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“Ah, so you can also transform into a Super Saiyan.

It seems that I can’t underestimate you.

Here, receive my attack!”

Saying that, Caulifla’s dark green eyes flashed as she gently stamped her feet and disappeared.

Opposite her, Lissi’s breathing remained calm and didn’t change because of Caulifla’s sudden disappearance.

Her bright eyes kept looking around and suddenly she moved.

Boom, the air breaking produced a sonic boom.

The moment Lissi moved away, Caulifla’s fist arrived, brushing past her afterimage.

If Lissi hadn’t moved just now, it would have landed on her.

Hey! Caulifla propped herself up on one hand on the ground and rotated rapidly.

Then, with a few somersaults, she pushed herself off from the ground.

Bang! Changing direction, a powerful and awe-inspiring aura suddenly chased after Lissi.

Bang, Bang, Bang! Golden light rays flashed on the vast arena, their speed almost surpassing what naked eyes could see.

“Compressed Beam!!”

Without holding anything back, an energy wave containing formidable power shot out from Caulifla’s palms.

Followed by the boundless power appearing, a strong whirlwind rose ferociously, producing a creaking sound.

“Ki Blasts.”

Facing Caulifla’s powerful energy wave attack, Lissi reacted by shooting out a bright white but converged light beam.

“Bang!” The two powerful energies collided causing the air to tremble and a loud sound of air rupturing appeared.


Cracks began to appear on the ground, and as the two beams of golden light collided, a visually impactful storm swept across as if a tyrannical beast was hiding in the bushes and sharpening its teeth in preparation for attacking at any time.

Whoosh, the leaked power formed a fierce whirlwind that bombarded the barrier above the arena.

It would appear as if it would cause something earth-shattering, but the transparent barrier seemed to freeze and didn’t move at all, absorbing every drop of energy.

The fight was still going on, and the arena was constantly changing with the fast-paced bombardment, but the duration of Caulifla’s Super Saiyan transformation was not as long as Lissi after all, so her grasp of Super Saiyan’s power was no match for her opponent.

After squandering all the energy in her body like a nouveau riche, Caulifla gradually began to get tired.

“Huff huff…” Caulifla began to pant as the energy in her body’s meridians had depleted which caused a swelling pain.

“That kid Caulifla has never been through a big fight, so she lacks experience.” Xiaya, who was watching from a distance, chuckled and precisely pointed out Caulifla’s problem.

However, Xiaya wasn’t demanding of her much.

After all, she came to Planet Hongshan at the age of eleven and hasn’t experienced any major battles during that time.

She has been training on Planet Hongshan all day long, so it is not surprising that she has little actual fighting experience.

Old Supreme Kai, however, narrowed his eyes and said, “Both of them are very amazing, especially when they are still so young.

The race of God of Destruction-sama really has many talented people.”

“Hahaha…” Xiaya laughed in delight.

He was also a little proud of leading Saiyans from the brink of extermination to the present.

Ten minutes later, the exhausted Caulifla was kicked down by Lissi.

“I lost!” Caulifla fell off the arena, at a loss.

“I was just lucky.

If you had reserved just a little more energy, the loser would have been me.” Instead of feeling joy in winning, Lissi was a little unwilling.

She didn’t feel any happiness in defeating a little girl several years younger than herself.

The result of the first match did not exceed Xiaya’s expectations, but the audience below the arena watched the wonderful battle with great enjoyment and quickly gave both sides warm applause, while some Saiyans who could not see it clearly raised their heads and looked at the broadcast which was being shown in detail on the big screen.

It was not until long after the match ended that they recovered from their dazed state amid bursts of applause.

“That little girl named Caulifla is so powerful.

If she was a little older, she might have won.” Some people felt pity for Caulifla, thinking that she lost because she was young and lacked experience.

“Yeah, what a pity.”

“Both of them are so powerful.

Does this mean that there are two more Super Saiyan in our race”

“It goes without saying; don’t you have eyes”


“Hmph, Caulifla actually lost.

Forget it, let her off this time.

You can play a trick on her next time.” Meifei pouted.

She didn’t expect that Caulifla would be defeated before she took the stage, which made her look forward to it for nothing.

Then she turned to look at Lissi and her eyes shone: “But that Sister Lissi is also powerful, so it’s normal to lose to her.”

In the resting area, Xiang walked over to Caulifla, who was in low spirits, wanting to comfort her, but he saw Caulifla smash the bench in annoyance: “F*ck, I actually lost.

Boss, I need comfort.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary.” Xiang’s lips twitched.

Kale looked worried, not knowing what to do.

The second match.

Vegeta VS Xili.

“Humph, it’s my turn to go up.

Trunks watch carefully.” Vegeta coldly said to Trunks, then tapped his foot and coolly jumped onto the arena.

“Come on, Dad!” Trunks waved his hands and shouted.

A gentle wind was blowing.

Tights standing beside Trunks took out a booklet and kept writing and drawing.

The experiences of Planet Hongshan had given her a strong desire to write.

Maybe in the near future, another best-selling novel will be published.

“By the way, who is Vegeta’s opponent” She turned to ask Krillin next to her.

“Let me take a look, uh, it’s actually Xili…” Krillin suddenly exclaimed when he saw the prompt on the watch.

Vegeta is perhaps going to have a tough fight.

As Xiaya’s daughter, although Xili is not as strong as her brother Xiang and sister Meifei, she is still at the Super Saiyan 2 level.

Krillin only knows that during the Cell Games, Xili was not weaker than Vegeta at all.

So, this fight was going to be very hard.

“Perhaps, Vegeta may even lose!” The rest of the people were worried about Vegeta.

“Don’t worry, Vegeta hasn’t been slacking off these past few years.” Tights explained with a smile.

“But so has Xili.

She’s so talented.

Really, there are too many monsters on Planet Hongshan.” They couldn’t help but sigh.

The more they see it with their own eyes, the more they can feel the disparity between the two sides.

“Come on, Xili!”

Below the arena, Meifei waved her arms.

Of course, she was cheering for her sister, so with the help of Majin Buu, her clear voice reverberated throughout the venue.

Noticing that she was overdoing it, Meifei’s beautiful face turned red and she shrank her head in embarrassment.

Above the audience stand, Xiaya glared at Meifei and then looked towards Kusu who nodded in understanding, and a spell flew out, imprisoning Meifei in her position.

“Xiaya’s daughter, let me see how much you have grown over the years!” Vegeta did not underestimate the other party because she was a girl.

After all, he had seen Xili’s strength.

It is no exaggeration to say that even if it is him, if he is careless, he may suffer a crushing defeat.

Xili glared at Vegeta, not willing to be outdone.

She, who was a Super Saiyan 2, doesn’t think that she is inferior to Vegeta, so with the two of them as the center, two powerful auras erupted out, causing the color of the sky to change.

Black clouds floated over and lightning flashed and thunder rolled.

Everyone felt a stifling chill spread out in their heart.

People who were weaker began to have difficulty in breathing, feeling dizzy and their bodies couldn’t help but tremble…..


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