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Kusu floated down, her blue-gray eyes revealing a smile: “Very good, you have more or less comprehended the meaning of the Realms.

As long as you continue to work hard, it will not be difficult to reach the Mysterious State in a few years.

I hope you will achieve it soon.”

Vegeta and Xiang got up from the ground and looked at Kusu gratefully.

“Thank you for your guidance over the past year,” Vegeta said with a serious look on his face.

He, who has never said thank you before, has really changed.

In the past year, Vegeta had learned about a whole new world.

Although Kusu only guided them in their training and didn’t say anything about other things, with his intelligence, he could still somewhat guess Kusu and Xiaya’s identity.

Realm training to the limit is the Divine Realm.

So, Xiaya should be an expert of the so-called Divine Realm.

Of course, there were a lot of mistakes in Vegeta’s guess.

With his superficial knowledge, he couldn’t understand the profoundness of the Divine Realm and just considered it another level, which is quite understandable.

“It was nothing, just a little effort.”

Kusu smiled, then she tapped the scepter on the ground and colorful rays of light rose and wrapped around her small body.

Then, it floated into the sky, turned, and returned to Xiaya’s side.

After Kusu left, Vegeta looked at the greenery around him while thinking.

He is now walking towards a very different path.

“I should first reach that so-called Mysterious State.”

Vegeta set a small target for himself.

After saying goodbye to Xiang and others, he felt that his goal of staying on Planet Hongshan had been achieved, so he bid his farewell to Xiaya and others, and set out in the direction of Earth on a spaceship.

On the other side, Xiang had also grown up.

When he learned that his sister Xili went out to train again together with Vicky, Xiang also thought of ​​going out, so he told his parents about it.

Of course, Xiaya agreed, and soon afterward, Xiang left Planet Hongshan together with Caulifla.

After Xiang left, only Xiaya, Xiling, and a few people were left in the huge villa.

In the vast universe, a boundless sea of stars were flickering in the night sky, the tranquil scene was like a dream world.

A ray of light flickered and looking from a close distance, it was a silver-gray spaceship.

Zangya was laying down on the bridge, yawning in boredom.

The spaceship was flying across the vast starry sky, traveling in space at a high speed.

At the same time, not far from the silver-gray spaceship, a diamond-shaped star was floating in space, it was completely dark green-colored.

Slowly, bright flashes appeared on the surface of the diamond-shaped star, which were countless small robots doing some construction on the outer side of the star.

The dark green metal surface was paved with blocks of special alloys, and there were large black holes around it and the pitch-black muzzles of guns were protruding out from the big holes like ferocious beasts baring their fangs, looking quite scary.

It was a supergiant space fortress.

Inside the diamond-shaped fortress, in the quiet main cabin, a woman with long brown hair wearing a white coat, leaning over in front of transparent vertical barrel-shaped jars of various sizes while taking notes.

Various types of biological samples were immersed in the jars.

The brown-haired woman has a beautiful face, looking like seventeen or eighteen years old.

Her long messy brown hair was hanging down to her shoulder, and she was wearing black-rimmed glasses on her blue eyes and huge earrings on both ears.

A silky white coat was draped over her body, and it wasn’t buttoned, revealing a skintight blue and red checkered pattern dress inside.

Interestingly, the brown-haired woman’s shoes turned out to be one blue and one red, which wasn’t mainstream.

“Failed again, record, the 841st fusion failed.”

“There are very few lizard samples of Bashu planet and the tissues of the Dark race have also been almost used.

Is it time to go and collect more” The brown-haired woman was pressing the tip of a pen to her chin.

“A pure mechanical lifeform couldn’t be compared to a Bio-lifeform in terms of potential.

If I want to break past the limits, I need more samples…”

“Fusing multiple genes seems to be the wrong direction.”

“What are the limits of Androids”

Just as the woman was pondering, the fortress’ detector sensed a high energy reaction, and the alarm started beeping, accompanied by the rapid flashing of the alarm lights.

The brown-haired woman reacted and seeing the data displayed on the detector, her beautiful face showed a hint of joy.

“Huh What a high-energy reaction, it’s much more powerful than the Androids I made.”

“I should catch her for research!”

Countless thoughts flashed through her brain, and without thinking much, she decided to capture the lifeform in front of her.

As for whether the other party will resist, that was not within her scope of thinking.

So, the giant diamond-shaped fortress started moving towards the silver-gray spaceship in the distance.

“Beep!” “Beep!” “Beep!” Sharp alarm sounds echoed in the cabin, and the silver-gray spaceship paused before entering into battle mode.

“Warning: Enemy invasion, entering the threatening range.”

“Warning: Enemy invasion, entering the threatening range.”

In the cockpit, Zangya suddenly jumped up, her aqua blue skin tensing as she roared, “Who has the guts to target me, hehe, I’m going to teach them a lesson.”

On Planet Hongshan, Zangya’s strength is already among the top.

Her Super Saiyan 2-level Battle Power is enough to act freely in Universe 7, so if someone provokes her, they can only be said to be out of luck.

Boom! Silent gunfire occurred in the universe’s starry sky.

Feidaya people’s spaceship was destroyed in the firefight.

Zangya jumped out of the spaceship angrily and looked at the spaceship that was destroyed into a ball of fire and traces of anger appeared on her beautiful face.

She roared, and countless energy bullets shot out of her hand, but when the powerful energy bullets encountered the diamond-shaped fortress, they were all blocked by a protective barrier on the outside of the fortress.

“Well, well, well, they seem to have some skills.

No wonder they dare to attack me.”

Zangya froze for a moment before laughing angrily, then she flashed straight towards the giant fortress.

Seeing this, the bright and beautiful eyes of the brown-haired woman inside the fortress suddenly lit up, and she became happier and happier: “Haha, she is a beautiful girl with such powerful strength.

This is the perfect experiment material.

Umm, I’ve to be careful so as to not hurt her…..”

Her eyes flickered with curiosity, and then she controlled the fortress and issued an order to capture Zangya.

After several attacks, Zangya seemed to have realized the other party’s intentions, and immediately became furious: “She actually wants to capture me! You weren’t even born when I was freely roaming the universe 200,000 years ago, and you want to capture me.

I won’t let you off!”

Feeling angry, Zangya’s attack became even more powerful, and a huge amount of energy was scattered everywhere.

Her strength had increased by several times.

At this time, the highly technological fortress could not endure it anymore, after all, every bombardment by Zangya was at the level of destroying a planet.

The brown-haired woman kept fiddling with the pen in her hand, and her curiosity increased even more.

“What good experimental material! Her energy is so high that the alloy fortress can’t withstand it anymore.

It is unimaginable that even a fortress made of super-steel can’t withstand it.

It seems that I need to take her down with my own hands.

Relying on my wisdom, if she’s willing to cooperate, I’ll make even more perfect Androids.

The brown-haired woman took off her white coat, revealing her exquisite body, and then with a violent eruption of energy, she instantly appeared in front of Zangya.

Seeing the brown-haired woman suddenly appear in front of her, Zangya’s face was cold, but she was still careful.

“Hey, are you willing to cooperate with my research…”


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