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It was a girl who was a little taller than Caulifla and was different from the barbaric, bold, and reckless Caulifla.

She was shy, guarded, and seemed to have a cautious and fearful attitude towards all strange things.

Caulifla chuckled, dragged the girl out from behind her, and casually introduced her to Xiang: “She is Kale.

She was my attendant when I was in school.

Now she is following me.

Don’t look at her timid nature, she is actually quite a powerful warrior.”

“He… hello.” Kale greeted timidly and then quickly once again hid behind Caulifla.

Xiang looked at her and nodded.

Although it was only the first time he had met her, he quickly realized something about this girl and that is, she is a shy girl! But Caulifla is right.

This girl indeed contains outstanding strength under her weak persona.

Then, he looked towards Caulifla and glared at her; he naturally understood Caulifla’s purpose in bringing her over.

But considering that since he agreed to teach Caulifla, teaching one person is the same as teaching two people anyway.

He doesn’t mind Caulifla bringing along one more person.

“My secret training method is confidential.

After you learn it, you cannot teach it to others.”

“No problem.”

“We won’t tell anyone.”

Caulifla and Kale nodded and promised.

Seeing them promise, Xiang continued and began to explain the concept of “Ki”.

In fact, a similar concept is also circulating around on Planet Sadala, but it is not as detailed as Xiang’s explanation.

Caulifla and Kale had also come into contact with it very early on, so they were familiar with it and understood everything Xiang explained.

Xiang then taught the following training method: “With the steady increase in strength, from quantitative to qualitative change, when a Saiyan’s Normal State Battle Power reaches a certain level, a higher level of transformation can be carried out.”

“Transformation Can Saiyans also transform”

“Will it be ugly” Caulifla’s eyes opened wide.

Because the Saiyans of Universe 6 were born without a tail, the functions of the tail had long disappeared amidst their evolution, so there is no Great Ape transformation and their understanding of transformation is still that of the ugly form of aliens.

“No, the one after the Saiyan transformation is called Super Saiyan!” Xiang shook his head, and then demonstrated it in person.

He concentrated and gave a loud shout, and a burning golden aura instantly wrapped around his entire body, transforming into Super Saiyan form.

Xiang’s cold voice sounded: “This is the Super Saiyan transformation.”

“Wow, so handsome, teach it to me quickly.”

Caulifla’s black eyes shone brightly like small stars, and then she approached Xiang and groped his body.

Xiang’s face sank and a surging force sent Caulifla flying.

“Wow, so powerful, you suddenly sent me flying.” Caulifla flew back.

“What an impressive transformation…” Kale watched as Caulifla was sent flying again and again, her heart beating wildly, and thought to herself about herself becoming so strong as well.

Seeing that it was enough, Xiang canceled the Super Saiyan form and looked at the excited Caulifla and Kale, saying: “Super Saiyan transformation is a method that stimulates the Saiyan bloodline.

It has extremely high requirements towards the physique and normally requires the Normal State Battle Power to reach 3 million or more to be able to transform.

Moreover the higher the physical strength, the greater the strength multiplier it can withstand.”

“Hmm, hmm.” Caulifla nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice, “Boss, I’ll be following you from now on, you must help me become a handsome Super Saiyan.”

Xiang rolled his eyes, “It will depend on your own efforts.

In any case, you should raise your Battle Power first.” Frankly, Saiyans like Caulifla who have reached 1 million Battle Power at 11 years old are really rare, and even his parents were not so strong at that age.

It must be understood that Caulifla has trained by herself, which shows how terrifying her potential is.

In the following days, Caulifla and Kale lived on the Planet Tulin.

During the day, they followed Xiang’s training and went out hunting in the evening.

After gorging themselves, they laid down and fell asleep.

Since Caulifla has a boorish personality and doesn’t give a delicate feeling like a girl, there was no awkwardness as the three of them got along with each other.

It’s just that Kale was too timid, and would immediately start crying whenever he scolds her.

Xiang could see that there is a powerful strength within Kaier’s body, but it hadn’t awakened yet.

Days passed, and Caulifla and Kale’s strength was steadily improving.

After becoming proficient in using Ki, they became much more skilled when fighting.

However, increasing the Normal State Battle Power is not an overnight thing, it requires a long time of accumulation.

One day three months later, it was fine sunny weather.

On the dry plains, the scorching sun was shining down and water vapor was rising from the ground, causing the light rays to become a little distorted.

“Caulifla, attack a little harder.”

“Kale, don’t always dodge, try to strike back.

You are not much weaker than Caulifla.”

“But I can’t beat Sister Caulifla…” Kale said in a sobbing voice, and she hurriedly dodged to the side when she saw Caulifla attacking.

Caulifla’s fist hit the ground, and a large hole with a diameter of more than one meter immediately appeared on the ground.

Twisting her neck, Caulifla, whose entire body was glowing with pale golden light rays, shouted loudly towards Kale: “Kale, don’t dodge, fight me like you used to do in the school.”

“I understand!” Kale responded weakly without any confidence.

Looking at Caulifla and Kale fighting fiercely, Xiang shook his head and began to train alone.

He was floating in midair and was without any cover, letting the scorching sunlight hit his body as sparkling beads of sweat dripped down.

A golden light appeared on the surface of his body, only half an inch thick, like a golden protective film, which wrapped around his whole body in a golden glow.

After a long while, a frightening aura with Xiang as the center swept out like a gust of wind, and an enormous pressure shrouded the entire planet, causing all the living beings to tremble.

Tulin is a medium-level planet that has many living beings with a Battle Power of more than 1000.

When they felt the terrifying aura emanated by Xiang, even though they often encounter auras of Saiyans who pass by from here, they still felt a stifling feeling coming from the soul.

“So frightening, who is the Saiyan who is giving off such an aura” Many people were puzzled and looked in Xiang’s direction from a high vantage point.

“It must be the one from the Stalagmite Plains.” Someone responded.

“Under this aura, I’m having difficulty even breathing.” A Tulin person who appeared to be middle-aged said in fear.

Because of the close relationship between Planet Tulin and Planet Sadala, there are also many Saiyans on Planet Tulin.

After enduring the frightening aura’s of Saiyans for a long time, the Tulin people have become quite adaptable to strong experts.

They lamented for a while, then each of them went to do their own things.

On the plain, a soaring aura had erupted out.

Xiang’s body was flashing with sparkling and bright electric arcs and his aura gradually stabilized.

“The training of Super Saiyan 2 is too difficult.” Xiang exhaled a mouthful of turbid Ki as he watched his state, and then changed back to Normal State.

Xiang also wanted to take the same path as Xiaya, but it was too difficult to achieve the Full Power Super Saiyan 2 stage.

Even after trying many times, it didn’t work, so he had to regretfully give up on this path and turn to the path that his mother Xiling had walked on.

He intends to comprehend Realm in the Super Saiyan 2 stage, and then directly rise to the Mysterious State, skipping the Super Saiyan 3 stage which is not regarded as successful.

But if he wants to comprehend Realm in the Super Saiyan 2 stage, it is too difficult.

If it wasn’t for Whis’ guidance and plus the trial of Creating God Star, Xiling and Myers may not have been able to comprehend the Mysterious State.

Despite that, it took them as long as twenty years.

“Boss, what was with your transformation just now, your raised hairs were so awesome!”

Caulifla’s youthful voice rang in his ears, and only when her melodious voice was heard would one realize that this guy is actually a girl.

Xiang glanced back at her and said, “This is Super Saiyan 2.

The transformation that Super Saiyan can only perform after reaching a very high level.”

“Oh, there are still other transformations”

Caulifla was very surprised, a little thing could make her excited for a long time, then she clenched her fists to encourage herself up.

She could feel that she was very close to Super Saiyan.

At this moment, a bright light flickered.

Caulifla and Kale instinctively became alert.

They turned around and saw a handsome figure emerge from the blurry lights.

Wearing clothes similar to Xiang, his hair was slightly pointing up and his eyes were silvery white like a perfect bright moon.

“Who are you” Caulifla asked warily.

She couldn’t sense any aura from the person in front of her, but the sense of crisis from her Saiyan bloodline was repeatedly warning her to stay far away from this person.

It felt like she was facing a ferocious behemoth from primeval times, and her heart couldn’t help but tremble.


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