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If the previous Majin Buu had the strength comparable to that of Super Saiyan 3, then after the separation into Thin Buu, nearly 60% of his strength was taken away.

Fat Buu’s energy immediately weakened, but his strength was still at the peak of Super Saiyan 2.

If the Thin Buu absorbs the Fat Buu, then he will get all the power of Majin Buu.

Xiaya would never allow it to happen.

Finding an opportunity he appeared next to the two Majin Buu’s, pointed his finger at the Thin Buu, and whispered: “Imprison!”

The powerful space-time energy spread out and wrapped around Thin Buu, fixing him in place causing him unable to move.

Thin Buu’s eyes suddenly became more vicious, and he fiercely roared at Xiaya like a beast, his skinny body constantly writhed trying to break free from the Space-time Shackles.

At this moment, he instinctively felt a slight threat, not only because of the extinction power from Xiaya that he had no way to resist, but also because there was a Fat Buu on the side who had the same attributes and abilities as him.

Thin Buu and Fat Buu, in a sense, are a pair that regards each other as the greatest threat and excellent nourishment.

Either party cannot resist the urge to swallow each other.

The difference is that Fat Buu has simple thinking and is not as clear-headed as Thin Buu.

“Fat Buu, use your magic to turn this thin person into chocolate,” Xiaya said.

After Fat Buu removed his evil aura, although his IQ did not rise much, he was able to understand people and understood that Xiaya was helping him.

So he got up from the ground with a “hmm” and shouted “Oh Oh” twice.

The antennae above his head flickered with a light beam like lightning shooting out and odd magic came out from the tentacles and hit  Thin Buu’s body directly.

“Wa wa, I am going to turn you into chocolate and eat you!” Fat Buu yelled and his mouth opened into an “O” shape.

“Bastard, I am Buu!!”

Thin Buu’s eyes widened suddenly.

Realizing the danger, he struggled even more unwilling to be turned into chocolate.

However, his body, which had nearly lost the ability to resist, was firmly imprisoned by Xiaya with space-time ability and was struck by Fat Buu’s magic, turning into black chocolate.

“Eat him, you will become complete, remember to absorb it completely and not hide him in your stomach.”


Fat Buu nodded hurriedly.

At this moment, he who had lost 60% of his power and was very “empty” felt unbearably hungry.

Hearing Xiaya ask him to completely digest the Thin Buu, that was what he exactly wanted and didn’t have a reason to oppose it.

So he grabbed the chocolate and ate it.

After a while, Thin Buu was completely eaten by Fat Buu, and the entire power of Majin Buu returned to his body.

“So comfortable, my strength is back.” Fat Buu stretched his waist, touched his belly, and said to Xiaya, “Hehe, you are a good person.”

“Then, will you follow me in the future I can provide you with a lot of delicious food.” Xiaya said with a smile.

“Really Tastier than chocolate” Majin Buu’s eyes lit up.

“God of Destruction-sama, this is not appropriate…” East Supreme Kai could feel his views collapsing.

It’s the cruel Majin Buu, not a pet.

When did Majin Buu become so easy to deceive

Xiaya seriously said: “There is nothing inappropriate.”

“Look at the current Majin Buu, is there any evil aura on him”

“No, there isn’t!”

“Then it’s fine.

The previous Evil Buu has become pure energy! What is left now is the simple-minded Fat Buu, which can be said to be the good part of the Grand Supreme Kai left in Majin Buu.” Xiaya slowly explained.

If in the original work when Fat Buu fought Thin Buu, there was someone next to him to help him, then the ending of the battle would have been completely different.

“How is it, have you thought about it” Xiaya turned to ask Fat Buu.

Fat Buu patted his belly as his not-smart brain pondered over Xiaya’s suggestion.

Then he touched his smooth head and said with a giggle: “I can’t beat you, so I don’t want to fight you!”

Xiaya smiled and said, “Very good.”

At this time, a light flashed next to Xiaya and Kusu reappeared, holding a white puppy in her arms, “Xiaya-sama, this is a puppy I found.”

Xiaya took the puppy and gave it to Fat Buu, “Majin Buu, I’ll give this little guy to you, take proper care of it.”

“Oh, you are a good person!” After seeing the puppy, Fat Buu’s eyes showed curiosity as he took the puppy with great interest, smiling happily.


“Is it over” Seeing Majin Buu jumping around holding a puppy, East Supreme Kai was stunned.

The big crisis of the universe was solved just like this

Old Supreme Kai couldn’t help nodding: “As expected of God of Destruction-sama, this method is admirable.”

Only Goku standing beside Xiaya in excitement kept begging: “Xiaya, I think that fat guy looks very powerful, can you let him fight me” Majin Buu’s strength had completely aroused Goku’s interest.

He would be very happy if he could fight against such an expert.

“You have to ask him yourself.” Xiaya declined.

If Goku and Majin Buu fight on Earth, the whole planet could be destroyed.

Goku obviously knew this too, so he also doesn’t want to fight Majin Buu right now.

“Then wait until we arrive on Planet Hongshan, let me fight with him then.”

“Do as you please!” Xiaya nodded indifferently.

Soon there is going to be a large-scale martial art tournament held on Planet Hongshan.

If Majin Buu also participates, it will be a great addition.

“Kakarrot, who are you going to fight with”

Vegeta, who rushed over from West City, landed next to Goku and asked in surprise when he heard what he said.

Then he saw Majin Buu playing with the puppy.

The fat flesh of unknown composition resembled a water-filled balloon as it jiggled up and down.

“Who is this fatty His Ki is so powerful!” Vegeta said in surprise.

Goku put his hand on Vegeta’s shoulders and said excitedly: “Vegeta, do you know that this guy named Majin Buu is so powerful that if I want to defeat him, I have to use my full strength.”

“He is so strong” Hearing this, he immediately became interested and the expression in his eyes became sharp when looking at Majin Buu.

After all, Vegeta knew about Goku’s strength.

Although he keep saying that he would defeat him with his own hands and that he was confident that he wouldn’t lose to him, Vegeta know fairly well who is slightly more powerful amongst them, so when Goku said solemnly that Majin Buu was no less powerful than him, Vegeta seemed quite surprised.

“Oh, that’s interesting.

So the aura I felt just now was from this fat man But it seems a little bit different.” Vegeta’s lips curled upwards and his eyes flashed with fighting intent.

Saiyans, once they encounter someone stronger than themselves, can’t help but want to challenge them.

Of course, this is when the strength disparity between the two sides is not much different.

If there is a big difference, even with Saiyan’s intelligence, they will also choose to retreat.

At this time, Vegeta only had Majin Buu in his eyes.

East Supreme Kai, old Supreme Kai, and Kibito who were standing on the side were completely ignored by Vegeta.

No matter what their identity was, it was meaningless to Vegeta.

With his current strength, he has the qualifications to “look down” on anyone.

This confidence makes him full of self-confidence, and he is no longer so rigid in his behavior and has become calmer.

Seeing that he was no longer needed and Majin Buu no longer threatens the safety of the universe, Old Supreme Kai walked up to Xiaya and said politely: “God of Destruction-sama, since Majin Buu has surrendered, then Supreme Kai and I will return to Sacred World of the Kai first.”

“Okay, you can go back.

Oh, by the way, teach East Supreme Kai more about the Multiverse and don’t let him lose face in front of the Supreme Kai of other universes.” Xiaya waved his hand indifferently and again reminded the old Supreme Kai.

Old Supreme Kai nodded and took a look at East Supreme Kai.

Even if the God of Destruction-sama didn’t say anything, he was intending to teach his descendent after going back and letting him experience the vastness of the Multiverse.

Otherwise, when the Supreme Kai of all universes gathers and East Supreme Kai doesn’t understand anything, it would be greatly humiliating.

“Ancestor, let’s go back.” East Supreme Kai glanced at Majin Buu in the distance and felt uncomfortable all over, but his expression had become much more relaxed.

“God of Destruction-sama, I’ll take my leave!”

Saying that, Old Supreme Kai nodded towards Xiaya, and then with Kibito’s Instant Transmission, East Supreme Kai and old Supreme Kai disappeared in front of Xiaya.


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