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Kusu put away the scepter, stood up, and arrived in front of Vegeta with a smile on her delicate face.

“For the sake of Xiaya-sama, I can give you some pointers, but only for one year.

How much you can comprehend will depend on your own talent!”

“Thank you!!” Vegeta was extremely grateful, looking earnest.

“Vegeta, don’t be too happy.

Kusu’s training wouldn’t be easy, you have to be fully prepared.

You are going to first comprehend Realm, and reach Mysterious State Super Saiyan just like Xiling and the others in the early days, so that you won’t have to worry about the issue of Super Saiyan 3’s burden on the body.”

“Afterwards, there is more advanced training.

Xiling and Myers have trained for more than 20 years, but they still have not mastered it.”

Vegeta’s countenance turned stern as he inwardly said: Sure enough, there are more mysterious things.

Kakarrot will fall behind this time.

Realizing that he was going to come into contact with something advanced, Vegeta nodded immediately and said fervently: “Please rest assured, I will work harder.”

From what Xiaya said, Vegeta could infer a lot of things.

Xiling and Myers still haven’t mastered it after training for more than 20 years, what a profound martial art!

Vegeta could brag that his talent is fairly good, and Myers in her childhood was comparable to him.

He doesn’t think Myers hadn’t learned it in more than twenty years because her talent wasn’t good enough to learn it in so long; it must be that thing is too profound.

As long as he masters it, he will definitely have no problem defeating Kakarrot.

At this moment, Vegeta’s heart was on fire, as if he saw a wide road leading to a bright future.

He was full of confidence like never before.

Xiaya smiled.

Although Vegeta is quite confident, Xiaya was not very optimistic about it.

Frankly speaking, it would already be very good for Vegeta to be able to understand the Mysterious State even a little under the guidance of Kusu.

After all, if someone has never been in contact with this aspect of training and is training in it for the first time, the entry would be a hurdle and as for the subsequent training, it would be impossible.

But it would be interesting to let Vegeta get in touch with higher-level training in advance…

The next day, Gartreon Heights.

Spots of Sunlight, after passing through the clouds, were shining on the verdant highland.

The surrounding green grass was lush and full of signs of life.

This is Xiang and Caulifla’s training ground.

At this moment, Vegeta and Kusu were also present beside them.

“Vegeta, the so-called Super Saiyan transformation of you Saiyans seems powerful, but in fact, it doesn’t actually improve your main strength, and if you pursue the strength of the Super Saiyan transformation too much while ignoring training your body, it can’t be seen in the early stages, but it will definitely create a huge obstacle in the future.”

“It can be used in battle, but it can’t improve your dimension.”

“There are many powerful races and experts in the universe, but very few races use transformation as the main means of fighting the enemy.

For them, transformation is just an ability to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages during biological evolution, and not a means of combat.

From this, it can be inferred that the Super Saiyan path is not correct.”

Kusu spoke leisurely and glanced at Xiang and Caulifla, hoping they would listen too.

Vegeta frowned and wanted to refute her, but seeing Kusu’s serious look, he didn’t say anything in the end.

The significance of Super Saiyan is unusual for a Saiyan, almost a totem-like belief.

If it is completely denied, he wouldn’t be convinced, but he also admits that what Kusu said makes sense.

Too much emphasis on Super Saiyan transformation and giving up on Normal State’s potential, on the contrary, is slightly neglectful.

The golden age of Super Saiyan when it was powerful for a time was only about a hundred years old.

Now after several hundred years, what is left

Of course, for the lifeforms of the universe, it is enough to be able to achieve such a peak period of being powerful.

The so-called flaws and incorrectness are more of the views in the eyes of strong experts like Kusu.

Ultimately, they have different outlooks and perspectives.

Kusu nodded and continued: “The initial stage of Super Saiyan transformation can be regarded as a kind of rising to a higher level, but it is wrong to go too far.

Because of laws, a Saiyan’s body cannot withstand infinite pressure, so when it reaches the limit, there is no way to proceed to a stronger transformation.

At that time, the road would come to an end.”

“At this time, you should break the shackles and transcend worldliness!”

“What is transcending worldliness” Vegeta asked in confusion.

This concept seemed to be important.

Sitting on the side, Caulifla couldn’t understand anything and kept scratching her head.

After that, she groped Xiang and Kale, but Xiang slapped away her hand and admonished her with a glare, “Listen carefully, this knowledge is very important.”

Kusu glanced at Caulifla and said: “The so-called transcending worldliness is to break the limitations of the mortal body and elevate one’s own level to the Divine Realm.

Once the training is successful, they can become a powerful god, a new type of lifeform.

Of course, it’s not the same thing as your Kami of Earth.”

Vegeta nodded.

If it is at the level of Earth’s Kami, he was disdainful of learning it.

“It is still far away from you.

You must first comprehend the power of Realm with your current foundation and when you are done with it, your essence will be improved.

At that time, the power of Super Saiyan can be properly sealed in the body and you won’t get tired after a long fight.”

“I know, I know, Aunt Xiling and the others used the power of the Mysterious State in the tournament, and it looks just like the Normal State.” Caulifla finally heard something that she knew about and shouted.

“Yes, that is the power of Realm.

If one uses their full strength, their strength will be above Super Saiyan 3.”

Kusu was calmly holding the scepter as the silvery braided pigtail swung in mid-air.

“Mysterious State…” Vegeta mulled over this word and suddenly remembered that it seemed to have been mentioned during the Cell Game seven years ago.

Oh right, it was said by Xiang.

Vegeta finally recalled.

So when Xiling and the others fought against Janemba seven years ago, they used the power of the Mysterious State.

That unparalleled power left a deep impression on Vegeta.

Suddenly, Vegeta’s eyes burned with bright flames.

As long as he can learn this, then Kakarrot would definitely not be his match.

Vegeta suddenly felt that defeating Kakarrot didn’t seem to be that difficult.

He glanced down at Kusu, and his mind seemed to elevate.

He will definitely climb to a higher peak.

As if she could see through their heart, Kusu’s eyes flickered and just smiled.

She was silent for a moment, then said: “The training of Realm is very difficult, you must be prepared in your heart.

Uh, Xiang already has some foundation, so it would be relatively easy for him, but Vegeta, you, and Caulifla should pay special attention.”

“As for Kale, there is another power in her body, and if it is developed, it is no worse than the power of Realm.” After staring at Kale for a while, Kusu could discern the power sleeping in her body.

“Then, I will guide you for a year.

How much you can learn will depend on yourselves.”

“Yes, Kusu.”

“We will work hard.”

Vegeta doesn’t know Kusu’s identity, but how could Xiang not know Angels, as a powerful race on the fourth level of the Divine Realm, are the strongest in the universe, and it is quite rare to be able to get their guidance.


Like this, under the guidance of Kusu, Vegeta and Xiang were slowly growing up, gradually understanding the meaning of the realm.

Only Caulifla was carefree without making any progress.

Time flies and a year has passed.

No one can resist the power of time.

In Garteron Heights, the verdant green grass had withered and when the dense vegetation covered it again, several soaring auras suffused throughout the entire Planet Hongshan.

On the rocky hill, Vegeta and Xiang were besieging Kusu with all their strength, but the blurry figure quickly swept through the sky like lightning, the sharp palm winds disturbing the atmosphere and making rustling sounds.

“Come on, boss!” Caulifla and Kale shouted from a distance.

Kusu chuckled and quickly retreated back across the sky while casually waving the scepter.

Bang! Bang!

Vegeta and Xiang were struck in their stomachs, causing their bodies to involuntarily fly upside down for several hundred meters.


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