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“Although Majin Buu is evil, the Fat Buu who appeared later was very simple and honest.

If the Evil Buu can be extracted from the Fat Buu, there is no need to hurt him.”

Xiaya lowered his head in contemplation.

It is undeniable that Fat Buu is quite cute.

Besides being silly, Fat Buu is also proficient in all kinds of weird black and white magic.

In addition to being able to put people to death, he can also save the dying and heal the wounded, remarkably similar to a moving Senzu Bean.

Moreover, he also has the characteristics of immortality such that even if he explodes into a fine powder, he can quickly recover.

If Fat Buu can be subdued, it will be of great help to him.

Thinking of this, Xiaya whispered a few words to Kusu.

Her big eyes twinkled as she nodded and then disappeared in a burst of light who knows where.

After Kusu left, Xiaya said to the Old Supreme Kai and others: “I will now deal with the Majin Buu’s problem for you, please take a few steps back.”

When the old Supreme Kai and others heard this, they immediately stepped back.

Seeing this, Xiaya took a few steps forward and pressed his hand on the round Sealed Ball of Majin Buu, and with a little force, removed the entire egg from the slot.

Then he used Instant Transmission and brought everyone back to the vast plain outside the spaceship.

“We are back on the ground.

Is the God of Destruction-sama planning to annihilate Majin Buu here Right, the space in the spaceship is too small.

The energy used to destroy Majin Buu is likely to be very terrifying.” East Supreme Kai glanced at his surroundings in surprise, looking a little expectant.

“No, we can’t guess God of Destruction-sama’s thoughts!” Old Supreme Kai said softly, but since it was something that God of Destruction-sama wanted to do, he didn’t worry too much.

The old Supreme Kai and East Supreme Kai watched with concern.

Under their surprised look, Xiaya put a hand on Majin Buu’s egg and injected a little energy into it.

Soon, hot steam began to rise around the Sealed Ball.

Hummm! The Sealed Ball began to tremble.

“Huh It still isn’t full” Xiaya was surprised, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards and he continued to send energy to Majin Buu.

East Supreme Kai watched for a while before he realized that Xiaya seemed to want to wake up Majin Buu and hurriedly shouted: “Ahhh, God of Destruction-sama, you cannot inject any more energy into it.

Otherwise, Majin Buu will wake up.

The old Supreme Kai firmly grabbed East Supreme Kai and berated: “Idiot, don’t be nosy.

It’s God of Destruction-sama’s decision.

You just have to watch.” He knows how terrifying God of Destruction is.

Yes, even if Majin Buu was resurrected, he wouldn’t be the God of Destruction-sama’s match.

Moreover, he feels that since Xiaya dared to do this, he must be sure of it.

Yes, Xiaya is going to release Majin Buu, precisely the good part of Majin Buu’s consciousness.

When Majin Buu came into existence, Grand Supreme Kai and the South Supreme Kai were absorbed respectively by Majin Buu in order to help Shin escape.

As a result, Majin Buu wasn’t pure anymore and had a part of Grand Supreme Kai’s kindness in his heart and this kindness evolved into the Fat Buu in the storyline later.

What Xiaya is doing now is releasing the Fat Buu.

“It’s almost full!” After a rough judgment, Xiaya retracted his hand and stopped the transfer of energy.

By this time Majin Buu’s egg had become burning hot with heat waves spewing out to the surroundings which then began to swirl up on the spot.

Rumble!! An explosion resounded across the horizon.

The Sealed Ball full of energy blew open which caused the wind and sand to hide their line of sight.

The terrifying energy that erupted out due to the explosion caused the loose soil to burn hot which was followed by several shock waves.

The tyrannical energy mixed with a deafening boom swept out in all directions.

The chaotic energy subsided, and the sky regained its calm, but the air was filled with a faint smell of gunpowder smoke.

Not far away, two spherical eggshells were buried under the sand, empty inside.

“The egg is empty” Kibito was taken aback.

“Is Majin Buu dead because of being sealed for a long time” East Supreme Kai frowned.

Will Majin Buu, who once threatened the entire universe, really die because of being sealed for a long time He could not agree with this thought.

He looked around but didn’t see Majin Buu.

“No, Majin Buu is still alive.” Xiaya raised his head and looked at the sky calmly.

In the sky East Supreme Kai raised his head when he saw this but only saw dense black clouds hovering in the sky, slowly gathering together into a human form.

A pink ball stretched out and shouted, “Buu!!!”

Then Majin Buu dropped down to the ground, smiling foolishly, and looked all around him.

“Ah, such an evil Ki.”

“That’s right, he is Majin Buu.

Although he looks slightly different from before, I won’t make a mistake in recognizing him…” East Supreme Kai had a grave expression as cold sweat unconsciously dripped down from his cheeks.

At the same time, sensing the terrifying aura that suddenly appeared on Earth, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and others all reacted.

Mount Paozu, on a vast plain.

“This terrifying Ki, when did such a monster appear on the earth” Goku solemnly looked in the direction where Majin Buu appeared.

The Ki was already comparable to a Super Saiyan 3, no, it was even more powerful than an ordinary Super Saiyan 3.

Thinking of this, Goku informed Gohan, and then rushed towards the place where Majin Buu appeared.

West City, Vegeta’s home.

Vegeta was training Trunks when he sensed Majin Buu’s Ki and stiffened, his expression slightly grave: “What a terrifying dark aura, even compared to Janemba from seven years ago, it is not much inferior!”

Vegeta could more or less infer and snorted coldly.

He left Trunks and flew towards the place where the aura appeared.

At the same time, on the Lookout, Chichi was also paying attention to Majin Buu’s side.

Next to her, Piccolo’s expression was also very solemn.


After the pink Fat Majin Buu appeared, he looked left and right and narrowed his eyes before giggling harmlessly.

Xiaya’s eyes wandered to Majin Buu, frankly speaking, Majin Buu isn’t that powerful amongst the many opponents that he has encountered before.

His Battle Power is probably only around 20 billion at most.

He is not even as strong as Janemba who appeared seven years ago on Earth.

But Majin Buu’s strange abilities are hard to defend against.

“God of Destruction-sama, be careful, Majin Buu’s magic is very strange.” East Supreme Kai was afraid that Xiaya didn’t know and reminded him from the side.

Xiaya waved his hand casually and walked towards Majin Buu.

“Majin Buu, do you want to obediently surrender”

“Humph! I won’t obey you.” Majin Buu stuck his tongue out at Xiaya and said in a simple voice.

His eyes turned into a crescent shape, and the countless small holes on his body began to emit steam, then he flashed and attacked East Supreme Kai.


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