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“Universe 7’s Saiyans live on Planet Hongshan in the East Area and there are many Super Saiyan-level experts there, so don’t cause trouble when you get there.

If you will suffer a loss, don’t think I will protect you.”

Xiaya led everyone to quickly approach Planet Hongshan.

On the way back, Xiang repeatedly warned Caulifla and Kale for fear that they might cause trouble.

“I understand, boss is really long-winded.” Caulifla became impatient after hearing only a few words.

Xiang’s face froze.

He was increasingly having the feeling that this little girl would cause trouble, so he could only advise Kale to look after Caulifla.

Kale repeatedly assured him, but with her timid nature, who knows whether she could keep Caulifla in check.

He couldn’t help but inwardly sigh, feeling worried.

Now Planet Hongshan was getting more and more powerful.

Although the population and the number of mid-level warriors are not as good as Universe 6’s Planet Sadala, the high-end fighting force far exceeds Planet Sadala.

Whether it is Super Saiyan Bardock, Zangya, or nearly a hundred warriors of the Saiyan God stage including Adri and others, they are many top-level experts.

On top of that, there is Xiling and others who have exceeded the norm.

The terrifying level of Planet Hongshan is at the forefront of Universe 7.

Xiaya looked at the bickering Xiang and Caulifla with some amusement, suddenly feeling himself to be much younger.

“By the way, Xiang, did you teach the Vacuum Technique to them”

“Not yet.”

“Transfer it to them, they are going to be living on Planet Hongshan in the future.” As long as a Saiyan lives on Planet Hongshan, they are taught the Vacuum Technique of Planet Metamor, which can greatly increase their chances of survival in battle.

Although Caulifla and Kale are outsiders, after living on Planet Hongshan, I believe they will soon fit in.

Several rays of light flashed across the void like a shooting star streaking across the night sky.

It was nighttime in the eastern hemisphere on Planet Hongshan.

The lights were on, and the night view had begun.

The warm air in the suburbs was gradually becoming humid.

On both sides of the villas, insects were chirping in the grass, and cold dew was gradually forming on the lush leaves.

A faint mist rose, like a hazy veil enveloping the entire neighborhood.

Pushing open the door, they saw Xiling and Myers sitting in the hall watching TV.

Meifei and Kusu had come back from playing somewhere and were fiddling with the chess pieces on the glass table.

“Mom, I’m back,” Xiang shouted loudly.

“It’s good that you are back.

Let me take a look, you look stronger than before.”

Seeing that Xiang had returned, Xiling and Myers both smiled and went to welcome him.

When they saw the two petite girls next to Xiang, Xiling’s eyes flashed with surprise and they quickly brought out a lot of food from the kitchen to serve them.

“Caulifla, Kale, they both are my mother, and the one on the side is my younger sister, Meifei.” Xiang introduced everyone to them.

He was taken aback when he saw Kusu because he hadn’t seen her before.

“Are they Xiang’s mothers” Kale walked on tiptoe while grabbing the hem of her clothes.

“How do they maintain themselves They look so young.” Caulifla’s eyes widened.

Although Saiyan’s puberty is generally longer, the sense of maturity brought about by an increase in age is still different.

From Xiling and Myers, she only senses the feeling of youthful vitality.

“What’s with these two girls” Xiling asked Xiaya in a low voice.

Xiaya said truthfully: “They are Xiang’s followers from Universe 6.

They both have very good potential.”

“They indeed have good potential.” Xiling nodded, especially the little girl named Caulifla, who feels similar to Kakarrot with a very straightforward personality.

Since they have come with my son, I must take good care of them.

In the early morning of the next day, just after dawn, Xiang took Caulifla and Kale out and strolled around Planet Hongshan.

Planet Hongshan hadn’t changed much in the past few years compared to before he left.

Except for the increase in population and advancement of technology, the environment was the same as before.

Walking on the street, seeing the large outdoor martial arts arenas everywhere on both sides of the street, Caulifla was excited to give it a try.

“Hey, hey, what are those for”

“Martial Art arenas, Saiyans can go up and challenge others.”

“What about those tall buildings”

“Gravity training room, the gravity inside can be adjusted.

They are very suitable for Saiyan’s training.”

“Oh, interesting.

Although there are not as many Saiyans as Planet Sadala here, they are all very powerful.

I have already seen a few that are much more powerful than my brother.”

Xiang proudly said: “Of course, Planet Hongshan is the most powerful in Universe 7.”

At this time, Kale hesitated for a while as she asked softly, “Um, is Sister Meifei also a Legendary Super Saiyan”

“Yes, she has been a Legendary Super Saiyan since she was a child, but she can already control her powers.”

“So powerful!” Kale sighed with emotion.


When Xiang was strolling outside with Caulifla and Kale.

Beside the planet, Xiaya was sitting cross-legged in the void racking his brains on how to further perfect “Annihilation” created by him.

The abilities, God of Time’s “Extinction” and God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction”, have no doubt significantly improved his strength, but these are, after all, techniques that came into existence because of energies.

Moreover, “Extinction” and “Energy of Destruction” are both incidental because of him inheriting the God of Time and God of Destruction’s position, similar to their authorities.

They rely on Time Enforcer and God of Destruction’s energy.

Only “Annihilation” is a technique he himself diligently created, so it is much easier to use.

He knows that although the position of God of Time and God of Destruction wouldn’t be taken away from him, the strength that is not obtained by training step by step is like an illusion that can easily vanish.

No matter how real it is, its essence is hollow, and there is a risk of falling under another’s control.

To advance to the third level of the Divine Realm depends on a God’s position.

Compared with the second level of Divine Realm, there is only a difference in status.

It is not that there are no experts in the universe whose Realm is at the second level of Divine Realm, but whose strength exceeds the third level of Divine Realm.

What Xiaya has to do now is to completely assimilate the Realm of the third level of Divine Realm in his body, so that everything returns to his own essence, and then lay a solid foundation for entering the fourth level of Divine Realm in the future.

If a God of Time wants to enter the fourth level of Divine Realm, they need to integrate all their other-selves from parallel universes.

Xiaya is lucky, because he doesn’t exist in any of the four parallel multiverses and countless fragmented worlds, so he can skip this step and can just step by step improve his strength before a new parallel universe appears.

However, the more it is like this, the more Xiaya feels a sense of urgency.

He is racing against time, or in other words, he is racing against the Dark Angels, who are hiding in the dark and preparing to challenge the Multiverse at any time.

This feeling is very unpleasant, so Xiaya was very anxious to improve his strength.

“Sometimes when one is nearing their goal, they are likely to be worried about gains and losses.” Xiaya couldn’t help but sigh.

Just like God of Destruction Beerus and God of Destruction Champa, because they know that they are far away from the fourth level of Divine Realm, they live every day without any worries, and basically no longer have any thoughts of ​​getting stronger.

If you aren’t a fish, how can you know the joys of a fish Who understands what the gains and losses are

In the tranquil void, Xiaya was calmly sitting cross-legged as silvery-white light rays were exuding from all over his body.

The light rays were like a perfect bright moon, playing hide and seek in the clouds.

Soon, another pale purple energy rose, the faint light mixing with the silvery-white light rays, flashing and disappearing, continuously rising and lingering on the surface of his body.

“Huh!” An energy whirlwind suddenly rose.

Xiaya was still racking his brains, but there was a transparent pressure surrounding him.

That pressure soon raised a storm in the void, causing the vast void to tremble.

A pure, tranquil, vast, and ancient aura filled the tranquil void, and like a mirage caused tiny distortions to occur in the space.

After a while, the pressure subsided and Xiaya let out a long sigh of relief.

Blazing red hair fluttered in the wind, and lights flickered in his silver eyes.

Xiaya could feel that the powers of God of Time and God of Destruction in his body were fusing little by little.

It was so slow that it was almost invisible, but it’s always a good start, isn’t it

Xiaya’s mouth curled into a smile as he stretched out his palm, a silvery-white water ball floating on his palm.

Sparkling flashes were flickering around the water ball, but bizarrely, the flashes were densely covered with a faint purple luster.

After Xiaya’s diligent efforts, the “Annihilation” technique was transforming in a more and more powerful direction.


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