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At this time, Kusu, who was floating in the sky, said in her oriole-like clear voice: “Lazuli wins the third match of the final round!”

“Madam Lazuli, Madam Lazuli!”

“Madam Myers, Madam Myers!”

Enthusiastic shouts broke out in waves, and even though they were faced with the threat of death just now, they didn’t seem to care at all.

Saiyan is such a race, they become completely enthusiastic when facing the powerful people they worship.

“Wow Boss, the battle just now was amazing.

Auntie and her opponent were so powerful.” Caulifla’s eyes flashed with reverence, “Boss, does that black hair form mean that she hadn’t transformed Could it be that one can still be so powerful without transforming”

“That is the Mysterious State of Super Saiyan, and it is a more advanced form than Super Saiyan 3.”

“Oh, so that’s the case.” Caulifla couldn’t help nodding, but she didn’t know what the Mysterious State was.

To say who was the most shocked with the fight between Myers and 18, it is undoubtedly the people from Earth.

They know about 18 and have a basic understanding of her previous strength, thus they were even more surprised.

“Android 18 has become so powerful.” Everyone was in disbelief.

Although they had heard Tarble talk about 18’s strength before, they were still surprised after seeing it.

Seven years ago, she couldn’t even defeat Cell, but now she has become someone they could only look up to.

What has happened in the past seven years to cause 18’s Battle Power to grow by so much

But they didn’t think too much, because the next match attracted even more attention.

Xiaya vs Xiling.

This is probably the most attractive match of the entire tournament.

“Xiaya is about to fight.” Goku was feeling excited as he looked intently at the arena.

Vegeta also had a deep look in his eyes: “Xiaya and Xiling have never revealed their full strength before, I hope to see more this time.”

It seems that since knowing Xiaya, he still doesn’t know how powerful Xiaya is.

Every time he thinks he has discovered Xiaya’s limits, he finds that there is still a bottomless abyss below.

There is no meaning in chasing aimlessly, so he would like to see where their limits are.

But he was clearly going to be disappointed.

From the current state, except for Kusu, no one present here could force Xiaya to reveal his full strength.

“It’s our turn.” Xiaya chuckled and stood up.

“Show mercy to me,” Xiling said to him with a smile.

“Don’t worry.”

Two beams of light flew down from the highest stand and landed in the arena.

In the next second, an invisible pressure spread out in all directions and the air seemed to freeze.

Everyone was intimidated by this aura alone.

“Ancestor, what do you think will be the outcome of the fight between the God of Destruction-sama and his wife” East Supreme Kai asked in a low voice.

Old Supreme Kai looked down with a deep look in his eyes, “God of Destruction-sama’s strength is unquestionable, but Miss Xiling is also very powerful.

Anyway, it will be a very exciting fight.”


East Supreme Kai rolled his eyes.

It was almost like not saying anything.

However, East Supreme Kai sat up properly and stared below without blinking his eyes.

The fight in which God of Destruction-sama will personally take action, perhaps ordinary people will not be able to see it.

Swish! Xiaya and Xiling attacked.

Both of them showed restraint and did not use large-scale attacks, but the level of excitement was not worse than the previous fights and was still mesmerizing.

Especially when Xiling used the Cloning Secret Skill, the combined attack of the two identical figures shocked everyone.

Bang, bang, bang!

The fierce battle was still going on.

Xiaya did not use the power of God of Time and God of Destruction and only used his physical body to fight, but even then, he was able to put pressure on Xiling.

They punched each other rapidly, but the wonderful fight was still dazzling.

“What terrifying speed!”

Goku and Vegeta were already not able to see their movements, their eyes were opened wide and their faces were flushing red.

“Come on Xiaya, punch, the previous moves were all a cover.” Vegeta’s eyes were opened wide.

“No, it’s an afterimage!” Goku shook his head.

“How is that possible!” Vegeta looked around.


A strong punch attacked her but was blocked by Xiling’s crossed arms.

Fist energy scattered out horizontally.

“Huh” Goku was surprised.

He clearly didn’t make a mistake, it was just an afterimage!

“Yeah, it is indeed an afterimage!” Vegeta said solemnly, sweat dripping down his face, “Quick look, that Xiling is also an afterimage!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Xiling, who had blocked Xiaya’s fierce punch, instantly turned illusory along with Xiaya.

At the same time, a similar scene appeared in another corner of the arena.

Bang! The powerful force reappeared, and the hardened arena suddenly sank in, forming a crater.

One Xiling was knocked down in the center of the crater.


The turbulent energy dispersed out in all directions.

Xiaya and Xiling appeared and disappeared while attacking each other.

“I can’t tell whether it’s the real body or afterimage…” Goku collected himself and smiled bitterly.

“Even if it’s just an afterimage, its attacks are real!” Vegeta gulped and his heart suddenly started beating faster.

“Then, we can’t even defeat their shadow”

“Seems like it!”

Today, Vegeta really broadened his horizons, making him completely excited.

If even Goku and the others were like this, then the others were even worse.

The fight continued for a while.

“Bang!” Xiaya clenched his fists and waved them as the wind generated by it continued to spread out in waves, forcing Xiling from the center of the arena to the edge.

Then his figure flickered, and he quickly rushed towards Xiling.

Before the wake behind him had taken form, he had already used his palm to attack her slender body.

Bang! Xiling’s eyes flashed with fire, and a faint smile appeared on the corners of her mouth, firmly blocking Xiaya’s attacks.

Kacha, Xiling’s body flew out of the arena and landed on the shield in mid-air.

The stable shield trembled for a while before stabilizing.

Flying above the arena again, Xiling sighed: “I’ve lost.

The strength of the Divine Realm is still not something that I can withstand!”

This was just a practice fight.

Neither side used the shining energy waves, they only relied on high-speed movements and combat skills.

It can be described as simple, not fancy, not show off, but very exciting.

The skills were almost trained to the peak.

A smile appeared on Xiaya’s face.

At their level, they could basically quickly judge the strong and weak.

The impact of this fight on everyone was even greater than the one between Myers and 18.

The fight between Myers and 18 had a variety of moves and tricks, and it was very exciting.

The audience’s own combat skills seemed to have evolved to a very high level and they could discern their own future path.

But the battle between Xiaya and Xiling was at another level.

Returning to their natural state, mysterious, and in a completely different realm.

It is more of a fantasy than martial arts.

“Even though I watched it just now, I didn’t understand anything!” Goku scratched his head and ears, unable to comprehend anything.

Vegeta folded his hands across the chest and nodded, “Their every movement was clearly very rudimentary, but when connected together they became very powerful.”

“Moreover… we aren’t able to learn these moves!”

“They are completely different from us, and there should be other factors in between as a bridge,” Piccolo recalled the fight just now, and the more he thought about it, the more profound it felt.

Just as the old Supreme Kai said, “It’s a fight in a completely different dimension.”

To be honest, even though the fight between Xiaya and Xiling was wonderful, they could only see the first half of it clearly, as for the rest, they couldn’t see anything at all.

But even so, the essence of what could be seen was understood by Piccolo.


After the first round, the semi-finals would be held soon.

The participants were Goku, Xiang, 18, and Xiaya.

The first match was Goku vs Xiang.

Goku is a powerful expert who has mastered the Super Saiyan 3 transformation, and compared to Vegeta, he is much stronger.

But his opponent Xiang, although not Super Saiyan 3, he is a Super Saiyan 2 who has stepped on the path of training divinity and is not weak at all.

It should be said that Xiang has enough strength to give a fight to Goku.

In the end, after a few minutes of fierce fighting, Goku won with difficulty.

The next one was the fight between Xiaya and 18.

The result goes without saying.

Although 18 fought perfectly, in the end, like Xiling, Xiaya used his palm to send her out of the arena.

The final was between Goku and Xiaya.

It was a completely unequal fight.

Super Saiyan 3 faced the 3rd level of Divine Realm, and it’s not the ordinary 3rd level of Divine Realm.

The disparity was like the difference between heaven and earth.

The fight lasted for a while and the result came out.

“The champion of Planet Hongshan’s tournament is Xiaya and the runner-up is Goku!”

With Kusu announcing the result of the match, Planet Hongshan’s Martial Art Tournament officially came to an end.

All the top 400 contestants will receive a reward, with the top 28 and top 8 having different rewards.

“Congratulations Goku for reaching second place.” Krillin stepped forward to congratulate him.

Goku shook his head: “It’s just luck.

With my strength, I’m at most in fifth place.”

He is very clear about his position, and the reason why he could get second place is all due to luck.

Frankly speaking, he was not happy with his achievement as he had exploited a loophole in the rules of the tournament.

“The tournament has opened our eyes.

If I had just remained on Earth, I would have never known how vast the outside world is.” Krillin said in a self-deprecating manner.

The strongest people of Earth don’t count for anything after coming to Planet Hongshan.

There were also some contestants from other planets in the universe who had the same feelings as Krillin.

Compared with the Earth’s achievements, none of them even made it to the top 8.

“Hey, the tournament should be over, why hasn’t everyone left yet” Yamcha pointed to the people in the distance who were unwilling to leave the arena.

“Maybe they are waiting for the award ceremony.” Krillin wasn’t sure.

But he quickly received his answer.

He saw Xiaya, who was in the arena, smiled, and beckoned to Kusu.

She jumped off the floating cushion and landed on the ground opposite Xiaya while holding the scepter.

Xiaya said to Kusu in a serious tone: “Kusu, let’s learn from each other.

I want to know how far away I am from the fourth level of the Divine Realm.”

After becoming God of Destruction, he has been looking for a way to get stronger, but after two or three years of calm, he felt that just meditating was not the way to go.


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