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“Idiots, Majin Buu is almost immortal.” Meifei snickered.

She already knew of this trait of his when she played with Majin Buu.

But others didn’t know.

Seeing Majin Buu’s extraordinary healing ability, all the spectator’s eyes widened and they rubbed their eyes, clearly unable to believe what they were seeing.

If they put themselves in his shoes, what would have happened when their stomach was pierced by someone

All that awaited them would only be death.

“Amazing, he is fine even after being pierced in the stomach.”

“What is Majin Buu’s body made of”

Countless sighs could be heard.

East Supreme Kai, watching from the stand, muttered: “It is precisely because Majin Buu possesses this immortal nature that he caused so much destruction in ancient times.”

Even though Majin Buu is strong, he wasn’t invincible in ancient times.

However, precisely because of his immortal nature and weird magic, that era had fallen into endless darkness.

“I’ve learned your techniques.” Majin Buu exhaled and a smile appeared on his chubby face.

“What do you mean” Goku frowned in surprise.

“Hehe…” Majin Buu didn’t say much, instead put on a pose as he slowly raised both of his hands, and then brought them together near his waist.

“Hey, no way, that’s Kamehameha’s pose!” Krillin watched in disbelief.

“He learned just by seeing it once” Yamcha couldn’t believe it either.

Vegeta snorted coldly: “Kamehameha is not some profound technique, it’s easy to learn it.” Kamehameha is nothing special, but the problem is that what Majin Buu is using doesn’t seem to be Master Roshi’s original Kamehameha, instead, it’s Super Kamehameha which was improved by Goku, and that’s pretty hard.

Super Kamehameha is definitely a first-class killing technique.


Majin Buu shouted and released the Energy Wave near his waist forward.

Suddenly, a bright shock wave surged out with mighty power, he hadn’t held anything back and like an overflowing river, it swept across everything wherever it passed.

The storm wreaked havoc, and the terrifying energies could not stop raging.

It was the genuine Super Kamehameha!

Seeing this, Goku’s countenance changed and counterattacked with the same mighty energy.


The two powerful energies collided in mid-air.

Rumble, a beam of light shot up into the sky, and a scorching flame and terrifying whirlwind blew up together.

As if a star had exploded into a huge fireball in front of them, everyone’s eyes stung and they couldn’t help but close them.

Seeing this, Kusu lightly tapped the scepter and strengthened the energy shield.

Finally, the terrifying energies dissipated, and when the dust settled, their line of sight was restored and the sight that appeared in front of everyone stunned them.

In the 2000 square meter arena, pits were everywhere and there wasn’t any intact spot.

The huge stone slabs were covered with crisscrossed cracks and the place at the center was the most terrible as an enormous pit had appeared there.

Goku and Majin Buu were standing on the left and right of it.

Currently, their clothes were all damaged and only a small part of Majin Buu’s purple cloak had remained.

But looking at their condition, it doesn’t seem that they had gotten any serious injuries.

Everything came to a standstill for a while before suddenly fierce shouts erupted out.

“Goku, Goku!”

“Majin Buu, Majin Buu!”

“Yes, that’s it, that’s the strength of Majin Buu.” East Supreme Kai muttered to himself, seemingly immersed in his memories.

Goku coughed a few times and exhaled out a turbid Ki before an unyielding aura erupted out from his body.

For a moment, whether it was the audience in the stands or the contestants in the resting area, all eyes were focused on Goku.

“You are very powerful! It seems that I cannot defeat you without bringing out my full strength.

I originally planned to reveal my trump card when challenging Xiaya, but your strength has exceeded my expectations.”

“…” Majin Buu.

“Hey, what does Goku mean by that Does he have any other hidden trump card that he hasn’t used yet” Krillin was slightly puzzled.

“Maybe it’s some special move.” Tien Shinhan thought for a while, but at this point, what other move does Goku have that he hasn’t used, is it Kaio-ken No, Kaio-ken doesn’t have any amplification effect after reaching the Super Saiyan 2 stage.

Vegeta looked at the stage solemnly, his fingers shaking impatiently.

“Don’t be noisy, just watch carefully.”

He could, however, somewhat guess: “Has Kakarrot also grasped that level That’s right, with his comprehension, he might have already thought of it.”

“What are you talking about” Majin Buu laughed and asked.

Goku took a deep breath and let his heart calm down.

Then the silvery-white lightning arcs surrounding his body seemed to become much calmer.

“The preparation time for my move is a bit long, let me prepare for a while.”


After about a second or two, Goku suddenly shouted loudly.

Following this, the Ki in his body began to flow frenziedly, and as if it was inexhaustible, it began to rise non-stop crazily.

The silvery-white lightning began to increase as it gathered, his forehead began to protrude out and his hair gradually grew longer.

Finally, with an exploding sound of air rupturing, Goku completed his transformation.

At this time, Goku had gotten taller, long golden hair extending to his waist, the forehead was slightly protruding out and his eyebrows had disappeared.

He looked fierce and intimidating, and his aura had increased by more than 4 times.

This transformation is Super Saiyan 3!

Goku adjusted his aura, “I’ve made you wait for so long.

This transformation of mine is called Super Saiyan 3.

Although it is not complete and consumes a lot of Ki, my strength has greatly increased.”

“What Super Saiyan…3”

Goku’s words were like a bolt of lightning, striking everyone’s heart.

The audience in their seats again erupted out in a heated discussion.

“Super Saiyan 3, it should be a transformation above Super Saiyan 2, right”

“Never seen it before, but it looks powerful!”

“This frightening Ki is making me dizzy after experiencing it for a while.” The Saiyans below were watching fervently.

To them, Super Saiyan 3 was like a myth.

In fact, they had only heard about Super Saiyan 2 before and hadn’t seen it personally.

So, after experiencing the power of Super Saiyan 3, how could they not become excited

It turns out that the Super Saiyan transformation is divided into so many levels; Super Saiyan 1, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3, which had been like a myth.

Although they are destined to have no hope of being able to achieve it, it does not prevent them from fantasizing.

They have no hope for Super Saiyan, but if they work hard, they may be able to achieve Saiyan God which is comparable to Super Saiyan.

“This form of Goku is really powerful, Super Saiyan 3…” Krillin opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

“Super Saiyan 3.”

Vegeta’s eyes flickered as the corners of his mouth curled up, “Kakarrot really hid his skills.

If it wasn’t because of Majin Buu, he probably wouldn’t have revealed this move so early.”

“Wow, boss look, Super Saiyan 3.

How awesome! So that uncle was so powerful.” Caulifla slapped Xiang’s shoulder.

As if having seen something amazing, she became excited.

“That uncle really broke through” Xiang watched with a serious look, revealing slight surprise on his face.


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