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“Okay, I also want to see how strong Xiaya-sama has become!” As soon as Xiaya finished speaking, Kusu was silent for a while as if thinking about it and then agreed with a smile.

A pleasant voice resounded in the venue, reaching Xiaya’s ears: “Xiaya-sama, your strength should be considered good in the third level of the Divine Realm, but it is still some distance from the fourth level.

An Angel’s responsibility is to guide the God of Destruction to become stronger and since Xiaya-sama wants to fight me, then I have to do my best.”

“Please feel free to use your full strength.” Xiaya smiled confidently.

The fight with Xiling before had made him excited.

The atmosphere of the martial art tournament has reached its peak and having seen everyone compete so fiercely, it also aroused the fighting spirit in his heart.

Xiaya wants to take the opportunity of this martial art tournament to determine the disparity between himself and the fourth level of the Divine Realm so as to better make adjustments to his later training.

After all, on the path to the fourth level of the Divine Realm, he doesn’t have many obstacles, and after some effort, he can naturally advance, but the existence of a Dark Angel is an unstable element.

The disturbance of the parallel universe is likely to add a lot of variables to his path going forward, so he was feeling an urgency in his heart.

Kusu is an expert of the fourth level of the Divine Realm, and by sparring with her, Xiaya can have a clear understanding of himself.

Down below, as Xiaya and Kusu conversed, the audience who had not left the venue yet became stunned.

“Did Sir Xiaya just say that he is going to fight Miss Kusu” A Saiyan’s eyes widened.

“Yes, I heard that too.”

“Are we fortunate enough to be able to witness Sir Xiaya use his full strength” Eyes full of excitement, a middle-aged Saiyan’s face flushed red, his limbs trembling.

“It’s…it’s really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Far above, after hearing Xiaya’s conversation with Kusu, the old Supreme Kai’s countenance changed; he had never seen a fight between a God of Destruction-sama and Angel before.

His wrinkled skin glowed with radiance as he said, “This may be the fight of the highest level in the universe.”

“Ancestor!” East Supreme Kai whispered worriedly.

The old Supreme Kai glared at him and slapped East Supreme Kai’s head: “Watch carefully and don’t talk.

This is a peak battle at the universe level, watch more carefully now and be mentally prepared.

Don’t lose face at the Multiverse’ Supreme Kai’s meeting.”

Old Supreme Kai never forgets to educate this descendent at all times, because what he worries about may happen at any time.

He is well aware of how terrifying Zeno-sama, the ruler of the Multiverse, is.

His flawless simplistic nature is quite terrifying that he may make absurd decisions anytime.

But as the supreme god, Zeno-sama’s will is absolute.

To prevent East Supreme Kai from doing something that would undermine Supreme Kai’s dignity, the old Supreme Kai needs to let him experience more different situations.

And the fight between God of Destruction-sama and Angel is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Yes, Ancestor.” East Supreme Kai nodded innocently and turned his sights below.

“Hey, hey, did you hear that Xiaya is going to fight that girl named Kusu.” As if he had heard something unbelievable, Krillin jumped up.

Inferring from Xiaya’s words, it seems his strength is not as good as that girl.

Thinking about it carefully, it is quite terrifying.

Is that girl really so powerful Even Xiaya is no match for her.

“What is Angel that Kusu spoke about just now… What race is Angel” Tien Shinhan frowned, searching through everything in his mind but couldn’t find anything about this race Angel.

“Xiaya’s identity doesn’t seem to be simple.

He seems to be some god.” Piccolo said solemnly.

He had long felt that Xiaya was different from Kusu, and the facts seemed to prove it, but what exactly does God of Destruction and Angel refer to

“the Divine Realm, what is that” Vegeta repeatedly tapped his fingers, his forehead twisting into a “川” shape.

The more he gets in touch with the higher levels, the more he feels the fear of the unknown.

Listening to the conversation in the arena, Xiaya seems to be at the third level of some the Divine Realm, and Kusu at the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

This is worth pondering.

Does it mean that above Super Saiyan is that the Divine Realm and it has so many levels of it

“Damn it, what the Divine Realm’s third level, fourth level… what does it mean”

Vegeta suddenly felt very irritated.

This feeling is as if you have gone through a lot of hardships and traveled thousands of miles to reach your destination, but at that time someone suddenly came to tell you that you have only walked less than one-third distance.

Such a shock can almost make people despair.

But Vegeta is not an ordinary person, although he was irritated, he had no intention to admit defeat.

“Look, the fight has begun.”

Goku softly called out, watching intently.

In the vast arena, Xiaya entered into a fighting state, the aura around him raging violently and a mysterious aura emitted out, but everyone felt incredulous as even though there was clearly so much energy and they could see the slight distortions in the surrounding air with their naked eyes, but they couldn’t feel even a little bit of Ki leaking out.

Is this the highest level of returning to the natural state

Calm and peaceful!

It was calm and magnificent like a towering mountain.

“Kusu, get ready.”

“Xiaya-sama, just come.

I can handle it.” Kusu holding the scepter said with narrowed eyes, then her small body turned into a flowing light like lightning.

“Be careful.” Xiaya bent down, and the next moment his figure turned illusory.

Rushing towards Kusu at high speed.

Bang! A violent vibration shook the space.

The entire arena seemed to tremble as Xiaya stepped forward to attack Kusu.

He lifted his arm slightly which raised a sharp friction sound, his speed was extremely fast, and a dazzling light condensed on the tip of his fist.

Kusu’s calm expression changed slightly, and she moved her wrists and rotated the scepter in her hands a few times.

The crystal ball struck Xiaya’s body, sending him flying high into the sky.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

After moving a few steps back, he stabilized his body.

Xiaya looked surprised.

He spat out a breath, and a light flashed in his silver eyes.

He didn’t expect Kusu to be so powerful.

She not only casually dispersed his attack but also sent him flying.

It seems when he first encountered her in Universe 6 more than ten years ago, she hadn’t used her powers at all.

“That’s good! Then I can use my full strength.”

Chuckling, the silver space-time ability and the purple Destruction Energy in his body surged fiercely, and a faint radiance condensed around his body.

Xiu! He disappeared, but hearing the bang, bang sounds and the strange holes that appeared in the sky from time to time, the fierceness of the fight was beyond everyone’s imagination.

“So powerful, I can’t see anything.” Goku’s mouth opened in shock.

He rubbed his eyes.

Indeed, he still couldn’t see anything.

How much they have surpassed him that he couldn’t even see the scenes of their fight clearly

The previous fight between Xiaya and Xiling had already made him realize the disparity between the strong, but the fight between Xiaya and Kusu was even more outrageous, it was simply beyond his level, standing at two completely different levels.

Vegeta’s face froze and it turned awful, yelling irritably: “Their Ki, why can’t I even sense their Ki”

Not only could he not see the fight, but he couldn’t even feel their aura.

It is different from his impression.

To them, who are proficient in earth’s martial arts, sensing aura is the most effective weapon to win after their naked eyes become ineffective, and it is also the most valuable harvest after Vegeta came to Earth.

But now, their ability to sense aura has lost effectiveness, it’s as if they were suddenly locked in a small closed room, and the dark environment had made the “eyes” useless.

Looking at the floor that had suddenly sunk and collapsed such that rocks were protruding out, Vegeta’s face turned pale and beads of sweat dripped down.

What would happen if such an expert attacked him

He wouldn’t have any power to fight back!!

And it is absolutely certain!

Almost everyone thought this, and their eyes were full of astonishment.

There is no aura, and they couldn’t be seen.

How to fight such a battle, they could only wait to die!

“How far has Xiaya trained and why can’t we sense his aura” Krillin swallowed but found that his throat was very dry.

There was an exciting battle occurring in front of him, but he couldn’t see anything, making him dumbfounded.

“God, it must be that.” Piccolo suddenly said in a faint voice.

Looking at the arena where he could only see the outcome of the fight, but not the fighting, he became more and more sure that Xiaya’s true identity…is a God! A god whose status is extremely high!

After quite a while, the destroyed arena.

Xiaya and Kusu with flickering lightning around them suddenly appeared on opposite sides of the arena, and under their feet, numerous cracks resembling a net extended out in all directions.

Their expressions were as usual as if they had not moved at all.

Xiaya sighed, “Let’s stop here.

Kusu, you are much stronger than me.”

Kusu smiled, her pretty face was like a blooming flower.

“Xiaya-sama is strong too.

Even amongst God of Destruction’s, you rank in the top.

More importantly, Xiaya-sama’s training time is too short.

You will definitely get much more powerful in the future.

The fourth level of the Divine Realm is just within reach.”

“Come on, I’m still far from the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

At the very least, I need to train for a few more years.”

Xiaya has a very clear understanding of himself.

He may be stronger than a normal God of Destruction, but he is still far from the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

However, Kusu’s boastful words landed in Xiaya’s heart, making him feel comfortable.

This little girl has a sweet mouth!


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