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“Oy, strange creature, do you want this planet to disappear from the universe”

Beerus’s face was instantly suffused with dark clouds, becoming stern.

His voice was indifferent, and golden eyes were without any traces of emotions, but his words made Xiaya panic-stricken.

Oh my, missy, can you not ask for trouble!

Xiaya was feeling dizziness, the hair covering his body suddenly became erect.

As he remembered about God of Destruction’s dreadfulness, he really wishes to slap her to death.

For God of Destruction, destroying a planet was just a matter of shooting a finger bullet, which wouldn’t give him enough time to cast Instant Transmission and save Xiling and others.

Xiaya covered Myers mouth, and didn’t let go no matter how she struggled, repeatedly apologizing to Beerus:

“Lord Beerus, please don’t take a child’s words seriously!

Expression stern, Beerus stared with his golden eyes, his formidable might caused the surrounding temperature to suddenly drop by a few degrees.

“Boy, since you know this God’s name, then you must know how a God of Destruction handle things, insulting gods, this is not a matter that can be forgiven, you and this planet have to together disappear from the universe! ”

After speaking, his finger flickered with a light and a small purple energy ball appeared on it and there were also several translucent light rings revolving around it.

It is the super-energy ball which could destroy the whole planet Vegeta in one go!

Seeing the small purple energy ball on God of Destruction’s finger!

Xiaya’s pupils suddenly tightened, he is even using ‘Destruction’

, it seems he really plans to destroy Planet Vegeta!

Xiaya’s brain was rapidly turning around, continuously pondering and racking his brain, thinking of the various methods which could make Beerus give up on the notion of destroying the planet.

Suddenly, a bright light flashed through his mind.

He remembered that Beerus likes to try delicious food.

If his mood could turn better, maybe then he would let off Planet Vegeta.

Yes, Beerus temperament is eccentric and illogical.

Hence, he didn’t care about concealing and quickly opened his dimensional space and took out the pile of piping hot delicious food.

These are the things he brought from earth not long ago.

“Lord Beerus, this is some of my collection of delicious food, I hope you will like it!”

“Ah a superpower!”

Beerus saw Xiaya’s method, but since he had lived for an unknown number of years and had seen many people who can use superpowers, Xiaya’s ability did not catch his attention.

However, the smell of the several steaming hot dishes wafting over caused his expression to slowly turn warm.

“It looks very delicious!”

Removing the energy ball in his hand, Beerus pointed his finger at the food with deep interest, the tempting scent of the food was stirring his appetite.

He stuffed his mouth with the food, the wonderful taste provoking his taste buds.

Beerus was pleasantly surprised, and poured the several tasty dishes into his mouth, spitting out the hot vapors as he ate.

“Haha, it’s so delicious, this time Whis wouldn’t get to eat such delicious thing…”

Quickly devouring the several plates of delicious food, Beerus patted his stomach with satisfaction as he looked at Xiaya with admiration and said: “Boy, what is your name

“Lord Beerus, my name is Xiaya!”

Beerus nodded.

“This time, I will let this planet off on behalf of you and this food.

You should gratefully accept it as it is rare for others to see mercy from the God of Destruction.”

“Thank you, Lord Beerus!”

Xiaya looked pleasantly surprised, then respectfully send off Beerus.

It was not until Beerus disappeared from his sight that Xiaya was able to take a deep breath, unknowingly his back had become damp, this was the first time that he had faced such a powerful god, giving him too much pressure.

He was really worried about getting accidentally killed by the God of Destruction.

At this moment, Xiaya glanced around and found that there wasn’t anything different with the pedestrians walking nearby as if they did not see the scene that had just happened.

God of Destruction could block everyone’s senses Xiaya shuddered and got a deeper understanding of God of Destruction’s power.

“Hey, who was that guy just now, you seem to be frightened of his appearance”

Myers question brought him to himself.

As he looked at the instigator of ‘almost destroying Planet Vegeta in a second’, he got angry before pulling her by the neck to a small alley.

“You guy, what are you doing, are you courting death” Myers shouted angrily as the tanghulu in her hand had dropped to the ground because of Xiaya’s pulling.

“You’re still asking me what am I doing Do you know just now because of your words, the whole planet Vegeta was almost buried with you!”

Xiaoya doesn’t care if Planet Vegeta gets destroyed, but at that time even Xiling and others wouldn’t have escaped death, Xiaya felt a lingering fear thinking about it.

Children are not educated properly, lacks beating ah!

So without saying anything else, he put Myers upside down on his thigh, grabbed her tail with one hand and spanked her with the other.


Myers was stunned all of a sudden as she had never been spanked by anyone ever since she was little!

She kept struggling in Xiaya’s arms, but how can she be a match for Xiaya relying on her little Battle Power.

Only after spanking several dozens of times, he put her down.

“You … you hit me ……” The kid looked at him with tear-filled eyes while covering her buttocks as her nose twitched before loudly crying with wuwu sounds.

She as a dignified genius High-level Warrior was unexpectedly spanked and she also wasn’t able to resist.

Myers exceedingly felt unwell in her heart as she thought of this and her crying became even more aggrieved.

What kind of person is Master Adri’s nephew Obviously, just a useless Mid-level Warrior, and clearly only seven years older than her, why then her strength did not have any effect on him

Myers cried, and came to a realization.

Teacher Adri’s nephew is by no means an ordinary Saiyan, where is there an ordinary Mid-level Warrior that can make her unable to move, must know that her Battle Power is close to 850!

Looking at Myers crying tears like a rain, Xiaya wondered whether he was somewhat excessive, after all, she is just a child who is less than five-year-old.

However, when he remembered that because of her Xiling and others were nearly killed, Xiaya hardened his heart.

This Myers is too much arrogant, should make her suffer a bit.

After a long time, Myers cries gradually subsided.

“Well, Myers, don’t cry, you know the person you had angered just now was God of Destruction Beerus ah, that’s the most frightening god in the entire universe, he just had to move his finger and the entire Planet Vegeta would have disappeared from the universe, you might be the first person to have survived after provoking the God of Destruction.

“God of Destruction … Beerus”

Myers’ eyes were red, and her head was tilted with an expression of not understanding on her face.

“Anyway, he is an existence that Saiyans can’t afford to offend, there is still not anyone in the universe who can provoke the God of Destruction,” said Xiaya seriously, Beerus appearance on Planet Vegeta, this matter is really beyond his expectations.


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