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“This is Planet Hongshan.

The preparations for the tournament are still going on and it will take a while for it to begin.

So during this time, you can stroll around Planet Hongshan.” After arriving on Planet Hongshan, Kusu casually suggested before disappearing.

Standing on the streets of the city, Krillin and others looked at the coming and going Saiyans and the occasionally appearing Feidaya in astonishment.

But they have never been to this place and weren’t familiar with it! Finally, Bulma sighed and took the lead: “Let’s go to the Saiyan’s residential area first where Gohan’s grandfather lives.”

Krillin and others glanced at each other before nodding: “We can only do this for now.”

“Bardock’s place, maybe I can meet that brat Raditz.”

Vegeta smiled faintly.

He had heard of Bardock’s name when he was a child.

He was said to be quite an amazing Saiyan warrior.

As for Raditz, he hadn’t seen him again ever since he was taken away by his sister Elise.

Then, led by Bulma, the group walked towards the residential area.

Passing through the spacious and clean streets, they saw the short Feidaya people controlling large equipment to clean the rivers along the way and raising their heads, they could see Saiyans wearing Battle Armor flying in the sky and various aircrafts moving in an endless stream.

“The technology here is much more advanced than Earth.” Krillin looked around curiously.

“These Saiyans’ foundation is quite good, much better than Planet Vegeta’s times.” Vegeta looked around and seeing the Saiyans hurriedly passing by, felt surprised.

“Indeed, every Saiyan exudes an aura that is not weak and even children have a strong aura!” Yamcha’s face was full of shock.

Planet Hongshan really lives up to its reputation, even children are so powerful.

“Moreover there are also a lot of shockingly powerful auras.” The rest of the people could also feel the thriving atmosphere here, and couldn’t help but inwardly feel surprised.

It must be understood that this does not include those experts who have mastered the aura concealment method! Those talents are the real foundation of Planet Hongshan, right Based on this inference, Planet Hongshan’s real strength is probably a few levels higher, which is really terrifying.

As Goku, Vegeta, and the others, full of surprise and emotions, were walking towards the place where Bardock lives, a voice stopped them.

“Big Brother Vegeta, why are you here”

“Tarble.” Vegeta turned around when he heard this voice, and saw a delicate-looking Saiyan descend from the sky with two other Saiyans following by his side.

“Big Brother Vegeta, it’s really you.

It has been many years since we last saw each other.” Tarble was very happy to meet Vegeta.

“Who is that and why is he calling Vegeta Big Brother” Krillin asked in a low voice.

Tights replied: “He’s Vegeta’s younger brother, I’ve seen pictures of him…”

“Vegeta has a younger brother!!” Krillin exclaimed in surprise.

No matter how surprised Krillin and the others were, Vegeta was obviously very happy to see his brother whom he hadn’t seen in years.

He then introduced Tights and Trunks to Tarble: “This is your sister-in-law Tights and nephew Trunks.” Tights and Trunks stepped forward to chat with Tarble and the others.

Tarble was also in a good mood as he introduced the two Saiyans next to him to Vegeta: “Big Brother Vegeta, this is my wife Nellie, and my child Nora!”

Tarble’s wife was a petite Saiyan.

Her Battle Power was not very high so she usually works with Tarble on Planet Hongshan’s administrative work, but their child, Nora, looks to have good Battle Power at first sight.

“Nice!” After not seeing him for many years, his brother has even gotten a wife and child.

Vegeta revealed a rare smile.

“Did Big Brother Vegeta also come to participate in the martial art tournament”

“Yes, how could I miss the Saiyans’ large-scale martial art tournament,” Vegeta said quite arrogantly.

This time he has come to defeat everyone.

“Tarble, you have lived on Planet Hongshan for so many years, tell me about the experts here.” Vegeta expressed his thoughts.

Although he was full of confidence in his own strength, in the end, there are many experts on Planet Hongshan.

It is always good to have more understanding.

Hearing Vegeta’s question, Goku, Krillin, and others all pricked up their ears.

“Okay, let me give a brief introduction of them to you.” Tarble nodded, and then led them to a quiet pavilion.

The small pavilion was located in the shade of trees.

As they arrived, it was immediately filled with people.

Then, Tarble told them about the situation of Planet Hongshan.

Of course, he was not very clear about some secret matters.

“I won’t talk much about Planet Hongshan’s situation in the past few years, I’ll only talk about the current situation! First of all, Brother Vegeta, there should be a lot of Super Saiyan among you, right”

“Yes, Kakarrot, me, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Bulla, six people in total.”

“Amazing! The number of Super Saiyans is more than half of Planet Hongshan.” Tarble was surprised.

You know, the number of Super Saiyans on Planet Hongshan until now has only been around ten so far.

Of course, by temporarily breaking through, there are hundreds of people whose strength can be comparable to Super Saiyan.

“The strongest on Planet Hongshan is Sir Xiaya, then Madam Xiling, Madam Myers, and Lazuli.”

“Wait, by Lazuli you mean 18” Chichi was surprised.

“Madam Lazuli does have the name 18.”

“Is that 18 so powerful” Vegeta frowned.

If he remembered correctly, 18’s strength was even inferior to Piccolo.

Isn’t her strength then at the bottom of Planet Hongshan Even several of Xiaya’s children are more powerful than her.

Tarble glanced at Vegeta in surprise and shook his head: “Miss Lazuli is very strong, her strength is about the same as Madam Xiling and Madam Myers which is said to be equivalent to Mysterious State of Super Saiyan.

Anyway, it is very profound.” As for what the Mysterious State is Tarble, who hasn’t come into contact with that level, can’t say.

“So she is that powerful! I have never swapped pointers with her before.” Goku exclaimed in surprise.

He had met her many times but never knew she was so powerful, and mistakenly thought that she was just as powerful as Piccolo.

“Continue,” Vegeta said calmly.

Tarble nodded, “After them, there is Xiang, Meifei, and Xili.

They can be said to be at the second step.

They reached Super Saiyan 2 a long time ago, and they must have become stronger now.

Then there is Sir Bardock, Miss Zangya, Sir Brook, and Miss Lisi…”

Tarble told what he knew in detail.

The list contained over a hundred people.

They were all famous people on Planet Hongshan.

No matter whether they had heard of them before, Goku and others were a little dumbfounded.

Krillin’s lips twitched: “There are many experts among the people mentioned just now.

Even if we use Kaio-ken, we may not be able to win.”

“Humph, interesting…”

Vegeta’s lips curled upward, and a smile appeared on his face.

The stronger the Planet Hongshan, the more it proves that Saiyan is an outstanding race, and he has no reason to be unhappy.

Moreover, with his strength, he is qualified enough to clash against the best of the tournament!

As for Goku, his eyes were already full of battle intent.

He was excited to be able to fight against experts.

And, there’s also that guy Majin Buu, who is also very strong.

Krillin, Tien Shinhan, and others showed a wry smile.

Placed among these powerful people, they won’t even have a chance to shine and could only calmly act as if it has nothing to do with them.

After bidding goodbye to Tarble, Goku and the others entered Saiyan’s residential area, where they met Raditz and Nappa who they hadn’t seen for many years.

Right now, Raditz was living quite comfortably.

“Vegeta, you guys are here!”

Raditz was stunned when he saw Vegeta before warmly welcoming them as he led them to his residence.

Because his father is in a high-level position on Planet Hongshan, after many years of hard work, his Battle Power finally climbed to the watershed of 10,000.

Now, he has settled down and is quite happy.

If he wasn’t brought back by Elise back then, according to the original work’s plot, perhaps he would have long died in some unknown corner of the world.

And Nappa, since he shamelessly followed a Saiyan Squad and returned to Planet Hongshan eleven years ago, he is now working on a post in the government with his strength reaching almost 100,000.

Nowadays he is in charge of teaching the young Saiyans in the school, and his personality has also changed a lot.

“Long time no see.” Nappa stroked his bald head.

“Yeah, long time no see.”

“Raditz and Nappa, I didn’t expect to see you one day.”

Looking at the high-spirited Raditz and giggling Nappa, the cowardliness and overbearingness from back then were nowhere to be seen.

Vegeta sighed with emotion. Time really changes a person.

Even his personality has changed a lot during the years he has lived on Earth.


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