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Universe 6, North Area.

Near Planet Sadala, there was a light green-colored planet called Tulin which looked like a bright green gem.

Planet Tulin was a rare medium-level planet in the North Area, about the same size as Earth and not too large.

Its ocean area accounts for 65%.

The Tulins living here have quite good Battle Power.

Because of being close to Planet Sadala, the daily work of the Tulins is to maintain Planet Sadala’s technological equipment and is a civilization that coexists with Planet Sadala.

On a plain with jagged grotesque rock formations, huge stalagmites were rising from the ground like huge trees.

They were hollowed out in the middle, and countless stone pillars were hanging down, looking like vines hanging down a tree trunk from the distance.

The climate here is quite dry, and when the wind blows, it will raise a cloud of dust.

A young man with a tail was forcefully occupying this place, and no one on the entire planet dared to provoke him.

Except for one person–

Ttu du ttu du, fiery energy rays shot out like fire serpents and fell on the nearby hill-like stone pillars.

With a loud rumble, the huge stone pillars exploded into pieces.

After the smoke dissipated, a blurry figure came out of the ruins.

Xiang coughed lightly and raised his eyebrows.

His delicate-looking face looked a little irritated, “Caulifla, get lost! You come here, again and again, to annoy me, if you weren’t a Saiyan, I would have beaten you a long time ago.”

“Hmph, you can fight me if you have the ability.

My brother is the captain of the ‘Sadala Defense Forces’, he won’t let you off if you hit me.”

A young-looking delinquent girl had one hand on her waist and on the palm of the other hand, a few bright energy balls were floating.

The previous energy rays were shot by her.

This girl is called Caulifla.

She is only 11 years old.

She has a beautiful and cute appearance, but she was dressed slovenly.

Her body was simply wrapped in some cloth, with fluffy black hair scattered messily.

Xiang’s countenance immediately turned cold.

Ignoring that she was a girl, his figure suddenly disappeared like a ghost and immediately arrived beside her.


A slap landed on the girl’s ass.

Caulifla’s face turned red from anger and she stomped her feet, roaring: “Bastard, you really dared to hit me.

Never has anyone hit my buttocks before!”

While saying that, Caulifla bent down and quickly rushed behind Xiang.

Seeing that Xiang gave no response, Caulifla thought that she was about to succeed, and the corners of her rose happily.

Then, whether he could withstand it or not, she launched continuous attacks towards him while laughing crazily.

“Hahaha, you deserve it for hitting me!” Caulifla laughed crazily while attacking.

“I see that you are feeling quite good about yourself, but with such little strength, your attack is just like a tickle to me.” Xiang, who had received Caulifla’s countless punches, turned around with a helpless look on his face and caught Caulifla’s fist with his palm.

Her attacks didn’t hurt him at all.

Hearing Xiang’s voice, Caulifla saw that nothing happened to him and hurriedly jumped back more than 20 meters as if she had seen a ghost and with trembling fingers pointed at him and said, “Why are you so strong The attack just now, it’s impossible for even my brother to completely receive it.”

Xiang brushed the dust off his body as energy gathered on his body, the light golden light rays raising a whirlwind that wrapped around his whole body.

Although he did not transform into Super Saiyan, his powerful aura still shocked Caulifla.

“I can only say that you don’t have enough experience.

I let you off before because you are also a Saiyan, but you are reaching for a yard after getting an inch.

I’ll show you how I’ll teach you a lesson.”

“If you want to hit me, just hit, I’m not afraid of you.” Caulifla sat down on the ground.

Whether she is beaten or scolded, she will endure it.

Xiang shook his head: “You are very strong.

I must say that the individual strength of Saiyans on your side is much better than ours, but you’ve lost too much of your inheritance, moreover, the disparity between you and me is too big.”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about!” Caulifla pouted.

Seeing that Xiang wasn’t going to hit her, she rolled her eyes and said, “Hey, you are such a strong guy, do you have any secret of your success, teach me”

“Why should I teach you” Xiang asked in reply.

Caulifla said: “How about I follow you in the future.

I’m telling you, although I can’t defeat you, I am the strongest among the trainees who have graduated in the past few years.

How is it It’s amazing, right Even many people in my brother’s ‘Sadala Defense Force’ are not my match.”

Listening to Caulifla boasting, Xiang however did not laugh at her, instead, he nodded seriously.

This delinquent girl named Caulifla looks very unreliable, boorish, arrogant, and condescending, but her strength is indeed exceptional.

1 million Battle Power is enough to instantly kill countless Saiyans at this age.

You must know that Caulifla looks only eleven or twelve years old and there is still a lot of room for growth in the future.

Such a powerful child has never appeared on Planet Hongshan.

Xiang expressed his approval of Caulifla, but it felt weird to accept a girl as a little brother.

“Hey, how is it You teach me and I will treat you to a big meal!” Caulifla rushed forward, staring at Xiang with her two big black eyes, her fluffy black hair touching his forehead.

A faint fragrance drifted over, Xiang coughed dryly and turned away his face to the other side.

“It’s okay if you want me to teach you how to become stronger, but I won’t stay here for long.

It’s up to you how much you can learn.”

Caulifla waved her hand: “I thought it was something else.

Just teach me, I will follow you from now on.

When you go to another place, remember to take me with you.

Planet Sadala’s spacecraft is quite fast, and it does not take much time to travel back and forth in the Milky Way.

I’ve long wanted to leave Planet Sadala.”

‘The place I want to go back to is not in Universe 6 and even spacecraft can’t reach it,‘ Xiang muttered in his heart, but even if he told her, she might not understand.

Instead, she would keep asking questions about other universes, so he didn’t say anything at all.

“Well, you can follow me from now on.

I promise to make you stronger and make you white and pump.” Xiang patted his chest, but when he finished speaking, he realized that his words were slightly ambiguous, as if he was going to raise her as his mistress.

But Caulifla didn’t care or the boorish her doesn’t know what shyness is, laughing carefreely instead.

“Well, you are my boss from now on.

Protect me from now on.”

Perhaps because the age difference was not big, once Caulifla recognized Xiang’s strength, she became very easy to get along with, but Caulifla has a fiery personality, and sometimes it couldn’t be told whether she is a girl at all.

If it weren’t for the bumps on her chest and the faint fragrance of her body, Xiang would have forgotten her gender.

After seeing that it was getting dark, Xiang agreed to teach Caulifla how to become stronger the next day.

The next day, early morning.

Xiang was waiting in the same place.

When the sun rose halfway in the sky, two figures flew over from far away.

One of them was dressed in plain clothes, which was surprisingly Caulifla, and the other one Xiang didn’t know.

Compared with Caulifla’s white and smooth skin, the other one looked a little darker.

“Who is this girl” Xiang pointed to the timid-looking girl hiding behind Caulifla.


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