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Selecting a God of Destruction is very important.

When selecting a Supreme Kai, you can ignore their strength, because Supreme Kai is the god responsible for creation and they themselves don’t need to be too powerful.

But God of Destruction cannot as they are in charge of killing and destruction in the universe.

Powerful strength is essential to maintain the majesty of God of Destruction and the order of the universe.

Hence the initial candidates for God of Destruction must be close to Divine Realm, so that they can quickly grow into a qualified God of Destruction under the guidance of Angels.

Well, this growth period can be tens of thousands of years.

In addition, because they are in charge of destruction, the candidate for God of Destruction must be calm and ruthless, if they are indecisive, they will inevitably not be able to fully assume this responsibility.

Vados, who has the best relationship with Universe 10’s Angel Kusu, understands the situation of Universe 10.

She shook her head and said: “Unfortunately, Universe 10 currently has no suitable candidates for God of Destruction.”

“Then, we can only transfer them from other universes.” The Great Priest nodded his head.

Becoming God of Destruction spanning-universe rarely happens, but it’s not that it doesn’t exist.

Only when a suitable candidate isn’t found in one universe, they would be transferred from other universes.

For example, Universe 6’s God of Destruction Champa and Universe 7’s God of Destruction Beerus are twin brothers, but they serve as the God of Destruction of two different universes.

“Hey, what do you think of this person”

Zeno suddenly cast his gaze towards Xiaya, his eyes lighting up.

Xiaya was surprised, ‘Why was I dragged into this matter‘

The Great Priest was dazed for a moment before shaking his head: “It won’t do, he is Time Realm’s God of Time and is not under the jurisdiction of Multiverse, moreover he has the power of Dragon Realm within his body, so his identity is quite complicated.”

“It really won’t do” Zeno asked with uncertainty.

“If Zeno-sama is willing, it’s not impossible, but you need to ask the Time King-sama.” The Great Priest said euphemistically.

“Time King!!!”

Zeno screamed when he heard this name, his expression was a little dazed as if he was very afraid of the Time King.

After thinking for a while, Zeno made up his mind and said: “Don’t bother.

It’s him, isn’t God of Time serving as God of Destruction be interesting It would be interesting, right You can go and talk about it to the Time King.”

“Understood!” The Great Priest bowed respectfully.

Then he turned to look at Xiaya with a smile and said, “God of Time Xiaya, Zeno-sama wants you to be the God of Destruction of Universe 10.

I wonder if you are willing”

Me becoming the God of Destruction Xiaya doubted whether he had misheard.

His identity is of Time Realm’s God of Time, and his “household registration” is already in Time Realm.

How can he still serve as God of Destruction of the Multiverse What’s more, a God of Destruction’s life will be tied to Supreme Kai, which Xiaya is unwilling to accept no matter what.

“Sorry, I have no intention of assuming the position of God of Destruction.”

Xiaya shook his head and refused the Great Priest.

“Outrageous, how dare you refuse Zeno-sama’s order!” Hearing Xiaya’s refusal, the two bodyguards besides Zeno couldn’t help but shout.

Their fierce eyes were fixed on Xiaya as if him refusing Zeno-sama was an unforgivable mistake.

Xiaya was not to be outdone and glared back at the two bodyguards.

“Shut up, do you both want to disappear” Zeno scolded the two bodyguards unhappily and floated over in front of Xiaya.

His black pupils and white eyes that looked like concentric circles opened wide as he asked curiously: “Why did you refuse Isn’t it good to be God of Destruction”

Xiaya answered truthfully: “I don’t want to connect my life with other people.”

“Hey, is that true”


Xiaya can be rest assured, you are Time Realm’s God of Time and you are exempt from this rule.

How about it Being a God of Destruction can help you break through to a higher realm!” The Great Priest said with a calm expression.

Xiaya’s eyes lit up and he showed a hesitant expression.

Getting the hint from the Great Priest, it seems serving as God of Destruction is very helpful to his own training, so should he accept this position On one hand, the powers of God of Destruction can indeed increase his strength.

Secondly, rejecting Zeno’s suggestion seems to be of no benefit to him…

He stealthily swept his gaze towards Whis and saw Whis nod slightly.

Xiaya decided in his heart: “Then, I accept this appointment, but I am from Universe 7, so I usually won’t stay every day in Universe 10.”

“This is not a problem.

God of Destruction only needs to clean up a few planets at regular intervals and can be relaxed at other times.” The Great Priest showed understanding.

Being a God of Destruction is so relaxed, Xiaya knows that as he saw Beerus sleeping in the temple all day long.

He is so idle that he could only pass time by sleeping.

“Hey, then both of you, do your job properly!” After saying that, Zeno stretched out his hands for the two bodyguards to lift him up and then again sat back on the throne.

The Great Priest politely nodded to everyone, preparing to leave: “After some time, I will bring over Zeno-sama’s appointment letter, please make preparations, both of you!”

“Goodbye Great Priest and Zeno-sama.”

“Goodbye Great Priest and Zeno-sama.”


The bright and clear childish voice echoed in the void.

Then, under the gaze of Vados, Whis, Marcarita, Xiaya, and Tapion, Zeno’s figure slowly disappeared amidst the golden brilliance.

After seeing off Zeno, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Whis clutched his forehead and sighed, “It’s really a shame.

I originally planned to have Tapion serve as the Trainee Supreme Kai of Universe 7 in the future.

Now my hopes have come to naught.”

“Zeno-sama and the Great Priest’s will cannot be violated.” Vados’s beautiful face had a solemn expression.

“Fortunately, it wasn’t dangerous this time.” The twin ponytail Angel Marcarita breathed a sigh of relief.

In front of Zeno and the Great Priest, even if they were Angels, they were under tremendous pressure.

Marcarita’s bright and beautiful eyes glanced at Xiaya and Tapion and congratulated them: “Congratulations to the two of you for becoming Supreme Kai and God of Destruction of Universe 10.

From now on, I will have to address both of you as sama’s.

Anyway, I’m glad that Kusu will be able to wake up soon.”

“Miss Angel is polite,” Xiaya said with a smile.

“Just call me by my name Marcarita.”

“By the way, where is the Angel Realm you just mentioned” Xiaya asked in confusion.

He knows about Multiverse, Time Realm, Dragon Realm, only the Angel Realm he was not familiar with.

Whis explained: “Angel Realm is the place where angels are born and return to.

When an era begins, a group of angels belonging to that era will be born in the Angel Realm, and they will be assigned to maintain the balance of the world until the end of the era after which they would go back.

These Dark Angels are the last group of Angels.

I don’t why they refused to return to the Angel Realm at the end of the era and even degenerate into Dark Angel.”

Xiaya nodded, this Angel Realm is equivalent to the upper level of all the worlds, and it’s the place where angels are assigned their tasks, so to say Angel Realm seems to have a higher status than Zeno.

After all, Zeno is just the king of this era, and he will disappear as the era ends.

In other words, Zeno itself represents an era.

So, it isn’t that Zeno disappears with the end of an era, rather the era ends with the passing away of Zeno Xiaya still has no way of knowing all these.

“Let’s go to this universe’ Sacred World of the Kai first.

Maybe the Great Priest will bring Zeno-sama’s appointment letter over soon.” Vados glanced at the mess around him and said indifferently.

Everyone nodded, and then returned to the Sacred World of the Kai in Universe 10 amidst a colorful glow.

Behind the huge “界” symbol, the enormous Supreme Kai palace had changed.

With the disappearance of Supreme Kai Gowasu, everything belonging to the Gowasu’s period had disappeared.

Xiaya sighed.

Supreme Kai Gowasu belonged to the old Supreme Kai’s generation.

He had served as Supreme Kai for countless years, but just like the Supreme Kai’s of his era, he eventually completely disappeared amidst the times.

After chatting for a while on Sacred World of the Kai, Vados, and Marcarita each returned to their own universe.

They came here after receiving Kusu’s request for help.

There are still many things waiting for them to deal with in their universe.

Only Whis stayed in Universe 10 as he had nothing to do.

His words were, “Beerus-sama is sleeping, and Angels can’t get involved with the matters of the universe, so it’s the same whether I’m in Universe 7 or not.”

Xiaya was speechless after he heard that.

Just like that, four ordinary days passed.

On this day, the sky above the Sacred World of the Kai suddenly lit up with a dazzling light, and then a sacred golden light descended on the Sacred World of the Kai.

Xiaya and Tapion’s expression became solemn, knowing that the Great Priest had come with Zeno’s orders.


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