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Time flies and another year has passed.

Since Planet Hongshan’s martial art tournament ended two years ago, many warriors have entered a period of bitter training.

Except for Meifei and Majin Buu who often send pictures of their journey, Xiang and Caulifla who often send messages, and Xili and Vicky who return from time to time, only Zangya, after she went out, hasn’t been heard from since then.

There was no news from her at all.

However, for Planet Hongshan, which has entered the cosmic era, this is a very normal thing.

Thinking back to the Planet Vegeta period, a trip required sleeping for about a year.

For Zangya, whose lifespan is recorded in ten thousand years, one or two years may be no different from a day or two.

Galactic World.

One of the worlds under Dragon Realm is also the GT world that Xiaya once visited.

Outside the solar system, a light flashed for a brief moment before the figures of Xiaya and Kusu appeared in deep outer space.

“Xiaya-sama, is this world under Dragon Realm It’s no different from Universe 7! Huh The universe here is so small, it’s only the size of a Galaxy, and the dimension level is much lower.

In that case, there should be no God of Destruction-sama here.”

Kusu looked all around her and suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

Xiaya said with a smile: “That’s right, this world is at best the size of a galaxy and there certainly won’t be any particularly High-level gods here, but the laws here are different.

It’s able to produce Super Saiyan 4 comparable to the first level of Divine Realm!”

Kusu was surprised again, but as she thought of how the laws here are completely different from the Multiverse, she fell silent.

After a while, she suddenly became excited, “Xiaya-sama, I have never left Multiverse before, let’s go to Earth to have fun.”

“Can your Warp ability still be used here”

Kusu tapped the scepter a few times, then frowned and said, “I can’t use it.

Except for my own power, I am not able to use other skills related to laws, and superpowers are also greatly restricted.”

Xiaya nodded, it was similar to what he expected.

After all, Kusu is an angel of the Multiverse in this era.

Apart from her own Battle Power, other mysterious superpowers will be greatly weakened within the range of Dragon Realm.

To talk about why Xiaya and Kusu came back here, we have to start two days ago.

Two days ago, Xiaya had entrusted Meifei and Majin Buu to collect all the seven Crystal Dragon Balls from Universe 7 and when he was about to return the Crystal Dragon Balls to Launch’s floating island, the envoy from Dragon Realm arrived on Planet Hongshan.


Xiaya, I have a message here from Dragon God-sama.” The Dragon Realm’s envoy politely gave him Dragon God’s message.

From the envoy, Xiaya learned that the purpose of the envoy’s visit was related to the Galactic World he had once visited.

Eight years ago, he went to the Galactic World in Dragon Realm, and when he was leaving, the four-star Dragon God saw that he was related to Saiyans in the Galactic World, so he asked Dragon God Zalama to adjust the time flow of the Galactic World, waiting for Xiaya to come back next time to solve the matter of the Galactic World.

Now eight years have passed, and under the mighty powers of Dragon God Zalama, only eight days have passed in the Galactic World.

However, the time flow of the Galactic World has already reached its limit, and it will soon return to its normal speed.

But during these eight days, a drastic change occurred on Earth of this world.

When Baby used Earth’s Dragon Balls, they somehow mutated during the adjustment period.

Black smoke came out of the Dragon Balls that had turned into stones and formed Black Smoke Shenron.

Then, the Black Smoke Shenron split into seven, and the Dragon Balls returned to Crystalline appearance.

Seven Shadow Dragons were born from the cracked Dragon Balls and wreaked havoc throughout the whole world.

“The power of the seven Shadow Dragons has surpassed the dragon administrator of the Galactic World.

Dragon God-sama has said that this matter is related to you and he will not interfere, so I entrust your Excellency to deal with it.”

The envoy of Dragon Realm said while his enormous head floated in mid-air.

“Go back and tell the four-star Dragon God-sama that I will personally go and handle it.” Xiaya knew that the plot of the Galactic World had entered the “Shadow Dragon saga”, and he was planning on going to the Galactic World in person.

This was the original agreement with the four-star Dragon God, and now it is about time that he fulfills the original commitment.

“I’ll wait for you!!” The envoy’s booming voice echoed in the sky, then his body gradually disappeared from Universe 7.

“Xiaya-sama, let me come too.” Kusu said eagerly.

As an angel under the Multiverse system, it is normally rare to have the opportunity to visit Dragon Realm.

Xiaya thought for a while, then brought her to Dragon Realm.

They stopped briefly in the Dragon Realm’s mainland, but did not go to see the four-star Dragon God, then arrived in the Galactic World in the Dragon Realm.

Something like traveling through worlds was already very easy for the current Xiaya.

“Xiaya-sama, I can sense a few powerful Ki’s in that direction, and there is also a very evil one.”

On the way to Earth, Kusu pointed towards the faintly visible aqua-blue planet in the distance as she could sense two Ki that were equivalent to the strength of the first level of Divine Realm.

They were very violent, not like what a Divine Realm should have.

There was also an even more powerful dark aura, almost reaching the second level of Divine Realm.

Xiaya also sensed it and his lips curved slightly: “The two Ki’s equivalent to the first level of Divine Realm are of Goku and the other who have transformed into Super Saiyan 4, and the other should be the evil One-Star Dragon.”

Kusu tilted her head: “One-Star Dragon is the accumulation of negative energy that Xiaya-sama talked about before, right He is actually so strong, his strength is almost at the second level of Divine Realm.”

Although it is only the initial stage of the second level of Divine Realm, how can the accumulation of simple negative energy be so powerful

Xiaya knew the reason.

Among the 7 Shadow Dragons, the most powerful may be only slightly stronger than the first level of the Divine Realm, but the One-Star Dragon is an exception.

The One-Star Dragon that has appeared on Earth is Omega Shenron after devouring the cracked Dragon Balls.

Unless Goku and Vegeta fuse into Super Saiyan 4 form Gogeta, they will not be his opponent.

“This is because the One-Star Dragon has devoured the power of other Dragon Balls and used negative energy to evolve.”

“So that’s the case.” Kusu faintly nodded, but her clear and bright eyes did not show any fear of Shadow Dragon.

With her strength at the fourth level of Divine Realm, she does not have to put Omega Shenron in her eyes, and even in the Dragon Realm, there are only a few Dragon Gods that could rival her.

Earth, an earth-shattering evil aura had enveloped the entire planet.

Despair was spreading in everyone’s heart.

The power of Omega Shenron has exceeded everyone’s imagination.

Even though Vegeta, who has transformed into Super Saiyan 4 through a special method, has joined forces with Goku, he is far from being an opponent of Shadow Dragon.

“Damn it, even Super Saiyan 4 is no match to him.” In the distance, Piccolo and the others could only kick the ground bitterly.

Gohan and Goten looked dejected.

Facing a powerful enemy, the power of Super Saiyan seemed extremely weak.

If it weren’t for Super 17 guarding Krillin and 18, the energy released by the Omega Shenron would have been enough to kill everyone.

“17, you don’t have to worry about us, just go and help Goku and Vegeta.” 18 said to 17.

“It’s useless, they are much stronger than me, even if I go there, it is of no use.” 17 refused and shook his head.

He has the strength of Super Saiyan 4, but compared to Omega Shenron and the current Goku, he is still a lot weaker.

“Then, what should we do” Krillin racked his brains.

At this time, Pan said: “If there was enough time, we could have gathered the seven Dragon Balls scattered across the universe.

But there isn’t enough time now.”

Everyone couldn’t help but feel sad when they heard it.

Back then, after the Black Star Dragon Balls were transformed by Xiaya, they made a wish to restore Goku’s body, after which the Dragon Balls scattered into the universe, and they were still in the adjustment period.

Otherwise, if they gathered the Dragon Balls back, they would have definitely been able to restrain the Shadow Dragon created by the mutation of the Earth’s Dragon Balls!

Is there really no other way

No, there is still a way.

Goku, who was facing off against Omega Shenron, suddenly shouted to Vegeta: “Vegeta, now we can only do fusion.

There is no other way to defeat the Omega Shenron.”

“Kakarrot, you want me to do that disgusting dance with you!” Vegeta knew about the Fusion Technique, so he had an ugly look on his face as he roared in anger.

“This is the only way… If Shadow Dragons are not defeated, the whole universe will be finished.

Think about Bulla and Bulma…”

“Bastard!” Vegeta cursed loudly.

In the distance, Omega Shenron in human form looked as if he was watching ants struggle desperately.

He didn’t want to take action immediately, instead, he touched his chin and watched with a sneer.

Toying with the weaklings, no matter which villain it is, they all seem to more or less have such habits.


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