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“East Supreme Kai Shin, judging from your expression, you don’t even know what universe you belong to.

No wonder you are terrified of Majin Buu.

As a Supreme Kai, you are quite disqualified!”

East Supreme Kai’s voice became low and he asked: “What do you mean by this And the Universe 7 you just mentioned”

“Do you think there is only one universe in this world You are wrong.

The vastness of the universe is far beyond your imagination.

To tell you the truth, there are twelve universes in this world, and you are just a Supreme Kai of Universe 7.

You should have learned this knowledge when you inherited the position of Supreme Kai.”

“I am the God of Destruction of Universe 10, and I am temporarily staying on Earth.”

Xiaya spoke nonsense in a serious manner.

Although most of the content was correct, it was full of weirdness when East Supreme Kai heard it.

East Supreme Kai was full of doubts and was about to ask, but found that the other side had cut off contact.

No matter how he called, the god who claimed to be God of Destruction didn’t talk to him again.

East Supreme Kai’s expression couldn’t help but sink, feeling a little uneasy.

It seems that a lot of things were getting outside of his control.

“What kind of god is God of Destruction What does Universe 7 mean, and are there really twelve universes” East Supreme Kai thought absentmindedly.

To say that what the other side said is all false, East Supreme Kai dare not deny it fully.

He was too young when he inherited the position of Supreme Kai.

On top of that, old Supreme Kai died too suddenly, and he did not explain the information about the Multiverse to him.

As a result, East Supreme Kai does not understand the overall situation of the universe.

Seeing East Supreme Kai’s dazed look, Kibito next to him couldn’t help worrying.

“Supreme Kai-sama, what happened to you just now”

East Supreme Kai shook his head, he couldn’t even clearly explain a lot of things: “It’s nothing.

Kibito, keep an eye on Spopovich and Yamu.”

“I understand.” Kibito nodded, focusing on Spopovich and Yamu, while East Supreme Kai looked all around him, looking for the person claiming to be God of Destruction.

Eventually, his eyes fell on Xiaya and Kusu.

Only those two people, he, the East Supreme Kai, couldn’t clearly see through.

“Is the person calling himself God of Destruction one of them”

East Supreme Kai is 70% sure that one of them is the person who claimed to be God of Destruction.

At this time, Xiaya turned to look at him with a smile.

East Supreme Kai felt as if he was struck by lightning, breaking out into cold sweat.

What kind of expression is that! The white silver eyes like a bright moon contained a vastly more charm compared to his.

That was a supreme god’s pressure.

East Supreme Kai’s throat quivered and he shouted in his heart, his body a little stiff: “It must be him.

Even I’m shaken by this pressure.

He must be a very high-ranking god.” At this time, he no longer doubted the other’s identity as a god.

Such a vast and mighty divine power cannot be faked.

He was just about to walk towards Xiaya when a force fell on him, making him unable to move.

He saw the little girl next to the red-haired man tilting her head and looking at him.

Her beautiful little face chuckled while looking at him, pursing her lips as if dissatisfied with him.

“Oh my God, that little girl is also a high-level god.” At this time, East Supreme Kai felt that the world was no longer the world he is familiar with.

He, as a supreme god, didn’t even dare to move at this time.

“Watch the matches, and talk about other things later!” A voice rang in his ears.

East Supreme Kai stared blankly for a moment, and reluctantly returned to his original position, but huge waves were billowing in his heart.

It turns out that besides him, there are still such powerful gods in the universe.

East Supreme Kai was suddenly looking forward to it.

If the other party is willing to lend him help, with few people joining hands, maybe they can quickly suppress Babidi.

As for killing Majin Buu, East Supreme Kai dare not think about it for the time being.

The Adult Group’s matches continued, and soon it was Videl’s turn to go on the stage.

Her opponent is the same as in the original work, the tall and big Spopovich, one of the two controlled by Babidi.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya secretly prepared a Senzu Bean from the dimensional space.

“Come on, Videl, believe in yourself!” Gohan cheered Videl, and Videl nodded vigorously and walked onto the arena.

The blond-haired host waited for the both of them to be in place before announcing the start of the match.

Videl has a good foundation, plus she has trained under Goku in the past few years and is considered as one of the best experts on earth, so for this match, Videl was full of confidence.

“Videl is Satan’s daughter” Krillin asked, he had some impression of Satan.

“Yes, she is Satan’s daughter.

She became my disciple a few years ago and is a good hardworking child.” Goku nodded and praised her generously, showing that he was quite pleased with Videl.

“So she has been your disciple for the past few years, but I think she has a good grasp of Ki and is quite talented.”

“In fact, Gohan has been the one teaching her all these years,” Goku said with a laugh.

The rest of the people were also watching attentively and nodded.

This girl named Videl is much more powerful than when they were young, and she might become an amazing super expert in the future.

Of course, with different opportunities, everyone’s path will be different, and it is difficult to know the future.

Then the match started.

They started fighting, and for a time Videl kept putting pressure on Spopovich.

“Come on!” In the observation room, Bulma loudly cheered for Videl.

But Xiaya, who knows the situation of her opponent, wasn’t hopeful because Spopovich was under Babidi’s control and his body had transcended humanity and hardly felt pain.

Although Videl had an advantage at the beginning, as her energy was depleted, she would definitely not be his match later.

So he had a Senzu Bean in his hand and was ready to hand it to Gohan any time.

Sure enough, Videl kept pushing her opponent after the match started, but in the face of Videl’s attacks, Spopovich didn’t put up any defense at all.

“Crack!” With a sharp sound of bone breaking, Spopovich’s head turned over, but he forcibly twisted it back.

At this time, Goku and the others also realized that something was wrong, and their expressions suddenly changed.

“Gohan, tell Videl to surrender immediately.

There is something wrong with her opponent!”

“I know.”

Gohan also discovered the problem and hurriedly shouted at Videl, but the stubborn Videl refused to give up.

Finally, when she collapsed, Gohan, who was extremely angry, rushed onto the arena and held her.

He turned around and hatefully looked at the burly fellow named Spopovich, his eyes flashing with cold light.

“Feed her a Senzu Bean.” At some unknown time, Xiaya had arrived beside him.

“Thank you!” After feeding Senzu Bean to Videl, she quickly became vigorous and lively.

“What was with that person just now His neck was clearly broken…” Goku frowned in puzzlement, and the rest of the people were also puzzled.

The recovery ability that Spopovich showed was not like an earthling at all.

Xiaya said: “Because they are being controlled.

Do you see the ‘M’ symbol on their forehead That’s a sign that they are being controlled.”

When everyone heard his words, their eyes couldn’t help but fall on Spopovich and Yamu’s forehead and as expected, there was an “M” symbol.

“In any case, they hurt Videl, so they must pay a price.” Gohan’s face was cold, and his body’s aura erupted out.

Videl’s severe injuries made him extremely angry, a cold light flashing in his purplish eyes.

There were not many people worth mentioning in the next matches of the Adult Group.

Because Spopovich and Yamu hadn’t absorbed enough energy, they continued to stay in the venue and waited for the right opportunity.

Next, it was Gohan’s turn to go on to the arena.

His opponent is the Attendant of East Supreme Kai—-Kibito.

Gohan vs Kibito.

Both sides stepped onto the arena one by one, and the blonde-haired host began to introduce both the contestants enthusiastically, nothing more than an explanation of their identities and past achievements.

After listening to the host’s introduction, enthusiastic cheers were heard from the audience, and the video cameras also closely focused on the arena.

Because one of the contestants is the son of Mr.

Goku, who is also a widely recognized great expert, how can such a match be missed


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