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“Energy of Destruction is attached to the Z Sword.

It can’t be extracted without the strength of Super Saiyan 2 or higher level.”

Xiaya thought as he reached this conclusion.

God of Destruction Beerus might have inserted it unconsciously, but the Energy of Destruction wrapped around the Z Sword has stumped all the Supreme Kai’s.

Throughout the countless years, no one has met the requirements of pulling out the Z Sword.

“It came out, this is the ultimate sword of a Supreme Kai.” Kibito was watching dumbfoundedly.

East Supreme Kai excitedly said: “It’s great, with this sword, Majin Buu can definitely be defeated.”

Using this sword to defeat Majin Buu Xiaya glanced at the East Supreme Kai and shook his head.

The material for forging the Z Sword is indeed hard, but it was the Energy of Destruction attached to it that had caused it to be indestructible for so many years.

Using it to defeat Majin Buu, one can only say East Supreme Kai has too naive thinking.

“But this sword is quite heavy.” Weighing the Z Sword in his hand, Xiaya chuckled.

Then under the shocked look of East Supreme Kai, he put the Z Sword horizontally, holding the hilt of the sword in one hand and the end of the sword in the other.

Then he turned hard and with a cracking sound, the Z Sword broke into two pieces.

“Z Sword…broke!”

“That is the ultimate sword of Supreme Kai.”

East Supreme Kai and Kibito’s mouth widened in shock, clearly unable to accept the fact that the Z Sword was so easily broken.

“You destroyed the Z Sword!!” East Supreme Kai shouted with a crying face.

“If it is destroyed, it is destroyed.” Xiaya didn’t care.

At this moment, an old voice rang behind East Supreme Kai and Kibito, “Hehe, after so many years, someone finally released me!”

East Supreme Kai and Kibito trembled and when they turned to look back, they saw a wrinkled old man with stooped back, wearing Supreme Kai’s costume and a belt around his waist.

“Who is this old man”

“How did he appear in Sacred World of the Kai”

“Hehe, I am Supreme Kai from fifteen generations ago!” Said the old man.

“Supreme Kai…..from fifteen generations ago!”

East Supreme Kai and Kibito were shocked, and only Xiaya, who knew the truth a long time ago, and Kusu, who had an indifferent attitude to everything, stood calmly to the side.

“That’s right.

A long time ago, I was sealed in the Z Sword by a very powerful guy.

I always thought that the one who would unlock my seal would be a certain generation of Supreme Kai, but I didn’t expect it to be…” Old Supreme Kai sighed and moved his gaze from East Supreme Kai and the others to Xiaya.

“The one who sealed you was God of Destruction Beerus”

“Yes, it was Beerus-sama…”


Frowning slightly, the old Supreme Kai rubbed his eyes.

That dress, the golden bracelet on the arms, and the slender belt around the waist.

Although the attire was not as old as the other God of Destruction, it does look very familiar.

Old Supreme Kai’s heart was shaken, but then he saw Kusu, and with just a glance, the old Supreme Kai was shocked.

Silver-gray hair, purple-black divine robe, and a magic scepter in hand!

This little girl is clearly an Angel! Although not as mature as Whis, that appearance cannot be mistaken.

Looking carefully, there is no mistake.

She is the Angel of Universe 10, Miss Kusu! Then the identity of the person next to her is obvious.

Old Supreme Kai gulped, afraid that his behavior had angered him.

He carefully inquired: “So it is Miss Kusu.

Excuse me, may I ask which God of Destruction-sama has graced us with his presence”

Kusu gave a light cough, and a smile appeared on her face.

Finally, there is someone with good eyesight, “Ahem, ahem, standing in front of you is Xiaya-sama, God of Destruction of Universe 10!”

“God of Destruction…… Xiaya-sama”

Old Supreme Kai has been sealed for countless years.

He remembers that the previous Universe 10’s God of Destruction doesn’t seem to be the person in front of him! But in any case, etiquette is absolutely necessary, so the old Supreme Kai performed god’s etiquette to Xiaya, and Xiaya also calmly returned them.

“It’s really an honor that the God of Destruction-sama has arrived on the Sacred World of the Kai.

I wonder who is the current Supreme Kai of Universe 10, is Gowasu still there”

“Gowasu-sama passed away a few years ago.

The current Supreme Kai is called Tapion.”

Hearing this, Old Supreme Kai couldn’t help sighing.

No one can stop the currents of the times.

There were fewer and fewer Supreme Kais of his era left.

“Are you really Ancestor” East Supreme Kai exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes, although I have been sealed in the Z Sword the past few years, I still know a little bit about the outside situation.

Supreme Kai Shin, your training hasn’t been enough, just a Majin Buu has scared you like this.” Old Supreme Kai sighed in anger and regret.

East Supreme Kai lowered his head in shame.

Compared with the previous Supreme Kai, he does have a lot to learn.

“Ancestor, Mr.

Xiaya said he has a way to deal with Majin Buu!” East Supreme Kai pointed at Xiaya and said.

Hearing that, Old Supreme Kai panicked and angrily knocked on East Supreme Kai’s head: “Idiot, that’s God of Destruction-sama.

Be respectful when you speak.” Then he apologized to Xiaya in embarrassment: “God of Destruction-sama, this descendent of mine was rude just now, please don’t be offended.”

Although in theory, God of Destruction and Supreme Kai have the same status, powerful strength determines that the two cannot be completely equal.

In addition, Gods of Destruction are usually moody people, such as God of Destruction Beerus.

Once he got angry, he immediately sealed him in the Z Sword for countless years, so most Supreme Kai dare not offend God of Destruction.

The old Supreme Kai was wiping his sweat, afraid that East Supreme Kai’s attitude had offended Universe 10’s God of Destruction in front of him.

Xiaya chuckled: “The ignorant are innocent.

I am not an unreasonable person.”

“Yes, yes, please forgive me!” The old Supreme Kai politely apologized.

“Humph, you should feel fortunate.

Xiaya-sama is very easy to get along with.

Before Supreme Kai Tapion of Universe 10 became a god, Xiaya-sama and Whis sent him to the former Supreme Kai Gowasu’s place for carrying out Trainee Supreme Kai’s training.” The little Angel Kusu narrowed her eyes and said indifferently.

It seems that the God of Destruction Xiaya-sama is not as unreasonable as the God of Destruction Beerus.

Old Supreme Kai had such a thought.

He couldn’t help but envy the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, who could have a good relationship with God of Destruction, but no matter how reasonable the God of Destruction in front of him is, the minimum respect must not be lacking.

“The Majin Buu’s matter that my descendent talked about just now…”

“Relax, I will naturally help you deal with Majin Buu.

Speaking of which, this should be the work of your God of Destruction, but who told me to have a good relationship with Beerus!”

“Thank you very much!” Old Supreme Kai nodded his head and bowed.

“Ancestor, is this God of Destruction-sama really that strong” East Supreme Kai still found it hard to believe.

Although the little girl Kusu keeps saying that the God of Destruction is very powerful, East Supreme Kai still couldn’t bring himself to believe it.

Old Supreme Kai again knocked East Supreme Kai’s head and shouted: “Idiot, God of Destruction-sama is so powerful that it can no longer be described in words.

If God of Destruction-sama wants, it will not be difficult to destroy the entire universe.”

“Really” East Supreme Kai’s whole body shook, and then he became delighted.

Then it means that he is indeed capable of annihilating Majin Buu.

As if he could see what East Supreme Kai was thinking, the old Supreme Kai sighed: “That Majin Buu is actually nothing.

God of Destruction-sama, as a god in charge of destruction in the universe, possesses the top-end fighting force in the universe.

If he is willing to make a move, he can kill Majin Buu in just two or three moves.

No one in the universe cannot be killed by a God of Destruction.”

In the past, it was because he was sealed in the Z Sword that God of Destruction Beerus had fewer worries and was able to sleep peacefully all day long.

If God of Destruction was willing to take action at that time, then the Supreme Kais wouldn’t have died.


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