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“What” East Supreme Kai was surprised at Kusu’s words and immediately regained his senses.

After comparing Majin Buu with Gohan, he discovered that Majin Buu was only slightly stronger than Gohan standing in the arena.

How is this possible! Isn’t Majin Buu invincible

East Supreme Kai found it hard to believe.

“Don’t be blinded by your fear,” Kusu advised him earnestly in a teacher-like manner.

From East Supreme Kai’s perspective, there is a reason for him to be nervous.

When Majin Buu was raising chaos, Supreme Kai’s died one after another.

Now there is only East Supreme Kai left.

Through all these years, Majin Buu has become a demon haunting him.

In his opinion, as long as Majin Buu is resurrected, he by himself will definitely not be able to defeat him, moreover, there is “no longer” anyone stronger than him in the universe, so it isn’t strange that he is in panic.

But when this mental barrier was pushed away, he suddenly realized that Majin Buu did not seem invincible.

“Majin Buu is only slightly stronger than Gohan.” East Supreme Kai said in a daze, his mind in disarray.

Kusu nodded and raised her head excitedly: “Right Majin Buu is nothing great.

Among the people present, some of them are stronger than Gohan.

Goku and Vegeta are stronger than Majin Buu, but the God of Destruction Xiaya-sama can defeat them with just one finger.”

Kusu turned the scepter clenched in her hand half a circle, pointing in the direction of Goku and Vegeta, “So, Majin Buu is nothing to speak of.”

“How is this… possible” East Supreme Kai yelled in disbelief.

If the person in front of him could defeat Goku and others with just one finger, he can still believe it a little, after all, Super Saiyans are just mortals.

But to say that he could defeat Majin Buu with just one finger, he dare not believe it no matter what.

At this moment, East Supreme Kai’s heart was in disarray and hesitant.

Kusu glared at him with dissatisfaction: “Why is it not possible! Xiaya-sama is the God of Destruction, the most powerful god in the universe, and is almost the same as the God of Destruction Beerus-sama on your side.”

“God of Destruction Beerus”

Here we go, another god’s name.

East Supreme Kai suddenly had the urge to cry.

How many gods are there in this universe, and why doesn’t he know anything! Moreover, listening to what the little girl said, that God of Destruction Beerus is from their universe.

Wait, if he is from their universe, wouldn’t it be possible to request Beerus to eliminate Majin Buu But why didn’t the God of Destruction take action when Majin Buu appeared back then!

“Calm down first!” Xiaya said calmly, his calm voice full of magic.

East Supreme Kai couldn’t help but calm down, and at this moment he already believed in the words of the person in front of him.

“Majin Buu is not frightening.

He is just a demon in the end.

Don’t let the fear in your heart affect your judgment.

We have enough strength to eliminate him.

Now watch the match with peace of mind.

After the match is over, we will deal with Majin Buu’s matter!”

“Thank you!” East Supreme Kai calmed down and said sincerely.

Seeing this, Xiaya nodded faintly and then looked at the arena.

Because of the sudden intervention of Spopovich and Yamu, the scene became chaotic.

The blond-haired host climbed onto the arena and raised the microphone to criticize the fainted Spopovich and Yamu: “Since Contestant Spopovich and Yamu interfered with the match, I declare that they have violated the rules of the tournament and are disqualified!”

Then he jumped off the arena and the match continued.

Kibito was surprised by the terrifying strength that had erupted out of Gohan and his expression became complicated: “Unbelievable, this is the power that surpasses Super Saiyan There is such a powerful expert in the mortal world.

Your strength has even surpassed Supreme Kai-sama!”

“Supreme Kai The one who restrained me with superpower just now”

Gohan’s green eyes coldly looked at Kibito.

He naturally thought that Kibito cheated, which made him very disdainful and an even more terrifying aura erupted out of him like a tornado.


Fierce winds erupted out as a whirlwind swept across the entire arena.

The spectators in the seats hurriedly protected their heads against the powerful whirlwind, but there was a look of infatuation and excitement on their faces.

This is the demeanor of an expert in their hearts, just using their aura they can cause a change in heaven and earth.

“His Ki is still rising!” Kibito, who was directly facing Gohan, looked even more shocked.

“I think it’s time to send you down,” Gohan said coldly.

“Wait, I give up…” Kibito knew that he was not Gohan’s match.

He raised his hand and was about to admit defeat, but Gohan disappeared from his sight.

Kibito’s heart thumped, and he felt a sharp pain in his chest, and then his face showed a pained look.

Unable to withstand the tremendous strength, he was sent flying.

Boom! The walls of Competition Hall shuddered as Kibito collapsed among the rocks, non-stop spraying blood from his mouth.

“Contestant Kibito has fainted, and Contestant Gohan has won the match.”

The host stepped forward to confirm Kibito’s situation and announced the result in a loud voice.

Fierce cheers erupted out from the crowd.

Vegeta folded his arms and his face looked a little better, “Gohan this kid, he is much more decisive than Kakarrot, if it was Kakarrot, maybe he would have stopped long ago.”

“Gohan is really ruthless.” Krillin swallowed his saliva.

“Why don’t you look at who trained Gohan since he was a child.

King Piccolo’s name is not for nothing.

It is so ruthless that it is absolutely impossible for Goku to teach it.” Yamcha coughed.

This Kibito is really unlucky.

Videl had just been injured, and he happened to attract Gohan’s attention.

When Piccolo had trained Gohan, he had not fused with Kami yet, so he behaved like demons.

Under his guidance and influence, Gohan was very decisive.

Seeing that Kibito had lost consciousness, East Supreme Kai immediately left Xiaya and Kusu and ran over and helped him with divine power.

“Cough, cough, Supreme Kai-sama, this subordinate wasn’t his match! ” Kibito looked ashamed.

East Supreme Kai said: “It’s okay, his strength has surpassed our imagination.”

“But Spopovich and Yamu have fainted, our plan…”

“Let’s set it aside for now!”

He has a complicated look on his face.

Everything he has come in touch with today has greatly disrupted his plan.

“If I had learned about the universe from Supreme Kai earlier during the Supreme Kai apprenticeship, would everything later have happened” East Supreme Kai suddenly became troubled.

Today he understood that Supreme Kai is not the most powerful in the universe, opposite to Supreme Kai, there is a god called God of Destruction whose strength is far above his.

The Sacred World of the Kai, the God of Destruction’s Planet – these two are the highest dimensions of the universe.

Before, he was too confident of Supreme Kai’s status.

The rest of the matches continued.

After Gohan defeated Kibito, he naturally entered the quarterfinals from the top 16.

Although Videl was unfortunately eliminated, she was not dejected and stood with Goku and the others to cheer for Gohan.

The following matches were carried out in sequence.

As they say, while the laymen are only interested in being entertained, the experts concern themselves with the trick behind what seems to be entertaining.

It was a feast for the eyes of the audience and they couldn’t help but wish to grow two more eyes, but for Goku and the others, the following matches were lackluster and lacked attraction.

Time passed by slowly, and the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament progressed in full swing and was soon coming to an end.

At this time, Gohan had become the center of the entire tournament.

Whenever Gohan is in the arena, whether it is ordinary spectators or martial artists in the pavilion, they are all watching seriously.

In their view, as Goku’s son, Gohan must have obtained the essence of martial arts.

It would be very good if they could learn even a little bit of his skills.


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