” The four-star Dragon God said in a hearty voice, his booming voice was such that it could make people deaf and ears buzz.

Xiaya raised his head to glance at Dragon God and noted his casual words in his mind.

The previous era was the White King era, and the current era is the Zeno era, so does that mean this era will also end He suddenly got back his composure, a little dumbstruck.

So to say, the four-star Dragon God has at least experienced one era.

“Saiyan Xiaya, you are Time Realm’s God of Time and at the same time, Multiverse’ God of Destruction.

Are you also interested in serving as the envoy of my Dragon Realm…”

Kusu pouted, afraid that Xiaya would be poached by the Dragon Realm: “Dragon God-sama, Xiaya-sama is the ruler of Universe 10.”

“Yes, yes, it’s too early to talk about this.

Teacher Zalama is currently visiting the Angel Realm, and the matter of becoming the envoy needs the approval of Time King.

But I’ve heard that Angel Realm’s Universe King and Time King have a great relationship.

If you are interested, maybe I can communicate it through the Universe King…” The four-star Dragon God was only halfway through when he met Kusu’s angry gaze, so he didn’t continue.

With a dry cough, he turned to look at Goku and Vegeta, and his sharp dragon eyes completely saw through them.

“Dragon God-sama, these two are Saiyans from the Galactic World of the Dragon Realm, and they have already trained to Super Saiyan 4 level,” Xiaya said.

“Umm, so these two Saiyans have reached Super Saiyan 4.

Super Saiyan 4…that’s equivalent to the first level of Divine Realm, right Oh, they also defeated several Shadow Dragons…” The eyes of the four-star Dragon God penetrated through time and space, passed through dimensions, and saw through the experiences of Goku and Vegeta.

“You two want to train in Dragon Realm”

“Yes, please help us.” Goku requested.

The four-star Dragon God considered for a while, then nodded: “Since you are a powerful expert under the Dragon Realm system, you should be able to train in the Dragon Realm.”

After saying that, two golden light rays shot out from Dragon God’s fingertips and submerged into Goku and Vegeta’s chests.

Immediately, the golden light bloomed, and a golden scale pattern appeared on their foreheads.

“This is the Dragon Realm’s seal, and with it, you can choose to return to your world at any time.”

“Thank you!”

They moved around a few times but felt nothing unusual with their bodies.

Next, the four-star Dragon God explained a few more things to them.

Xiaya nodded towards them and let them go to the continent for training.

Seeing this, Goku smiled and left Dragon God’s palace with Vegeta.

The arenas they had seen along the way had already made them itching to go up and fight.

After Goku and Vegeta left, the four-star Dragon God said to Xiaya: “You should also train here for a while.

I know that it is going to be much harder for you, a God of Time, to enter the fourth level of the Divine Realm compared to other gods.

It seems like you want to fuse with all of your other selves of parallel universes”

Xiaya nodded.

If one wants to reach the fourth level of God of Time, they have to be the only one in all the worlds and unify body and soul, which has stumped countless experts.

Fortunately, Xiaya is very lucky, these problems do not exist for him for the time being, so he needs to seize this rare opportunity to advance to the fourth level of Divine Realm before the Multiverse splits again.

Kusu asked: “Does Dragon God-sama have a way so that Xiaya-sama can quickly advance”

The four-star Dragon God shook his head: “No, this requires one’s own efforts, but our Dragon God has miraculous powers, which may be helpful in respect to the fifth level of Divine Realm.”

Kusu nodded in disappointment.

Gods can only depend on themselves if they want to advance.

Like the dozens of Gods of Destruction in the Multiverse, each of them has existed for countless years, but none of them has reached the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

From this point of view, Xiaya has already made the greatest progress.

Then, Xiaya consulted Dragon God about many things about training, many of which even Kusu couldn’t explain.

Through four-star Dragon God’s explanation, Xiaya felt many of his confusions had suddenly become clear and his realm was improved.

In the end, the four-star Dragon God asked again: “You really don’t plan to come to the Dragon Realm to take up a position”

Xiaya just smiled, then he was dragged out of the palace by Kusu.

After Xiaya left, the four-star Dragon God quietly closed his eyes and the huge dragon ball in the palace flashed, and a loud voice was transmitted over:

“Old Fourth, the God of Time has entered your region.”

“Umm, I’ve met him.

He has already reached the third level of Divine Realm.”

“Ho ho, he’s really fast, as expected of a talent that teacher values.

I heard Teacher Zalama mention it before, it seems that Universe King-sama of Angel Realm is also paying attention to him and he intends to train him…”

“Universe King-sama!!” The four-star Dragon God was stunned for a while, not calm as before.

It is known that Universe King is a transcendent being, who is above all gods.

As one of the few kings who have transcended the era, it is said that he is a big shot from the same era as Time King, and there is a close relationship between the two.

Not to mention that Universe King is also a top-class expert in charge of Angel Realm.

He has much greater authority compared to the Time Realm’s Time King and the Dragon Realm’s Dragon God Zalama.

Angel Realm is the final place of all living things.

After each era ends, all the Angels will return to the Angel Realm.

Then at the beginning of the next era, Angel Realm will send an appropriate number of Angels to enter the new era.

It can be said that Angel Realm is the place with the most experts in all the worlds.

Of course, as Angel Realm’s ruler, Universe King naturally is foresighted.

Those who can be valued by him are, without exception, talented and intelligent.

Uh, Saiyan Xiaya was able to break through to the third level of the Divine Realm so quickly, it can be said that he is indeed talented and intelligent.

So, Universe King-sama is really paying attention to him.

Tsk tsk, incredible, what virtue and ability Xiaya has that has attracted the attention of the Time King, Universe King, and Teacher Zalama.

Even the White King back then didn’t have such treatment.

The four-star Dragon God couldn’t help but be amazed, and he was also envious of this kind of treatment.

“Old Three, does that Saiyan Xiaya have any other background” asked the four-star Dragon God.

The one who was communicating with the four-star Dragon God was the three-star Dragon God who was in charge of another Dragon Region, an expert at the fifth level of Divine Realm and whose strength was comparable to Great Priest and Great Heaven Official.

“No, he is a very ordinary Saiyan.

There is nothing unusual about his growth trajectory, and it also doesn’t look like he went on many adventures, but he has still grown so much.

It’s really strange!”

Studying Xiaya’s growth process, the three-star Dragon God didn’t see anything unusual about it.

It was very ordinary and he didn’t seem to have any miraculous encounters.

It looks as if it can be reproduced, but still, other people may not be able to reach Xiaya’s heights.

“Then just watch him quietly, since even Teacher Zalama didn’t interfere, we also shouldn’t interfere,” said the four-star Dragon God.

“Hmm, let’s just leave it at this for now…”

The three-star Dragon God cut off the communication, and the entire towering Dragon Palace became quiet, only bright golden lights illuminating the empty hall.


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