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Kusu bit her lips and tapped the scepter downwards.

The crystal ball on the scepter shone a few times before the projection of the entire layout of Universe 10 appeared in mid-air, which showed the information about the experts throughout the universe.

“Because Rumsshi-sama was fond of warriors with sturdy muscles, he did not pay any serious attention to some other races, on top of that he has destroyed many planets.

So there are currently no Divine Realm experts in Universe 10.”

“It’s normal to have no Divine Realm experts.” Xiaya nodded.

Universe 7 also had no Divine Realm experts before he grew up.

“So how many experts have 20 billion Battle Power or more” Xiaya lowered his criteria.

20 billion Battle Power is equivalent to the strength of Majin Buu, who just broke through the seal.

There won’t be a lot of such experts, but there should be a few, right

In Universe 7, the people with more than 20 billion Battle Power used to be Majin Buu, Hirudegarn, Janemba, and all the hidden powers from ancient times.

Of course, besides the experts from ancient times, the ones at peak now should be Xiling, Myers, and 18 who were only one step away from Divine Realm.

Kusu’s small face flushed a little and she said in a weak voice, “There is…no one”

Xiaya’s eyebrows furrowed, feeling surprised.

It shouldn’t, right Universe 10 is so much weaker than Universe 7

As if he could see Xiaya’s doubts, Whis explained: “There are not many elite experts in Universe 10 as compared to Universe 7 because Beerus-sama is not as diligent as Rumsshi-sama.

Many planets that should have been destroyed were let off which resulted in many more low-level planets in Universe 7 than in Universe 10.

So, when the total average value is compared, Universe 7’s score is even lower than Universe 10’s score.”

There is such a thing So Universe 10 ranks above Universe 7 not because they have more elite fighting forces than Universe 7, but because there are fewer low-level planets.

Thinking about it, no matter how many elite fighting forces there are, an expert like Xiling only needs one or two large low-level planets to pull her Battle Power to an extremely low level.

Whether the mid-range fighting forces are strong or not is the basis to measure the overall strength of a universe.

Xiaya rubbed his temples, “Then what is the Battle Power of the most powerful person of Universe 10”

“5.5 billion Battle Power, a man named Obni.

He is very good at manipulating internal Ki!” Kusu thought for a while and answered.

“5.5 billion” Xiaya couldn’t believe it.

So miserable

Surprisingly, he is only a little bit more powerful than Super Saiyan 2.

This is the entire universe and not just one galaxy, ahh! Someone with just this much strength is the elite fighting force of Universe 10, isn’t it too embarrassing It’s no wonder that we couldn’t even select a Trainee God of Destruction.

It is not that there are no experts who meet the requirements of God of Destruction, rather there are not too many experts at all.

“Sigh! Anyways, let’s train a group of people first.

The elite fighting forces in the universe are so little, how can it be justified If there is a clash between two universes in the future, they are very likely to suffer.”

Anyway, they should at least have one or two Super Saiyan 3 level experts!

Xiaya wondered if he should migrate a group of Saiyans from Planet Hongshan, but he immediately dispelled this idea just as it appeared.

What a joke, although he is the God of Destruction of Universe 10, he wouldn’t split the strength of Planet Hongshan.

“Kusu, select a group of experts with good potential from the universe to undergo training.

Uhhh, you can put them on the Creating God Star to increase the strength of Universe 10 as much as possible.”

“Isn’t this a little inappropriate” Kusu hesitated.

“Just do as I say.

Right now I have the final say in Universe 10.” Xiaya said confidently.

Since Zeno and the Time King gave him the ultimate authority of Universe 10, even giving him the authority to return the universe to chaos if necessary, then Universe 10 is his responsibility.

Speaking of returning the universe to chaos, Xiaya suddenly remembered. Do I have this ability

Uh, this is a problem.

God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction” can carry out absolute obliteration on the spatial level.

And the “Extinction” of God of Time is absolute obliteration at the time level.

Not a single one of these abilities could cause substantial damage to the vast universe, but the combination of the two seems to be able to do a lot of things, however, this requires him to research in the future.

Since the Great Priest said that the position of God of Destruction would be helpful to his future advancement, it should be true.

Speaking of which, the “Annihilation” that he developed is only a semi-finished product and it also should be improved.

There were thousands of complicated thoughts flashing in his mind as Xiaya composed himself and had Kusu select a group of strong people for training as soon as possible.

“Xiaya-sama, do you want muscular candidates” Kusu thought for a while and asked.

Xiaya’s face turned black and he said angrily: “Haven’t you still forgotten about it Just choose ordinary ones!”

“I understand.” Kusu stuck out her tongue playfully, a smile gradually appearing on her delicate face.

Whis calmly looked at them with a smile, nodding inwardly as he thought to himself, “They should be able to cooperate very well in the future, just like me and Beerus-sama.”


When Xiaya and the others were having a look around God of Destruction’s world.

Universe 7, on a certain cyan planet.

A magnificent palace was located in a precipitous canyon formed by plate movements.

Inside the palace, in an incubator protected by a lot of magic circles, a baby with delicate facial features was floating in a purple solution emitting bubbles.

Looking at the baby’s physique, it could be seen that it was a girl.

Suddenly, the number of bubbles increased greatly as if the water was boiling and the entire incubator trembled.

The baby girl’s fingers twitched and her body moved, her silver-gray hair floating in the liquid.

Suddenly, the baby’s shining eyes opened, the two purple eyes were like beautiful purple crystals flickering with sparkling lights.

As the baby girl opened her eyes, a vast and mighty pressure radiated out.


The clear and loud sound of glass cracking sounded in the incubator.

A crack appeared on the surface of the incubator made of glass, and then more and more cracks appeared.

Finally, it could not withstand the huge pressure and shattered completely.

The purple solution spilled out all over the place, and the baby magically floated up.

“Hehe, from now on I am finally free.

The name Towa will disappear along with her past.

From now on, my name will be Eve!”

Eve, who had renamed herself, moved her hands, and a slender magic staff more than one meter long appeared in front of her.

Then, she tapped her finger in the void a few times, and a crimson-lined jacket appeared on her body.

With the help of the magic from the scepter, the towering palace located in the canyon slowly floated up.

The palace resembled Towa’s space-time corridor in the depths of Demon Realm, but now it is Eve’s temporary palace and its name is “Space-time Palace”.

These are all Eve’s efforts to cut off her past connections.

Before deciding to die together with Demigra, “Towa”, who had planned early on, had plotted these in secret.

Now Eve has inherited everything from “Towa” except for bloodline and abilities, and are almost two different individuals.


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