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“It’s her”

After getting a clear look at the person who was walking over, Xiaya stared blankly before slightly narrowing his eyes.

The person swaying over in front was none other than Adri’s student Myers!

Looking at her for a moment, Xiaya found that Myers aura was already nearing 850 Battle Power.

“Damn, she has so high Battle Power at a young age, its no wonder that she is always so arrogant!”

If I am not wrong, then she has still not turned five.

Tsk tsk, this Battle Power is very rare among High-level Warriors.

Legend has it that Vegeta was already able to deal with Saibamen at the time when Planet Vegeta was destroyed.

I am afraid that Myers talent was not inferior to Vegeta and also only Vegeta could suppress her among the same age people.

Fortunately, this Myers is a girl, if she was a boy, she would certainly not be able to live so freely and at ease like now.

But people with potential like Myers are certainly on King Vegeta’s list of people to train.

Xiaya gave an unperturbed smile, anyway it was none of his business, so he turned around planning to leave.

But Myers has already recognized Xiaya from among the crowd and was waving at him from afar.

However, Xiaya pretended not to see, and headed in the opposite direction!

That guy dared to pretend not having seen me! Myers two lovely eyebrows slightly furrowed.

She puffed up her cheeks with displeasure and chased after him before blocking his way, her beautiful eyes glaring at him:

“You guy, you pretended not to see me, don’t you know who I am”

“Oh, isn’t this Miss Myers, I am in hurry to go back, Can I trouble you to get out of the way”


Her little face sank as Xiaya’s perfunctory attitude had made her angry, so she grabbed Xiaya’s sleeves and said: “I am telling you if it were not for you being Master Adri’s nephew, I wouldn’t even pay you any attention! ”

After speaking, Myers proudly raised her head, as if to say, you should be deeply grateful that I am talking to you.

“Yes yes, thank you, Miss Myers, for talking to my humble self.

I will surely remember Miss Myers goodwill.”

Xiaya was shocked, wondering where her sense of superiority has come from.

He felt it really laughable and reflexively wanted to reach out and touch her head.

However, seeing Myers chubby little face looking at him, he retracted his hand in annoyance and laughed.

The other was just a young girl less than five years old, Xiaya was not in the mood to bicker with her.

Therefore, he intends to leave after speaking some words to satisfy the little girl’s vanity.

But just then, in the far-away crowd, a purple figure appeared.

It was a purple long-eared creature, looking emaciated, his whole body was skinny just like a mummy which has climbed out of a grave.

The two bags under his eyes were slightly protruding and it was dressed in a strange costume similar to the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Since there were all sorts of Aliens gathered on Planet Vegeta, the strange costume of that purple creature did not attract too much attention from the people around them.

But when Xiaya saw the other, he felt a chill rush through his body while sweating cold bullets.

“God of Destruction Beerus, why did he appeared on Planet Vegeta” Xiaya sucked in a cold breath of air, I didn’t expect to see God of Destruction Beerus on Planet Vegeta.

This is one temperamental god ah!

There were so many hidden gods in Dragon Ball World, but the likes of God of Destruction Beerus were definitely the ones standing at the top of the entire universe, and it also wouldn’t be excessive to say that he is the strongest in the universe!

Annoy him, and he just has to move his finger, and Planet Vegeta would completely disappear from the universe.

At God of Destruction Beerus level, destruction and creation could be achieved with just a thought.

The so-called heaven and earth are ruthless, and treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs.* They don’t care who is good and who is bad, in their eyes good and evil was not important, their duty was only to treat everyone equally and maintain the balance of the universe.

[TN:  * heaven and earth, or sage is not benevolent and partial, it treats all things in universe the same and fairly]

If they must destroy, then they will ruthlessly destroy.

The God of Destruction’s level is far beyond the imagination of mortals.

Mortal world’s evaluation of good and evil doesn’t have any meaning for him.

They exercise the rules of the universe, and mortal’s good and evil are only small principles in their eyes.

They themselves are the judge of hell.

But what makes Xiaya feel slightly relieved is that up till now it seems that no Saiyan has annoyed him yet.


Seemingly perceiving Xiaya’s gaze, Beerus golden eyes looked towards Xiaya, and when he noticed Xiaya and Myers, a smile of interest appeared at the corners of his mouth.

The living creatures level of strength in the universe was generally not high.

And experts like Xiaya were also not many in the universe.

Although he had converged his strength, in the eyes of an expert like God of Destruction Beerus, converging or not converging doesn’t have any meaning.

“Heh heh, interesting, who would have thought that there would be someone among these wild monkey’s who could train to this level!”

After speaking, Beerus headed in their direction.

“God of Destruction is coming … …”

Xiaya wants to cry but has no tears.

What sin have I committed, ah! I had only come out to buy things but encountered such a super god.

Since Beerus internal Ki has locked down the surrounding space and seemingly frozen it, Xiaya now has no means whatsoever to use his Ki.

Beerus walked over to Xiaya’s front and circled around him while seizing him up with one of his hand supporting his chin as if a country bumpkin was circling around a fine handicraft.

“Boy, your kung fu is good ah! You even know how to hide your Ki, unlike those uncivilized monkeys that only know how to foolishly use energy, they don’t how to converge Ki, ah!

In his eyes, Saiyan’s behavior of not converging their energy was just like a searchlight which was turned on at nighttime, that brightness which could be seen all the time even from far away.

They really do not understand how a civilized person does.

“Thank you for your praise, Sir Beerus!”

No sooner had he said that Xiaya wanted to slap himself, why did he say Beerus name

Sure enough, Beerus eyes lit up and then he asked with interest: “You know this God’s name

“When I was carrying out a mission in the past, I had seen Sir Beerus’s portrait inside an ancient temple on a planet…” At this time Xiaya could only cook up an excuse, and push the Beerus source to a fabricated temple.

“Oh, not bad, not bad!”

Beerus nodded, feeling very good.

Although a god at his level normally doesn’t visit others much, it is possible to know his name from his left behind portrait for worshipping.

“Hey, Xiaya, what is this weird creature, you seem to be afraid of his appearance”

The youthful child’s voice was earth-shattering voice, suddenly making the atmosphere freeze.

Xiaya’s heart suddenly “thumped”, and his heart got stuck in his throat.

Chapter 70 God of Destruction Beerus


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