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In an unknown dimension.

There was faint light purple radiance everywhere, and a piece of land was suspended in the void with eighteen diamond-like planets revolving around it.

There was a magnificent palace at the center of the land.

In the inner hall, the atmosphere at the moment was very heavy.

On both sides of the long oval table, there were a few figures in black sitting on eighteen gold-inlaid tall thrones.

“Via is dead.

He was eliminated by Zeno, that tiny thing.”

The middle-aged Dark Angel’s voice contained anger as he slammed his fists on the oval table and the whole table shook.

“Keep calm, Via has only returned to the Angel Realm.” Above the main seat, a handsome young man kept tapping the table with his fingers.

“But after returning to Angel Realm, that Universe King…” Another Dark Angel said a little anxiously.

When he mentioned the Angel Realm’s Universe King, a hint of fear flashed in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, the Universe King is only in charge of the Angel Realm, and will not come to the Multiverse personally, so you don’t have to worry about the harm he could cause to our plan.” Lancius’ voice was clear but bewitching.

After hearing him say that, all the Dark Angels calmed down.

“It’s just that we didn’t expect Demigra to lose so easily, and he even attracted Zeno and the Great Priest’s attention… The death of Via is a huge blow to us.”

“Speed ​​up and increase the number of Multiverses.

Put pressure on Zeno’s ability as much as possible.”

“And let this era end as soon as possible.”

In the darkness, the sea of ​space-time has a relatively limited number of universes in the Multiverse.

They hope to continuously increase the number of Multiverses to force the number of universes in each Multiverse to decrease, thereby reducing the threat level of the Multiverse.

It’s just that they overestimated Zeno’s IQ.

If they want to reduce the number of universes, they don’t need to do it themselves as Zeno could do it any minute.

“Time King, Universe King, Spirit King, Origin King, East King, Dragon God…from one era to another, they safely changed, but only a few kings transcended and took the last step.

But why did White King from the previous era die for no reason when it was clearly not the end of the era yet”

“If the White King did not die, he might also have become a transcendent king, and it wouldn’t have changed into the Zeno Era.”

Lancius’s expression became ferocious, full of dissatisfaction towards the Zeno era.

Countless eras changed, but only Time King, Universe King, and Dragon God have completely transcended while the other kings were annihilated in the currents of time.

If the era normally changed, even if the White King they served failed to transcend in the end, that is fate and they wouldn’t have had any dissatisfaction and would have returned to Angel Realm.

But the death of the White King for no reason filled them with unwillingness.

Originally, Angels would return to Angel Realm after the era ended, but when the White King era came to an abrupt end, Lancis and the others became corrupted together and became the representative of darkness and negative energy.

“If the Time Realm, Dragon Realm, and even the Angel Realm do not intervene, there is still hope for our plan to succeed.”

“Fortunately, the three kings are not the ones who take the initiative to cause trouble.

As long as we don’t provoke them, they won’t help the Multiverse.”

“I hope so!”

At this point, everyone fell silent.

The eighteen Angels from the previous era, except for the seven who fell with the White King when the era was annihilated, the other eleven regressed into Dark Angel.

“If we rescue our other selves from the suppression in other space-times…” A Dark Angel suggested.

“No, this will attract the attention of Angels from other space-times.

If it causes multiple space-times to get into a fight, Time Realm will surely intervene at that time.

This will outweigh the gains.

We will just carry it out on this side.

As long as the plan is successful, when we return to Angel Realm, those individuals scattered in other space-times will naturally reunite with us.”

“Speaking of which, Lancius, why could we escape from Zeno’s suppression”

Zeno is a symbol of the entire era, how could his suppression be easily broken.

Lancius froze for a moment before frowning: “I have also considered this.

Maybe Zeno’s suppression energy has weakened But this doesn’t make sense.

After all, we haven’t been able to escape in other space-times.

“Anyway, follow the plan first!”

“Alsi, can you try to corrupt some gods It’s best not to attract the attention of Angels as it’s still not the time to have the final battle with them.”

There is no existence equally matched to Zeno on their side.

Before Zeno’s power is weakened, they have to act cautiously.

“Leave it to me!” The Dark Angel named Alsi nodded.

Then the few Dark Angels hurriedly turned into illusory shadows and disappeared, leaving Lancius alone with the sound of finger tapping on the table.


Planet Hongshan, when Xiaya returned he brought back Kusu with him.

Looking at the Loli Angel who looks 70-80% similar to Whis, Xiling and Myers’ eyes revealed a surprised look.

This little girl also an Angel

“Xiling, Myers, this is Kusu, the Angel of Universe 10!”

“Hello, I’m Kusu!” Loli Angel’s voice was as clear as an oriole.

“Is she Whis’ little sister”

Xiling and Myers were dazed for a while as they looked at the bracelet on Xiaya’s arm and the belt around his waist before asking in surprise, “What is going on, when did you put on a bracelet”

“I am now the God of Destruction of Universe 10.”

Xiaya smiled and told them about what happened in Universe 10.

Xiling and Myers couldn’t help but sigh after listening.

They didn’t expect God of Destruction and Supreme Kai to have such a relationship.

Of course, they know that they can’t leak this secret to outsiders.

“Is Kusu as powerful as Whis” Myers sized up Kusu’s flat as a slab figure.

Does this small body really possess such powerful strength

Kusu’s beautiful face turned slightly red, “Kusu is not as powerful as Whis!”

As expected! Myers nodded and looked at her child-like body.

If she was already as powerful as Whis at such a young age, then where would their pride be

“Kusu is only slightly more powerful than the God of Destruction!” Kusu playfully showed the width of one finger.


At this moment, a violent explosion sounded from outside, and the whole villa shook violently.

“What’s going on” Xiaya frowned.

“It’s Meifei, that naughty girl is again chasing Vicky and fighting.

Xili must be fighting Meifei to protect Vicky.”

“Huh” Xiaya raised his eyebrows and a hint of anger flashed in his eyes.

“She is really mischievous.

She’s already more than 10 years old, but she is still acting so crazily.

This is the residential area of ​​Planet Hongshan.

You let her make so much trouble”

Myers spread out her hands, “Meifei said that she has nothing to do, so she fights with Vicky to exercise her body.”

“You…” Xiaya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Myers.

She didn’t have to defend that girl so blatantly.

Meifei is really the same as Myers, wild and crazy since she was a child, but Meifei is much more excessive than Myers.


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