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The old Supreme Kai looked at the two sides fighting below in astonishment.

Frankly speaking, he could no longer see their movements clearly.

But seeing the energy that was produced due to Piccolo and Zangya’s fierce battle, he was extremely surprised: “I didn’t expect a Namekian to become powerful to this extent.

It has really broadened my horizons.”

When Xiaya heard this, he turned around and smiled, “The reason why Piccolo is so strong is because of Kaio-ken’s boost, however, Kaio-ken has almost reached its limit.” After all, it was a technique developed by North Kai.

Even if it is perfect, there are still flaws, and North Kai no longer is capable of perfecting Kaio-ken further.

Old Supreme Kai nodded.

He could also discern that Piccolo’s real strength was a long way from Super Saiyan 2.

It had been further boosted by Kaio-ken.

But even then, it has broken his previous understanding of Namekians.

In fact, in Universe 6, there is indeed a Namekian whose strength is comparable to the peak of Super Saiyan 2, that is, Super Namekian Saonel.

His strength is already close to Super Saiyan 3.

After so many years, I wonder if his strength has improved or not.

While listening to Xiaya and Old Supreme Kai talking cheerfully next to him, East Supreme Kai was focused on the matches in the arena.

He was like a puppet with his mouth slightly open, so shocked as if he was feeling numb.

As experts emerged one after another on Planet Hongshan, it renewed his understanding of mortals.

In the past, only Dabura, the king of Demon Realm, was a match to him, a Supreme Kai, which inevitably made him look down on mortals just like Kibito.

Before seeing enough mortals, there was a feeling of superiority.

But the trip to Planet Hongshan has torn apart his laughable sense of superiority.

The power of the mortal world has made him, the Supreme Kai, feel ashamed.

The match in the arena went through many changes, but in the end, Piccolo could only retreat again and again.

Anyone smart could see that Piccolo’s defeat was a matter of time, but the two of them still continued to fight.

They both used their own unique skills, instantly causing boundless energy to appear between sky and earth.

The dazzling lights were as glaring as the sun, completely illuminating the entire sky.

“Special Beam Cannon!!”

A rapid energy ray swept through the sky, two spiral-shaped energies revolving around the attack beam in the middle.

Piccolo’s Battle Power was equivalent to Super Saiyan 2, but this move greatly increased his energy.

Seeing Piccolo’s move, Zangya’s bright and beautiful eyes widened, and she quickly clasped her hands together and responded to the Special Beam Cannon.

With a soft sound of ripping, a dazzling energy pillar rose into the sky, neutralizing the power of the Special Beam Cannon and pushing it back little by little.

“Infinity Blast!!”

The two energies collided and terrifying energies erupted out.

The ground cracked under the impact of the two energies, and Zangya fell into a 1m square crater.

“Humph, I won’t lose to you!” Her emotions became high and the energy pillar became thicker.

Under everyone’s eyes, the energy pillar slowly approached Piccolo.

Finally, a loud bang resounded through the sky.

With a buzzing pain in their ears, a magnificent scene like a nuclear explosion appeared in front of them causing everyone’s eyes to tingle from the bright white light rays.

Above the arena, the surging energy ruthlessly slammed against every corner.

A storm raged, and it swept out with boundless destructive power, but when it hit the protective barrier at the top of the arena, it disappeared amidst a beautiful ripple.

“Uncle Piccolo!”


Several people couldn’t help but shout in concern when they saw Piccolo being engulfed by the energy fireball.

“Don’t worry, Piccolo’s Ki hasn’t disappeared.” Goku was lost in thought.

Gohan and the others raised their heads and saw a blurry figure in the hazy sky still permeated with smoke.

Piccolo was surrounded by a faint light barrier.

Although he looked to be in a sorry state, besides expending too much Ki, he actually didn’t have any injury.

“Great, Uncle Piccolo is fine.”

“Leave!” Kusu tapped her finger, and the energy barrier protecting Piccolo immediately disappeared.

Piccolo fell to the ground, half kneeling on one knee as he heavily gasped for breath.

“Hehe, I won!” Without even looking at Piccolo, Zangya raised her head and burst into loud laughter, then cast a provocative look towards 18 in the VIP seats.

18 watched calmly, her azure blue eyes looking completely calm as if she was looking at an insignificant nobody.

The sight of which made Zangya stomp her feet angrily, and the joy of winning the match just now completely vanished as she muttered reluctantly: “What’s the big deal, I will become even more powerful in the future, really, it’s no big deal…”

As if the self-comfort had paid off, Zangya again began to smile.

At the end of the match, both sides walked down the arena.

Seeing Piccolo come down, Gohan quickly welcomed him: “Uncle Piccolo, it was really regretful!”

Piccolo slightly shook his head and said seriously: “That Zangya didn’t use her full strength, otherwise I would have lost much more quickly.

My training is still not enough.

The world really has many powerful people, especially on Planet Hongshan.”

Krillin and Yamcha were deep in thought.

The more they learn, the more it broadens their horizons, and of course, the more shock they receive.

Ignoring what was happening on Piccolo’s side below the arena, Kusu, who was floating in mid-air, frowned as she looked at the broken arena below.

She waved the scepter twice, and a multicolored light ray fell like raindrops.

As soon as the raindrops hit the ground, they transformed into magical power and the damaged arena became intact again.

I wonder if this is the power of reversing time or just creation power.

Anyway, everyone was stunned for a while before shouting in surprise.

“The matches will continue.” Looking at her masterpiece calmly, Kusu sat down on the cushion while swaying her feet.

“Hey, hey, the next one is me!”

Meifei laughed, stepped onto the arena, and then arrogantly waited for her opponent to come up.

With her Super Saiyan 2 peak strength which was comparable to Super Saiyan 3, there were only a few people who were stronger than her.

Thinking of this, she should be able to win this match easily and then advance.

But the next moment, Meifei’s smile froze.

The one who appeared opposite Meifei was Myers.

Meifei said bitterly: “Mom, my opponent wouldn’t be you, right”

“I’m sorry my lovely daughter.” Myers had a smile across her face as she looked at her daughter.

Told you not to make trouble, now, it’s retribution time.

“Boo hoo!!” Meifei cried sadly and didn’t feel well.

“She deserves it!” Xili gloated over her misfortune.

“Poor Meifei.” Xiang was also happy.

“What’s going on” Majin Buu looked around.

“I admit defeat.” Meifei didn’t even think before directly admitting defeat.

What a joke, fighting her mother Myers, does she not have enough lives It must be understood that Myers is only one step away from the Divine Realm.

Although she has been stuck at this step for many years, as her daughter, Meifei knows her strength the best.

Myers felt regretful: “Such a pity.

I wanted to see my daughter’s strength.”

Meifei became angry.

You can’t bully me like that!

The following matches were Xiang vs Gohan, Goten vs Xiling, and Trunks vs 18.

And without any doubt, Xiang, Xiling, and 18 succeeded in advancing.

Except for the fight between Xiang and Gohan, which was full of suspense, the result of the remaining matches was almost determined from the very beginning.

The tournament still continued.

After the first round of the promotion round, the twenty-eight contestants became fourteen.

Then, the next was the second round which produced the top seven.

In the second round, Lissi, who won the first match, fought against Vegeta, the winner of the second match.

The winner of the third match, Majin Buu fought against Brook, the winner of the fourth match, and Zangya, the winner of the fifth match fought against Myers…

Then after several exciting matches, the top 7 of the advancement round finally emerged.

They were Majin Buu, Vegeta, Myers, Xiang, Xiling, 18, and Goku.

Added with Xiaya, who directly entered the final round, the eight contestants would contend for the championship in the final round.

One can imagine that each of the next matches will be a big battle that could shake the universe.


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