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In the following days, whether it was Gohan or Goten, they all worked hard for the upcoming 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, especially Videl, who seems to be very excited these days.

Right now, both Gohan and Videl are sixteen years old.

Since entering high school, Gohan no longer asks tutors to come to teach him, instead, he goes to an ordinary high school near Goku City together with Videl.

The ordinary days did not erode Gohan’s will, instead, they made him get closer and closer to Super Saiyan 3.

On this day, the weather was warm and sunny.

Satan, who was far away in West City, got up early, dressed himself “shinily”, put on a suit and tie, and spent a long time by himself in front of a mirror.

“Perfect!” Stroking his chin, Satan smiled at himself in the mirror.

Today is a special day because he was going to visit his daughter’s teacher, Goku’s home.

Although Satan is now famous, as he is about to meet Goku and the others, there was still nervousness in his heart.

Satan knows that although he is famous on Earth, he is still too insignificant compared with Goku and the others.

Goku is a universe-level expert who can do as he pleases and he can even slap the Earth flat.

The two fights during the Cell Games seven years ago have left too deep of an impression on him.

His daughter Videl can train under Goku, it was like a dream to him.

“In a few years, Videl will surpass me.” Satan’s lips slightly curled into a smile.

After he was ready, he closed the door and flew towards Goku City in a small aircraft.

Mount Paozu, Goku’s home.

Goten was jumping around in the wide-open space at the back of the mountain.

Suddenly, a white light ray shot out and pebbles flew towards him at a speed dozens of times faster than the speed of sound.

Startled, Goten hurriedly jumped up and avoided them.

The dozens of beams of light pierced the stone wall not far away, leaving deep holes.

Looking back, he saw a beautiful little girl holding a heap of pebbles in her hands.

“Bulla, what are you doing”

Goten’s cheeks puffed up in anger as he shouted at Bulla.

The little girl who was called Bulla raised her purple hair as her small mouth curled into a smile: “Big Brother, if you don’t work hard, you won’t be able to beat Big Brother Trunks during the tournament.

I’ll help you train.”

Goten glared at her: “You clearly want to play, you don’t need to make excuses.”

But before he finished his words, Bulla picked up basketball-sized pebbles and threw them at him non-stop.

Goten was too late to dodge them, so he anxiously transformed into Super Saiyan and then flew away into the sky.

“Brother, don’t be shameless.

You are not allowed to transform into Super Saiyan.” Seeing her brother transform into Super Saiyan, Bulla stamped her feet on the ground in anger.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that Bulla can’t transform into Super Saiyan, she can also transform, but because the Super Saiyan she transforms into is too powerful, she could easily lose control, so her family doesn’t allow her to transform.

Bulla is an obedient child, always following the instructions of her parents.

“Hehe, you can’t hit me now.” Due to Goten’s childish nature, he couldn’t see that Bulla has been restraining herself.

Bulla bit her lips and glared at him, and a strange mental power rushed towards him.

Goten didn’t notice it for a while and was struck by this strange mental power.

He suddenly felt dizzy, seeing stars, and fell straight from high in the sky.

“Humph, do you think I don’t have any method” Bulla raised her head happily, her purplish eyes flashing with slyness.

Planet Metamor’s martial arts are different from Earth’s martial arts.

Their mystical aspect is like magic.

To restrain the energy in her body, Bulla made a special trip to Planet Metamor to learn spiritual martial arts.

Even if she doesn’t use her hands or feet, she can hurt the opponent with a powerful spiritual attack.

“Shameless, your spiritual attack can’t be blocked.”

“It’s big brother who transformed into Super Saiyan first.”

Goten and Bulla began to quarrel.

Looking at the two siblings playing noisily and were almost about to fight, Bulma just smiled and then told them to come over for dinner.

Hearing Bulma’s voice, both the children touched their stomachs and ran over.

“If you want to participate in the tournament, train hard and don’t play around all day.” Bulma tidied their messy clothes.

“Will Big Brother and Sister Videl also participate in the tournament” Bulla trotted over to Gohan’s side and asked.

“Yes, Videl and I will both participate.

Dad and Uncle Piccolo will also come as special guests to watch our matches.”

“So both of you work hard.

Don’t lose to Trunks.”

“Hmm.” Goten and Bulla nodded vigorously.

At this time, a black aircraft flew over and a figure jumped out from it.


Satan, you’re here!” Bulma greeted him.

Satan nodded stiffly and took out a small gift for Goten and Bulla.

Seeing someone giving them gifts, the two little guys immediately accepted it with delight.

Satan also smiled, “Miss Bulma, you’ve had to look after Videl in these two years.”

“No way, Videl is very well-behaved, our family likes her very much.” Bulma looked at Gohan and Videl as if hinting at something and then invited Satan into the house to rest.

Videl blushed and followed behind.

Gohan froze for a moment then chuckled.

About a few minutes later, Goku and Piccolo returned from training.

When they saw Satan, they greeted him enthusiastically, making him feel extremely flattered and he hurriedly stood up.

After inquiring about the location of the martial art tournament, Satan stayed for a while and had lunch with everyone, and then left contentedly.

“Videl, your father seems to be very happy” Standing beside Videl, Gohan said.

Videl rolled her eyes at him, “Of course, because Mount Paozu is full of famous experts.” Anyone who meets a famous person will be happy.

“By the way, Mr.

Tien Shinhan and others are also going to come to the World Martial Arts Tournament, right” Videl asked.

“They will all come,” Gohan said affirmatively.

In normal times, they would train separately.

There is rarely such a grand martial arts tournament on Earth.

Even if they don’t participate in person, they will come over and take a look.

“Then, it will definitely be very lively.” Videl smiled excitedly.


At the same time, Xiaya, who was far away on Planet Hongshan, also got the news of the World Martial Arts Tournament from Tights.

Calculating the time, it is indeed during this time when Majin Buu appeared in the original work, but I wonder if Babidi and Dabura will resurrect Majin Buu on Earth this time and whether East Supreme Kai of Universe 7 will appear on Earth.

Of course, even if Majin Buu really resurrects, it is not frightening at all.

In the original work, Goku developed the Super Saiyan 3 transformation after seven years of training in the Underworld.

However, in this world, because of Xiaya’s intervention, Goku developed Super Saiyan 3 more than three years earlier than in the original work.

Goku’s current strength is completely different and maybe he can even subdue Majin Buu by himself.

Moreover, even Vegeta is stronger than before.

Maybe he has already reached the Super Saiyan 3 level.

For the upcoming 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Xiaya was still somewhat expectant.

Unfortunately, Goku and the others will not participate this time.

Speaking of the martial arts tournament, Xiaya suddenly remembered that although Planet Hongshan has been involved with a lot of big and small battles, it seems that there has not been a large-scale martial art tournament in almost ten years.

Except for the two large-scale martial arts tournaments held twenty years ago and ten years ago respectively for the distribution of Fountain of Youth and Tree of Might’s fruits, Planet Hongshan has no fixed martial arts tournament.

“Why don’t we hold a martial art tournament on Planet Hongshan after Earth’s martial art tournament is over”

Once this idea appeared, Xiaya couldn’t stop it.

Since Planet Hongshan’s star core is strong enough to withstand a Super Saiyan 3-level fight, and with him protecting it, isn’t it the most ideal venue Even the Sacred World of the Kai is like this.

In recent years, many younger generations of Planet Hongshan have emerged with outstanding talents, but because there is no large-scale stage for them to perform, they are more of “top students” passed from word of mouth.

It wouldn’t be bad to take this opportunity to make these newcomers stand out.

He told this idea to Xiling and the others, and they were also very interested.

“I think it’s very interesting.

Why don’t you invite Kakarrot and the others.” After listening to Xiaya’s suggestion, Xiling gave her opinion.

“Okay, I will go to Earth to invite them.”

Xiaya nodded.

There are also many experts on Earth, like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and others.

Even if Tien Shinhan and others cease to shine in the later stages of the original work, because they have learned Kaio-ken, their strength cannot be underestimated.

It would be very interesting if Planet Hongshan’s Super Saiyans and Saiyan Gods were to gather together for a martial art tournament.

Thinking so, Xiaya informed everyone and asked them to spread the news.

As expected, the whole planet began to seethe with excitement.

After ten years, Planet Hongshan will once again host a big martial art tournament, and will also invite powerful warriors from far away planets to participate.

For glory, all the Saiyans who were slightly powerful started gearing up for the fight.


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