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“Look, those two gray-skinned people also seem to be very powerful!” Yamcha exclaimed in surprise as he pointed at the figures in the arena.

Hearing his voice, Xiaya focused his eyes and saw two muscular, bald heads with bulging veins, and a fierce look on their faces throwing the approaching contestants out of the arena.

They had something similar to the “M” symbol on their foreheads.

Xiaya’s lips slightly twitched, “Spopovich and Yamu, they still showed up.

So Babidi is still planning to resurrect Majin Buu.”

Xiaya can’t help but become delighted.

Spopovich and Yamu mentioned by him were the ones who wounded Videl in the original work and used a strange item to suck up all the energy in Gohan.

Them showing up, coupled with the previous East Supreme Kai, indicates that the current plot hasn’t deviated from the original work.

“Xiaya-sama seems to be in a good mood”

Kusu squinted her eyes.

She was sitting next to Xiaya, swaying her feet, leaning back comfortably on a soft sofa.

The match lasted for half an hour.

Hundreds of contestants fell out of the arena one by one.

Finally, there were only a dozen people including Gohan, Videl, East Supreme Kai Shin, Kibito, Spopovich, and Yamu left in the martial arts arena.

Except for Gohan and others, the remaining ten people were all well-known figures in the world of martial arts on Earth.

Among them, many talented rookies have emerged in recent years.

Next, the matches of the top 16 will be carried out through drawing lots.

Taking advantage of the time left in the lot drawing, Chichi and Piccolo set out to ask East Supreme Kai for more information.

East Supreme Kai and Kibito were both in the martial arts hall.

“Maybe I’ve guessed wrong, but are you Grand Kai-sama” Piccolo found East Supreme Kai, went straight to the point, and asked.

He knows that there are four: north, south, east, and west Kai in the universe, and there is a Grand Kai above the four Kais.

As for the higher ones, he doesn’t know.

“Grand Kai I am not…” East Supreme Kai shook his head.

Attendant Kibito on the side interrupted at this moment: “This is the revered Supreme Kai-sama, standing above all Kai’s, the god in charge of the entire universe!”

“Supreme Kai”

Piccolo and Chichi were dumbfounded.

It is precisely because they understand about the various gods that they appear to be more respectful and cautious about the existence of gods than ordinary people.

In their understanding, the existence of the gods is the most fundamental system of laws in the universe, and at the same time, was the most deeply systematic among the many laws.

According to legends, the highest gods directly communicate with the world and control the life and death of the mortals.

The profoundness of it touches too many mysterious things and it can’t be explained clearly in a few words.

Piccolo’s face changed in shock: “I have long heard that there is a god above all Kai’s, but it has always been a legend.

Are you the legendary Supreme Kai-sama”

“Yes, I have come because I have an important thing to do, so I don’t want too many people to know about this secret.

Please keep it secret for the time being.”

East Supreme Kai’s voice was flat, but his tone was unquestionable.

“Yes…Yes!” Piccolo stiffened.

Although his own Battle Power was no less than the Supreme Kai in front of him, he still couldn’t help being shocked when he learned his identity.

After East Supreme Kai and Kibito left, Piccolo wiped the sweat from his forehead and sighed emotionally, “So, it was Supreme Kai-sama.

What is going to happen on Earth that made Supreme Kai-sama come in person.”

“Anyway, it won’t be a good thing.” Chichi’s face was solemn.

In so many years, every time a major event has happened on Earth, there has never been a good one.

At this time, on the far away Kai’s Planet.

North Kai was standing on the grassland with a dumbfounded look.

When he learned that a martial arts tournament was being held on Earth, he was ready to relax and enjoy the mortal world’s tournament, but he didn’t expect to receive such astonishing news.

“That young man turned out to be Supreme Kai.

I have never seen him before.

Why did he come to Earth”

North Kai suddenly got an ominous feeling in his heart.

As a great god has suddenly appeared in the area under his jurisdiction, he as the administrator also became nervous.


After Piccolo and Chichi returned, they kept silent about the identity of East Supreme Kai.

Seeing that, Goku and the others stopped asking.

Next, the matches of the Adult Group were about to begin.

This is the most exciting part of the entire tournament, so after cleaning up the venue, the organizer had set up several LCD monitors that were more than ten meters long and wide.

Except for Bulma, Tights, and Hasky, Goku and the others did not stay in the special viewing room but followed Gohan and the others to the entrance of the competition hall.

When they were young, they were here to watch the matches of other contestants, once again standing here, they couldn’t help but feel a lot of emotions.

First in the arena were two young martial artists that they hadn’t seen much before.

Gohan and Videl were standing backstage as their turn would take a while.

They found a place with a better view and watched quietly.

As the referee blew the whistle, the match began.

Without Goku and others, the matches of the top 16 in the Adult Group weren’t actually of many standards.

Of course, this is when compared to Goku and the others.

After so many years of development of Earth’s martial arts world, the contestants are definitely much more powerful than in the original work.

The strength of each of the contestants who’ve entered the top 16 has reached the level of Goku and Tien Shinhan in the 22nd tournament in the original work.

There are many worth watching.

Sure enough, not long after the start of the match, the audience watching was mesmerized and fierce cheers broke out from time to time.

However, Goku and others who were watching the fight only faintly smiled and didn’t say anything.

The techniques of the contestants in the arena may look exquisite and ever-changing, but in their eyes, they were quite crude and full of flaws.

In the context of the universe, they could easily be annihilated!

But compared to many years ago, they were much better.

At the end of the first round of the competition, Krillin smiled and said, “The disparity is still quite big.”

Others nodded in agreement.

On the other side of the arena, East Supreme Kai and Kibito are also watching the matches.

Kibito shook his head and said: “These people on earth have pathetically low energy, and only a few of them are passable.

They are really worthless.

Will Babidi really act during the tournament”

“Don’t underestimate them.

Although these earthlings are not strong, they are already above average.”

“Since Babidi has come to Earth, he will definitely act.

Keep an eye on Spopovich and Yamu.

There are traces of black magic on their foreheads.

They are obviously being controlled.

We can find Majin Buu’s whereabouts as long as we keep an eye on them.”

“Yes, Supreme Kai-sama.”

Kibito answered solemnly.

East Supreme Kai nodded, and then his gaze again turned towards the arena, but suddenly for an unknown reason, he felt uneasiness in his heart.

Just then, a soft voice was heard in East Supreme Kai’s ears, “It’s really sad, is Supreme Kai in this era only at this level”

East Supreme Kai’s entire body trembled and he looked around him vigilantly, “Who, who are you”

“Me You can call me God of Destruction!”

“God of Destruction”

Hearing the mysterious voice, East Supreme Kai couldn’t help but become suspicious.

His eyes swept all around him, but he didn’t find anything.

He immediately broke out into cold sweat.

Supreme Kai is also called the God of Creation, and the person who is talking to him is calling himself God of Destruction, which is obviously opposite to the title of Supreme Kai.

Could it be a demon from the Demon Realm

East Supreme Kai suddenly felt a little agitated.

Majin Buu’s matter hasn’t been resolved yet, but now someone who calls himself God of Destruction has suddenly appeared.

Is there some unknown darkness hiding behind Will the universe really not see peace ever

“Your Excellency is also not an ordinary person.

I don’t know what your goal is” East Supreme Kai calmed down and asked calmly.

“Goal This word is really inappropriate! You aren’t treating me as an evil person, are you”

“To tell you the truth, we God of Destruction are responsible for ruling the universe, and are also a supreme god! If, say, Supreme Kai is in charge of creation, then God of Destruction is in charge of destruction.

Although I am not the God of Destruction of Universe 7, I still have the powers of destruction!”

“Universe 7 God of Destruction”

East Supreme Kai has a dumbfounded look.

He didn’t understand what Xiaya was saying.

In response to East Supreme Kai’s reaction, Xiaya inwardly chuckled.

You just finished pretending in front of Piccolo and others, so it’s your turn to be confused.

In this regard, Xiaya feels sad for this generation of Supreme Kai.

The universe under their rule has unknowingly gone out of their control, but Shin who is the Supreme Kai is still at a loss.


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