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“He’s here!”

Xiaya and Tapion looked at each other and saw a glimmer of anticipation in each other’s eyes.

So with vigorous strides, they rushed towards the place where the golden light had landed.

Whis calmly glanced at the cyan sky and also followed after them.

Outside the entrance of Supreme Kai’s palace, a vortex-shaped passageway slowly emerged and the dark green figure of the Great Priest walked out of the passageway.

“Welcome Great Priest!”

“Haha, you don’t have to be so polite.”

The Great Priest gently raised his palm, his gentle voice was like a warm spring breeze as he looked at Xiaya and Tapion.

He slightly nodded towards Whis, then he took out a golden scroll from the illusory space and slowly unfurled it.

“Then, I’ll announce Zeno-sama’s decree.

Trainee Supreme Kai Tapion, step forward.”

Tapion immediately stepped forward and kneeled on one knee.

After seeing Tapion kneel on one knee, Great Priest nodded and his tone became solemn: “Trainee Supreme Kai Tapion, the swordsman of the former Planet Konats of Universe 7, has a kind heart and as determined by Zeno-sama, at 2:15 on the 3,135,500,654rd day of the divine calendar, he is appointed as the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 and is in charge of the creation and guidance of Universe 10!”

“Supreme Kai Tapion, please receive Supreme Kai’s creation power!”


Tapion’s resolute face had a solemn expression as he responded loudly.

Green energy broke through the space which circled in the air for a while before it all sank into Tapion’s body.

As soon as the energy entered his body, Tapion’s temperament changed dramatically, and a sacred and vast aura emitted from his whole body.

This energy belongs to Supreme Kai’s creation power which can create and improve the vitality of a habitable planet.

At the same time, a pair of green Potara Earrings flew out from the Supreme Kai’s palace and fastened on Tapion’s ears.

Now, Tapion has officially become the Supreme Kai of Universe 10.

After Tapion became Supreme Kai, the Great Priest nodded with a smile and the golden scroll in his hand instantly turned into a ray of light and disappeared, then his purple eyes looked towards Xiaya.


Xiaya, since you are Universe 7’s God of Time appointed by Time Realm, you need to be approved by Time Realm for your conferment, so I made a special trip to Time Realm and invited a distinguished guest.”

As the Great Priest’s voice fell, another colorful glow shone next to the Great Priest.

The gorgeous radiance quickly divided into a passageway, and an emerald-green figure walked out from the void.

The person was dressed in green from head to toe and had green hair, dark green eyes, and a beautiful face.

Her cold smile was like a slowly melting glacier in the winter causing the entire world to instantly lose its color.

This person was the Great Heaven Official who Xiaya had once met.

Normally, as Great Heaven Official is a High-level God of the Time Realm, unless there are special circumstances, she will not easily come to the Multiverse that Zeno is in charge of.

However, the conferment ceremony 5his time is quite special because it involves the Time Realm’s God of Time.

So at the invitation of the Great Priest, the Great Heaven Official came in person.

After the Great Heaven Official appeared, Whis immediately bowed respectfully.

“Welcome to Universe 10, Great Heaven Official-sama.”

“Hmm.” The Great Heaven Official nodded faintly, her dark green eyes as clear as lake water.

“Great Priest, you can start.”

The Great Heaven Official’s voice was cold and every frown and smile of hers was full of charm.

The Great Priest nodded and took out another golden scroll from the illusory space while wearing a smile.

At the same time, the Great Heaven Official also took out a scroll with the decree of the Time King written on it and unfurled it at the same time.

“God of Time Xiaya, as determined by Zeno-sama, at 2:15 o’clock on the 3,135,500,654rd day of the divine calendar, you are appointed as God of Destruction of Universe 10 and are in charge of the killing and destruction in Universe 10.

I hope you will perform your duties seriously.

In addition, with special arrangements, the rule where God of Destruction and Supreme Kai of Universe 10 are connected has been severed.”

Same as Supreme Kai’s appointment, after the Great Priest read out Zeno’s decree, purple energy flew over.

Xiaya knew that it was Destruction Energy belonging to a God of Destruction, so he accepted it calmly.

After receiving the energy belonging to the God of Destruction, a pair of golden bracelets appeared on his wrists and a belt representing Universe 10’s God of Destruction attached to his waist.

He also comprehended God of Destruction’s “Energy of Destruction” ability which was similar to God of Time’s “Extinction” ability with absolute obliterating nature.

It’s just that unlike other Gods of Destruction, Xiaya’s clothes didn’t change much nor did they turn into the ancient clothes like the Egyptian pharaohs, which made him breathe a sigh of relief.

After the Great Priest finished his announcement, he turned to look at the Great Heaven Official.

Great Heaven Official nodded slightly and then read the decree of the Time King: “God of Time Xiaya, as approved by Time King-sama, at 5:06 on the 100082nd day of the 6,400,129,600 year of the time calendar, you are temporarily transferred to Multiverse to serve as Universe 10’s God of Destruction in charge of destruction duty.

In addition, you can have the universe return to chaos when necessary!”

Xiaya was listening quietly.

When the Great Heaven Official said that “the universe can be returned to chaos when necessary”, both Xiaya and Whis showed a surprised expression, because this power is too great, far surpassing the authority that a God of Destruction should have.

If Xiaya has the power to return a universe to chaos, then he has obviously obtained a part of Zeno’s powers.

Although it will not be able to harm Zeno, this power is incredible.

Only the Great Priest looked like he already knew about it, standing next to him with a faint smile.

This was the result of his discussion with Time Realm.

“Don’t be confused, this is the price Zeno must pay to transfer you from Time Realm.”

The Great Heaven Official revealed a smile, her tone unquestionable.

Xiaya had a stern expression, and he could feel the authority represented by the Time King.

The Time King could even bestow him the authority to return the universe to chaos.

From this point of view, the Time King’s status seems to be higher than Zeno’s.

After thinking about it for a bit, Xiaya was a little relieved.

After all, Time King is in charge of countless space-times which essentially means he is a little different from Zeno.

Anyways, these high-level god’s matters are still too far away from him, and it will not be possible for him to interfere in it for a while.

The conferment ceremony of Supreme Kai and God of Destruction was simple and quick, similar to Xiaya’s in Time Nest.

After the Great Priest and Great Heaven Official finished their announcement, the conferment ceremony ended.

After that, the Great Heaven Official smiled at Xiaya as if nodding at him and then turned around, leaving behind a green afterimage.

She had disappeared from the Sacred World of the Kai.

“From now on, both of you are the Supreme Kai and God of Destruction of Universe 10, I hope you can do your best for the prosperity of Universe 10.”

“We will!”

Xiaya and Tapion said vigorously.

The Great Priest laughed and was about to leave when he suddenly turned around and said, “By the way, that kid Kusu will wake up soon.

Both of you get along with her!”

Leaving behind these words, the Great Priest also left.

After the Great Priest and Great Heaven Official left, there was only Xiaya, Tapion and Whis left in the Sacred World of the Kai.

Tapion, dressed in Supreme Kai’s attire, glanced at the vast Sacred World of the Kai, filled with multitudinous emotions.

The experience of the past few days flashed before his eyes.

It is hard to imagine that he, who was sealed in a music box not long ago, has become Supreme Kai in charge of the living beings of one area of the universe.

“Tapion, Xiaya, congratulations to the both of you,” Whis said calmly.

“I didn’t expect Zeno to make me a God of Destruction,” Xiaya said with emotions.

Whis said: “Zeno-sama is quite simple-minded and no one knows when he would do something, but this simplicity is sometimes very terrifying.”


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