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Because the final round was in the afternoon, after the promotion round, the people in the stadium dispersed from the venue one after another, the bustling crowd rushing out like black ants, and then they had a sumptuous lunch which had long been prepared in the dining room.

“Goku, all the best for the afternoon match, at least one of you and Vegeta should make it to the finals.”

While eating lunch, Krillin raised his head and said to Goku, who was busy gorging on food.

The performance of the experts who came from Earth hadn’t been bad, at least Goku and Vegeta entered the top 8.

The advancement in the final round is done by drawing lots, which is similar to the World Martial Arts Tournament.

If you are lucky, it is not impossible to enter the finals.

Goku picked up several steamed buns in one hand and ate them in one bite and then picked up a big pig trotter and nibbled on it.

After he finished eating, he said resolutely: “Umm, I will do my best, but the others are also very powerful, especially Xiaya and the others.

We have no advantage at all.”

Not only was there no advantage, but they would almost certainly lose.

Among the people in the top 8, Xiaya is undoubtedly the strongest, followed by Xiling, Myers, and 18.

The weakest Xiang is at the peak of Super Saiyan 2, only one step away from Super Saiyan 3 and Majin Buu also seems to be very strong.

No matter how you look at it, they will not have a chance to qualify for the next round.

If you are lucky, you may be able to enter the semi-finals, but if you are unlucky, you may be eliminated in the next match.

At this time, Goku saw old Supreme Kai and East Supreme Kai walk over, and he extended his hand and pulled them over before asking, “You are Supreme Kai, you should know a lot of things, right Can you tell me how powerful Xiaya is”

Both Piccolo and Chi-Chi’s expressions changed when they saw Goku grab Supreme Kai.

“Goku, they are Supreme Kai-sama, we should show some respect,” Piccolo said hurriedly.

“It’s all right!” The old Supreme Kai laughed and then said with a strange expression: “Seeing how you are showing interest, does it mean you want to defeat Xiaya-sama If that is the case, I advise you to give up as soon as possible.

Xiaya-sama is undefeatable, when you run into him during the tournament, give up as soon as possible.”

“Why Is Xiaya really so powerful”

Goku frowned.

He knew that Xiaya was powerful, but he still didn’t have a clear understanding of how powerful.

In his impression, Xiaya has always been much stronger than them.

During the Cell Games seven years ago, Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers all showed a little of their strength, but it seems it was just the tip of an iceberg.

Even when facing Villainous Mode Janemba, they all fought with ease.

Goku admits that he is currently still not as powerful as them, but if he has to admit defeat directly just like the old Supreme Kai said, he can’t do it no matter what.

Old Supreme Kai looked at Goku with a faint smile as he shook his head and said, “Strong, he can no longer be described as such.

Because he is in a completely different dimension.

To be honest, you can’t even touch the shadow of Xiaya-sama.”

“The disparity is so big” Goku’s eyes widened as he said in admiration.

The old Supreme Kai’s expression became strange.

Is the disparity so big If they knew that the one they are calling Xiaya is the strongest God of Destruction-sama representing the universe, would they be surprised In the universe, the God of Destruction is an important cornerstone to maintain the operations of the universe.

Their importance is to represent the laws of judgment, and therefore be a symbol of invincibility.

Anyway, Old Supreme Kai hadn’t seen anyone who can defeat the God of Destruction with brute strength.

Of course, with the stubborn personality of the Saiyan in front of him, old Supreme Kai suspected that even if he revealed the identity of Xiaya-sama, he might still rush over and challenge him.

“Xiaya-sama has a very noble identity who stands for invincibility in the universe.

I advise you to give up on your plan to challenge Xiaya-sama as soon as possible.

You have seen Majin Buu before, defeat him first.

If you can’t even beat him, what qualifications do you have in wanting to challenge Xiaya-sama”

After saying that, the old Supreme Kai lowered his back and walked away.

Next to him, East Supreme Kai didn’t say a word and just gave Goku and others a deep look before following after him.

“What did the old man mean by saying that Xiaya is undefeatable” Krillin wondered.

“Humph, sure there is a disparity between us and Xiaya, but saying that we don’t even have a chance to challenge him, he isn’t qualified.

I don’t think that old man is capable of good judgment.” Vegeta admits that he was currently not Xiaya’s match, but saying that it would also be impossible in the future, he is mistaken.

Piccolo frowned: “Vegeta, they are Supreme Kai-sama, the most revered gods in the universe.”

“So what if they are gods You want me to respect them even though they don’t have the strength” Vegeta said in disdain.

God only represents status.

Whether to give them respect or not depends on strength.

Since they haven’t revealed enough strength to convince them, it is difficult to respect them just relying on status alone.

Vegeta does not care about the so-called Supreme Kai.

Piccolo wasn’t able to respond.

Since he knew about Vegeta’s personality, he didn’t know what to say.

“Piccolo, since Supreme Kai’s are the most revered people in the universe, why do they address Xiaya respectfully” Bulma’s blue-purple eyes were full of curiosity.

Piccolo shook his head: “I don’t know, I’m also puzzled by it.

Maybe Xiaya has some identity that we don’t know of!”

“I think it’s mostly because Xiaya is very powerful.

God, besides being a title, there is nothing great about it.” Vegeta said coldly.

In his eyes, God is just a special profession.

Piccolo was silent for a while.

Standing in his position, he didn’t know how to refute it, and Chichi was the current Kami of Earth, so naturally, she would not disrespect Supreme Kai, who is the supreme power in the universe.

Others also felt that what Vegeta said made sense, and gods were just another type of lifeform.

“Ah! I remember that Supreme Kai called Xiaya Destruction something…” Goku vaguely remembers Supreme Kai addressing Xiaya as something on Earth, but he doesn’t remember now.

“Destruction something It seems to be because of Xiaya’s powerful strength.”

Vegeta thought for a bit.

Is Supreme Kai scared of Xiaya’s destructive powers Sure enough, Gods also bully the weak and fear the strong.

In the afternoon, the sunlight was belting down.

The sky was blue and a clear breeze was blowing which caused the white-cotton candy-like clouds to change shape constantly.

Amidst the attention of a vast crowd, the long-awaited final round began.

It again began with drawing lots.

Eight people pressed an electronic button one by one, and with a “ding” sound, the fighting order of the eight people was decided.

The order was as follows:

First match, Goku vs Majin Buu.

The second match, Xiang vs Vegeta.

Third match, Myers vs 18.

The fourth match, Xiling vs Xiaya.

Seeing this result, the old Supreme Kai giggled and said: “The two Saiyans are really lucky.

They avoided God of Destruction-sama and his wives in the matchup, so they at least have some possibility of reaching the semi-finals.


Regarding Goku and Vegeta’s strength, the old Supreme Kai did not have a very clear understanding, but based on the previous matches, they may be able to compete against Majin Buu, but if they will win or lose, it is difficult to say.

Both Majin Buu and Xiang are top-notch experts and aren’t necessarily weaker than Goku and Vegeta.

“Ancestor, their opponents are Majin Buu and the son of God of Destruction-sama.

They may not be able to win.”

East Supreme Kai said speechlessly.

Although Majin Buu is no longer evil, it does not mean that he has become weaker.

On the contrary, Fat Buu has inherited everything from Majin Buu, and after the conflict between good and evil thoughts disappeared, Majin Buu may have become even more clear-headed.

“Hehe, so luck is not everything.

It is important to depend on their own strength.

If they are strong enough, maybe someone can make it to the finals, but if they aren’t strong, that’s the end.

They have to first overcome Majin Buu and Xiang, but aren’t they lucky not to encounter the God of Destruction-sama and his wives in the first round”

The old Supreme Kai’s wrinkled face was full of smiles as he watched the matches below with great interest.


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