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“Xiaya-sama, the two people below are Goku and Vegeta.

I didn’t expect this world to be so similar to Universe 7’s Milky Way Galaxy, but they currently look so weird.

Red hair is growing all over their bodies and their eyes are red.”

Goku and the others were unaware that when they were racking their brains about the powerful Omega Shenron, somewhere high amidst the atmosphere, Angel Kusu curled up her skirt with a chuckle and sat down in the void with a relaxed expression, staring at the people below fighting.

The air in the void seems to have been blessed by divine power as it solidified into a bench.

Xiaya laughed: “This is Super Saiyan 4.

Saiyans in this world are taking a purely physical path, which is another way to become stronger than the Divine Realm.”

“Umm, I understand, after all, the laws here are different, and the restrictions on the body don’t seem to be very strong.”

Kusu nodded and looked down curiously.

To her, who has never been out of the Multiverse, the universe in the Dragon Realm is full of novelties.

After all, if it wasn’t for Xiaya, as an angel, she would never have a chance to leave the Multiverse.

Xiaya smiled and continued to watch the fight below.

At this time, Goku and Vegeta were making preparations for Metamoran’s Fusion Technique.

Frankly speaking, Omega Shenron’s Battle Power is far above Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, and was suppressing them completely, but due to his arrogant nature, he ignored what Goku and Vegeta were doing.

So, after a comical dance, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta appeared.

As soon as he appeared, a magnificent aura like a lofty mountain swept across all directions.

The entire earth shook violently.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by the newly-appeared Gogeta, their eyes flashing with surprise.

“Such a powerful Ki.

Now, Earth can be saved…” Krillin was overjoyed.

Looking at the scorching sun, an upright figure stood tall in the empty ruins of the city with a powerful aura like a god.

Red hair fluttered down to his shoulders, with an orange-edged vest on his upper body and white trousers.

The red-haired Gogeta has a stern expression on his face, his looks having traces of Goku and Vegeta.

His arrogant-looking eyes were watching in front of him while his whole body exuded a powerful aura that made the air tremble.

His incomparable powers were like a mighty raging wave, surging out endlessly, causing the whole earth to tremble.

It was Full Power Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

The pinnacle strength of Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique.

Looking at Gogeta who was fully displaying a powerful aura, Xiaya’s eyes shone as he stared from high in the sky.

He could see through Gogeta’s strength at just a glance and couldn’t help but sigh: “The fusion technique in this world is different and has a lot fewer restrictions.

The red-haired Gogeta is already stronger than Omega Shenron.”

If it was Multiverse, the effect of the Fusion Technique would have been greatly reduced.

For example, if Xiling and Myers fuse, their strength will only increase by a few percent.

It is not like Gogeta, whose strength has doubled by several times.

Kusu watched while wearing a smile.

She slightly leaned forward while spinning the scepter in her hand.

Her purple eyes were calm as she faintly smiled: “Gogeta’s strength has reached the peak of the second level of the Divine Realm and is not far from a God of Destruction’s strength.”

“Indeed, if he gets slightly more strong, he can equal the third level of Divine Realm.”

This is also the difference between Dragon Realm and Multiverse, which is reflected in the strength advancement.

Dragon Realm’s experts do not need to inherit the position of God of Destruction when advancing to the third level of Divine Realm.

Once they have achieved sufficient strength, they can advance smoothly.

Compared with Multiverse, it is much simpler.

This may be because Dragon God Zalama has enough power to suppress an era, so the restrictions on the world under his command are very lenient.

But the Multiverse is different.

Although there are many Gods of Destruction and Angels, the restricting laws are quite strict.

In Dragon Realm, powerful experts can advance much more easily, and it is not necessary to comprehend the cumbersome Divine Realm.

However, these are two different paths, and it is not clear which is stronger and which is weaker.

Below, the fight between Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and Omega Shenron began.

This is a fight with a huge disparity in power.

Even though Omega Shenron had devoured the dragon balls, facing Gogeta, he wasn’t able to retaliate at all.

After a few rounds of back and forth, Omega Shenron was beaten to the point of losing all his confidence.

“Damn it, how can it be How did you guys become so strong” Omega Shenron vomited out blood and his face warped.

This shouldn’t have happened.

They were clearly just an ant that he was toying with, but the next moment they turned the situation over and were now pressuring him.

“Because I’m Super Gogeta now.” The red-haired Gogeta said proudly, but he didn’t kill Omega Shenron immediately.

The Fusion Technique can be used for half an hour, and it has only been a few minutes.

He has time to slowly deal with him.

In the distance, Gohan, Pan, and the others were all watching with excited looks.

When Omega Shenron completely got caught in Gogeta’s pace, they finally relaxed.

“Come on, kill One-Star Dragon in one hit.”

“We actually forgot that there was a Fusion Technique.”

“Gogeta’s Ki is above the One-Star Dragon.

Now, he can’t run amuck.” Z Warriors were very delighted as if drinking a cold drink on a hot day, refreshing the body and soul.

But regarding their blind confidence, Xiaya wasn’t very optimistic as he shook his head and smiled faintly: “I’m afraid that their joy will soon turn into sorrow.”

“Why is Xiaya-sama saying that” Kusu asked in confusion.

Xiaya glanced at Kusu, if he hadn’t seen the storyline, he also wouldn’t have expected what would happen next.

So, he explained it to her: “Although Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique seems to have less restriction in Galactic World, Gogeta’s strength has surpassed that of Goku and Vegeta by too much.

Will such an asymmetrical fusion last for long”

Naturally, there is a law to circumvent these unreasonable phenomena.

Kusu thought about it for a while and soon understood.

In Multiverse, the time of Fusion Technique wouldn’t decrease, but the strength of the fused warrior will have an upper limit.

In other words, the more powerful the people who carry out the fusion, the smaller will be the increase in strength of the fused warrior until finally losing the amplification effect of fusion; While in Dragon Realm, the amplification effect of Fusion Technique always exists, but the fusion time decreases.

Kusu watched with a smile, the red-haired Gogeta has suddenly gained such powerful strength, so the fusion time must have shortened from the original half an hour, but after the fusion, Gogeta did not know of such a restriction and was still thinking that Fusion Technique could last for half an hour.

As for how long it will last, it needs to be observed.

So she spun the scepter in the void and a spherical screen appeared in front of Kusu, showing the fight below.

People below were not aware of Xiaya and Kusu, who were watching the fight in the sky.

Z Warriors, who were good at sensing others’ aura, couldn’t detect things when facing phenomena beyond their understanding.

The fight lasted for a few minutes.

Gogeta finally got tired of toying with him and was planning to wipe out the One-Star Dragon.

So, he prepared to use an energy wave to completely annihilate Omega Shenron.

But just as he was about to release the Energy Wave, an unexpected situation stunned everyone.

With a sound of “Boom”, Gogeta, who was halfway through gathering Ki, split into Goku and Vegeta again.

“What’s going on, why did they split Isn’t there thirty minutes It has only been ten minutes.” The expressions of Krillin and the others, who felt overjoyed and were planning to cheer, turned stiff and their movements froze in the air.

They realized right away that something serious had happened.

“Kakarrot, what the hell is going on Why did we split” Vegeta yelled in fluster, cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

Goku was also puzzled: “Impossible, there should have been thirty minutes.”

“Hurry up, let’s fuse again!”

“We can’t, after each fusion, there is a cooling-off period.”



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