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“Whoosh!” Two golden lights shot up into the sky, and their aura became stronger.

Vegeta and Xili transformed into Super Saiyan at almost the same time.

A much more ferocious force surged out, and the dark clouds instantly dispersed.

Immediately, the sky seemed to divide into two parts, the two aura kept pressing against each other as if war drums were knocking on everyone’s chest.

Amidst the burning auras, streaks of silver-white lightning entwined, making Vegeta and Xili look majestic.

“Look, the sky has split open.”

“So powerful, that is Super Saiyan 2 form!”

“Like Madam Xili, that man has also transformed into Super Saiyan 2.”

All kinds of exclamations could be heard.

The Super Saiyan state was already unattainable to them, not to mention Super Saiyan 2.

To their shock, both the people in the arena could transform into Super Saiyan 2.

As shocked as those Saiyans were, there was East Supreme Kai, who was even more speechless.

The shock that he had received every time after coming to Planet Hongshan has made him a little numb, but every new situation breaks his worldview.

“That’s the form Gohan transformed into in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

I didn’t expect there would be two more Saiyans who could do this.

What a frightening race!” East Supreme Kai muttered to himself.

Besides Gohan, there were actually two more people with strength surpassing his, a Supreme Kai.

Maybe in the eyes of these Saiyans, he, a Supreme Kai, is nothing special!

Kusu was calmly looking down, her delicate little face sporting a calm look all along.

Seeing that some Saiyans couldn’t bear the aura emitting from Vegeta and Xili, she tapped the void a few times with her scepter and a mysterious magical fluctuation spread downward.

Swish, the aura became tranquil and all those who were being pressured by Vegeta and Xili’s aura returned to normal.

Immediately afterward, under everyone’s eyes, the fight between Vegeta and Xili began.

Two illusory mottled lights flickered, and the two sparkling light rays collided with each other.

After each collision, they quickly separated, but endless violent energies continued to emit out causing cracks to slowly appear in the arena, but they were quickly repaired.

Vegeta and Xili exchanged attacks numerous times in the blink of an eye, their movements so fast that they made others dizzy.

Most of the Saiyans couldn’t see their fight clearly, and even Krillin, Tien Shinhan, and the others were struggling, their wide bloodshot eyes quietly locked on to them.

But they couldn’t persist with it for long.

“So powerful, Vegeta’s strength might have already surpassed Super Saiyan 2.” Piccolo, who was concentrating on the fight, sighed.

His strength could match the power of Super Saiyan 2 if he goes all out when using Kaio-ken, but he could clearly sense that Vegeta and Xili had already far surpassed him.

This should be the strength at the peak of Super Saiyan 2.

“Both sides are experts!” The purple-haired Gohan was watching solemnly, but there was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

Goten and Bulla could already feel their eyes turning swollen, and even though they transformed into Super Saiyan, they could barely clearly see the movements in the arena.

Boom boom boom!

Crack marks appeared on the sturdy slab stones in the arena, and stone fragments splashed out.

The narrow space had begun to restrict both sides from attacking with their full strength, and then amidst the shocking frightening bombardment, a huge energy ball exploded.

In the end, Vegeta was slightly better and won the match.

“Finally won.” Vegeta gasped for breath with a smile on his face.

He had thoroughly enjoyed the fight just now.

He hadn’t used his full strength in seven years.

Such a fight where he could fight to his heart’s content had made him happy.

Every pore in his body began to relax.

“Sigh, I still lost.” Xili sighed.

Although it’s a pity that she lost, the regret of losing the match couldn’t be seen on her face.

“Don’t be discouraged, you are already very strong.

If I hadn’t used my trump card, I might have lost to you.”

“Sure enough, you haven’t used all your strength yet, right” Xili raised her head and asked.

Vegeta was taken aback and nodded: “My final trump card is for Kakarrot.

You can push me to this point, you are already not weaker than that kid Gohan.”


Xili smiled, then turned around and jumped down from the arena.

Meanwhile, below the arena.

Videl dumbfoundedly watched the fight being shown on screen.

It was not until after the match ended that the slow-motion scenes on the screen went to the part where Xili and Vegeta were bombarding each other with energy waves.

After finishing watching it, Videl’s worldview was really refreshed and widened her horizons.

Surprised, she said to Gohan: “Now I really believe that you all have the power to destroy a planet.

If you release just a casual attack on earth, I’m afraid that Earth will turn to dust in the universe, uh, maybe even the dust will not be left.”

Videl shook her head: “In any case, I will never be able to reach your level.”

“It’s good that you didn’t suffer a shock.”

“There’s no way I would,” Videl said with a laugh.

“Then you should work hard and follow Uncle Krillin and Aunt Chi-Chi’s path.

They are not weaker than Super Saiyan when they exert their full strength.” Gohan smiled and comforted her.

There would, of course, be some disparity, but people like Krillin and others can defeat people stronger than them with their techniques.

The fights were going on in full swing.

“Look, that Majin Buu is fighting, and his opponent is Goku’s father, Bardock.”

Hearing the shouts from the surroundings, many people recovered from the intoxication of the previous match, raised their heads, and looked at the arena attentively only to see that Majin Buu had jumped onto the arena, but wasn’t attacking, instead he tilted his head and narrowed his eyes.

“You were the one who invited me to dinner last night.

Good man, treat me to something delicious again next time.”

“Can you go down first for now Meifei said that I have to keep winning.” Majin Buu said.

Bardock stared at Majin Buu with a solemn expression, and lightly shook his head after hearing Majin Buu’s words.

Years of fighting had tempered his keen senses, so he could feel heavy pressure.

He suddenly transformed into Super Saiyan, but the pressure not only did not weaken, instead, but it also increased.

“This Majin Buu looks silly, but he gives a frightening feeling! As expected of the one brought back by Mr.

Xiaya.” Bardock raised his spirits and solemnly watched the enemy in front of him.

“Hehehe!” Majin Buu became happy when he saw Bardock’s transformation.

He opened his mouth and blew air from his mouth, and suddenly an infinitely powerful storm swept across the spacious arena.

Bardock’s countenance changed.

Like a small boat in the middle of a huge wave, he had a feeling that he would capsize at any time.

“So powerful!!” All the hair on his body stood up.

But at this moment, Majin Buu appeared in front of Bardock without warning.

His chubby body wasn’t affected at all, his movements were as agile as a nimble fatty.

He giggled and clasped his gloved hands together, and a bright energy wave shone on his palm, then without being able to resist at all, Bardock was knocked off the arena.

“Huff huff!” Majin Buu wiped away the sweat and laughed foolishly.

“This Majin Buu…what powerful strength!!”

Outside the venue, Goku could feel tremendous pressure.

His eyes flashed with surprise, and his face became extremely solemn.

“Kakarrot, that Majin Buu is indeed a terrifying opponent as you said!” Vegeta’s face was calm, his fists clenched tightly, but he did not dare to underestimate Majin Buu.

Besides Xiaya, this is the first time he has sensed such heavy pressure from another person.

Compared with the pressure Xiaya gave him, Majin Buu’s aura was more wild and brutal and wasn’t restrained and peaceful at all.

Majin Buu’s attacks were bold and sharp! Under his silly face, there was decisiveness and domineeringness.

While everyone was awed by Majin Buu’s powerful strength, Piccolo noticed the other side.

Looking deeply at Kusu, who was floating in the air while sitting on a cushion and shaking her feet, Piccolo was full of doubts.

What is the identity of this girl How is she able to stabilize such powerful energy emitted out during the tournament so that the audience did not suffer even a little injury


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