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Five days later, it was still the green highland.

Xiang was giving pointers to Kale on how to control the power in her body from the side while observing the situation on Caulifla’s side.

Compared with Caulifla, Kale is much weaker, and with her weak personality, she looks easy to bully, but Xiang knows that power similar to his sister Meifei is sleeping within her body, and once awakened, it will be world-shaking.

In the distance, Caulifla was working hard.

Her constant failures and the approaching martial art tournament have caused her uneasiness to increase even more.

A depressing and uncomfortable emotion was dominating her mind.

Suddenly, there were a few muffled sounds of rumble.

The clouds on the horizon gradually turned dark, and a powerful aura caused the free particles to discharge electricity into the air.

Caulifla roared and her aura began to rise, the skyrocketing Ki quickly catching the attention of Xiang and Kale.

“Let’s go and have a look!” After Xiang finished speaking, he quickly arrived in front of Caulifla.

At this time, Caulifla’s Ki was erupting out.

Looking at her aura’s continuous improvement, Xiang’s mind became calm.

Finally, when Caulifla proceeded to the final outburst, her aura changed dramatically in an instant.

Her long black fluffy hair rose up and instantly turned golden and her eyes were replaced by green pupils.

Super Saiyan!

Finally, she succeeded in transforming as wished.

Caulifla’s body floated up as powerful shockwaves swept through the ground.

The messy golden hair fluttered in the air because of the shockwaves and a majestic aura swept out in all directions.

Not to mention, after becoming a Super Saiyan, Caulifla’s temperament changed, and her previous hooligan look turned into a noble look.

As long as she doesn’t speak, she looks like a fierce goddess of war.

“Finally became a Super Saiyan!” Xiang’s mouth curled into a smile, happy for Caulifla, and laughed on seeing Caulifla’s majestic appearance.

“Sister looks so dashing,” Kale said enviously after seeing Caulifla’s appearance.

“How is it, boss, how is my current strength” Caulifla was very happy, and her manner of speaking was a little arrogant.

Thump! Xiang knocked on Caulifla’s head and jokingly scolded her: “Idiot, your strength can only be said to be average.

Why are you feeling arrogant.”

“Anyway, congratulations, you finally transformed into Super Saiyan.”

“Hehe!” Caulifla kept giggling.


In the distance, feeling another powerful Ki appear on Planet Hongshan.

Saiyans who were even a little perceiving knew that someone successfully broke through the barrier that Saiyans face and had transformed into Super Saiyan.

“Whose Ki is that…”

“It’s somewhat unfamiliar…”

“Another Super Saiyan!”

Everyone was shocked, but immediately calmed down from the surprise, and couldn’t help but train even harder.

“It’s that little girl Caulifla.” Sensing it, Xiling said to Myers next to her.

Myers laughed: “I knew she would become a Super Saiyan.

As expected, her progress is quite fast.”

There are many powerful Saiyans on Planet Hongshan, but the only ones who have reached Super Saiyan besides their family are Bardock, Brook, and a female Saiyan named Lisi who has just recently broken through.

Lisi is the daughter of Xiaya’s former companions Anastasia and Bailey and has just turned 18 this year.

As for the rest, such as Adri, Palladi, Shaque, and others, although they can become Saiyan God using a shortcut, they were still one step away from Super Saiyan.

It can only be said that Super Saiyan transformation is not something that any Saiyan can breakthrough.

It is an unattainable thing that requires not only a strong physique and unremitting efforts but also some chance and luck.

Anyone who can transform into Super Saiyan has an extraordinary side.

“That girl Caulifla looks like a hooligan, but she is very talented.”

In general, Xiaya has a very good impression of Caulifla, although sometimes she is a little silly and a little arrogant, her temperament is quite straightforward and pure, and her relationship with Xiang is also very good.

She is said to be Xiang’s follower, but a man and a woman living together, maybe it will turn into a different relationship one day.

Xiling said with a smile: “If Caulifla performs well, maybe she can get good results.

What are you going to give out as prizes in the martial art tournament”

The previous two champions were given Fountain of Youth while the remaining prizes were Senzu Beans and Tree of Might’s fruits.

If the ones this time are too inferior, it would be inexcusable.

Speaking of prizes, Xiaya did some calculations of his stock.

In fact, he still has a few portions of Fountain of Youth.

He brought back a total of 28 portions of Fountain of Youth from Universe 6.

Apart from the ones that he and others had taken earlier and the ones he had given away as tournament rewards, there are still ten portions left with him, but those ten portions were intended for his children and he will not use them for the time being.

Counting it, it seems that he can only use Tree of Might’s fruits and Senzu Beans as rewards in this tournament.

Myers narrowed her eyes and said, “Actually, Tree of Might’s fruit is already quite good as Senzu Beans are also scarce, moreover how many people are participating in the tournament who are going for the prizes They are there to enjoy the fight!”

Xiaya couldn’t help laughing when he heard her.

“That’s right, the prizes are secondary.

They just have a meaning.”

Of course, rewards are still important.

There are probably people like Caulifla who are going for prizes!

“It’s almost time for Kakarrot and the others to come over.

Should we send Hester with a spaceship She has been to Earth last time, and knows the way.” Xiling looked at the time and suddenly remembered that Goku and the others hadn’t come yet.

Xiaya shook his head: “There’s not enough time for a spaceship! I’ll have to trouble Kusu to make the trip.

She knows where Mount Paozu is.”

“Xiaya-sama, leave it to me!” Kusu said flatly, she was tiny but she was as reliable as a little assistant.

“I’ll trouble you then.”

After Kusu left, Xiaya also set off to the Sacred World of the Kai.

He had also invited Supreme Kai and the others over.

As for Whis, Xiaya was going to invite him, but Whis seems to be very busy recently in putting God of Destruction’s Planet in order, so he didn’t invite him.

Earth, Mount Paozu.

The Goku family, Vegeta family, Krillin family, and Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Chichi, Piccolo, Yajirobe, and others were gathered together.

They were all amply prepared for the martial art tournament held by Planet Hongshan.

“Why haven’t Xiaya’s people come yet Isn’t the tournament starting in two days If they are not coming, we will miss it.” Krillin muttered while holding his daughter Marron.

“How about Goku bringing you there with Instant Transmission” Bulma suggested.

“Wait for a while!” Vegeta was leaning against the trunk of a big tree with his eyes half-closed.

“Bulma, you guys often go to Planet Hongshan, how is that place” Tights asked with interest.

“It’s almost the same as Earth.

The gravity on it is very powerful, and the technology is more advanced than Earth.

The first time I went there, I was really shocked, but later, I went there often and got used to it.” Bulma smiled.

She looked very calm when talking about Planet Hongshan.

After all, the Bardock family lives there and she often visits her relatives.

“Hey, someone’s here.” Suddenly, Goku felt a slight change in the air and he saw a colorful light appearing in the void like piercing through the water.

Kusu appeared in front of Goku and the others while holding a scepter.

“Goku, Vegeta…Xiaya-sama asked me to come to pick you all up.” Kusu’s crisp voice sounded in his ears, it was pleasant-sounding like the sound of an oriole.

“Hey, it’s the girl who was next to Xiaya!”

“Did you use Instant Transmission just now”

“She really is not an ordinary person.” Piccolo’s eyes twitched, how could ordinary people cross through the void, on top of that the way she was rude to Supreme Kai before, Kusu’s image became even more mysterious in his heart.

Kusu smiled indifferently: “Kusu uses Warp, not Instant Transmission.

Okay, everyone please stand close, I’m about to bring you to Planet Hongshan.”

When everyone heard what she said, the group of more than 20 people gathered around.

Seeing this, Kusu lightly tapped the scepter on the ground, and a colorful ray of light rose, bringing them along as it pierced through the distant starry sky.

Sacred World of the Kai.

Old Supreme Kai and East Supreme Kai felt extremely flattered to receive Xiaya’s invitation, while only Kibito was left to guard the entire sacred world.


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